Chains of Obsession Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Chains of Obsession


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Warning... (R-18) Excerpt. "Caress me, embrace me, but never dare to leave me," "Consume me, dominate me, but don't dare anticipate affection from me," Character Introduction. Female lead. Angel, a shy human, holds her kin and cuisine in high regard. Sweet and seemingly flawless, she is about to cross paths with her polar opposite in Alice. Her adoration knows no bounds, starting with her doting parents and extending to her cherished books. And let's not forget her insatiable appetite, despite her petite frame. A Perfect Daughter, A Perfect Loving being . BUT CAN PERFECTION TRULY EXIST? Male lead. Alice, a dangerous predator with insatiable desires; His passion lies in the art of combat, reveling in triumph over any adversary who crosses his path. His existence is a thrilling dance of surprises, concealing his true nature beneath a veil of cruelty. He abides by the creed of kill or be killed. Blessed with a physique beyond reproach, a flaw gnaws at him, rendering him the epitome of imperfection. What unfolds when a treacherous vampire encounters an introverted human? How will these polar opposites live their destined union? Discover the enthralling tale of a desolate vampire entwined with his introverted human mate.

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