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Celestial Elves' Survival Game


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Celestial Elves, a race of Celestial beings, bargained with the world leaders of Earth to not destroy the planet if they could offer them an appreciable number of prisoners as compensation for not destroying their world. The leaders gathered around and agreed to their terms. After all, what could be better than such a deal. These were just a bunch of cutthroat criminals and misfits. A thorn to the society at large. The world leaders would be glad to let these bands of miscreants leave their homeland as soon as possible. And so a deal was struck with the Celestial beings, with the inhabitants of the world at large oblivious to this knowledge except for the world leaders of course. A total of 80,000 criminals charged with a death sentence would be enough to placate the Celestials urge for destruction. And here’s where our protagonist comes into play. Ace Tempest, an eighteen year old undergraduate, was incarcerated for the murder of his father who in turn was at fault for the domestic violence he implements while at home.  Thrown into a prison facility just like the rest of the criminals, Ace had no choice but to take part in this survival game where players who suffered in-game deaths would surely follow a similar fate in real life. But that wasn't all, since the players were in another world, the inhabitants of Earth had already forgotten the players even existed. Now what will he do since both his mother and sister had forgotten all about him? Will he strive to win the 1,000,000,000 dollar reward or will something totally unexpected occur to him in the game. If you don't wanna miss it then come and join the fun. Thanks. [[ Warning!! Contains Mature Content and Gore.]] Please, all events that occurred in this novel is completely fictional. Any name or event that may or might have occurred in real life is completely coincidental. Moreover the Earth here isn't the real one but more like a parallel world.  Warning!! No incest or something related to it here.  More Warning!!:- English isn't my native language so please try to understand that some words may sound weird but I'll try my best to keep it at a minimum.  WHAT TO EXPECT: Insane skill leveling system-- Weak to strong protagonist-- Crafting abilities-- Action -- Adventure --Comedy (this is a big lie, I suck at this) -- Slice of life -- Romance (Another lie!! I'm not really good at this. Don't believe this tag!!) --No Harem --Handsome and Hard-working Protagonist -- Beautiful and strong female lead -- Wanted Protagonist and players -- God-like- beings -- Mutants -- Zombies -- Heartwarming -- Mermaids -- Cute Little Daughter -- Expect the Unexpected.  What?! You wanted more? Then read the novel. Release rate- One chapter per day of between 1.1k - 1.3k words. PS:- The novel cover doesn’t belong to me. If you’re the owner and you want me to remove it, just let me know. Thanks.