246 The auction II

Kyle stopped in his tracks and looked at the crying woman. The man sitting on the chair winced in pain when she cleaned his wound. He rubbed her hair with a faint smile.

"I am fine. Don't cry. I am just a normal worker who went there to earn some easy money. I never thought it would cost my life. Let's leave this place it's not safe anymore."

The woman slapped his hand away.

"How are you fine? Look at the wound! It's so deep. The medium-grade healing potion is not working. To cure it completely we need a high-grade healing potion! Also, how are you going to travel in this condition?"

Her voice turned fainter and tears glistened in her eyes. The man was going to comfort her when Kyle cleared his throat to let his presence known.

A wary expression appeared on the man's face. He stood up amidst his bleeding wound and grabbed the woman's wrist to hide her behind his back.

"Who are you?"


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