28 Slide off .

In Bathroom.

Angel is still watching her face and just everything is snapping into her eyes.

She just holds tightly to the edge of the washbasin and starts seeing her distorted self with more curious eyes she has an image of her in the mirror old: " How you just hurt your father, why it had to be just you who is hurting other people's can't you just understand how you are hurting someone with your words ".

Angel in a crying voice " I didn't mean to do it, I'm not like that at all".

Her image laughed at her and said " You are like this just telling lies to yourself but you are still the same no matter what you are not going to change ", you are the same girl who doesn't care about anyone other than yourself.

Angel starts crying more and more by hearing these all blaming her and myself for getting my mind and this is making her lose her mind more and more. This is just making her feel so much hurt.


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