254 Make sure to come back alive

After Aefel was done checking all the cages, he gazed at the kids who were still facing the wall with their hands raised.

He thought for a minute and a wide grin smile appeared on his face. He grabbed one of the guards and asked him to escort the kids back.

Kyle's eyes trailed around the empty room as he followed behind the guard clad in a blue uniform with the others. While he was standing in punishment the cages were transferred to another place.

He quickened his pace to arrive beside Regius and patted his shoulder.

"What about the mermaid?"

Regius shrugged his shoulders with a conflicted expression.

"After we got caught Yue's father asked someone to take her away. He said he would take care of this matter."

Regius hummed and gazed at Yue.

"Yue, you should ask your father to release her. So, she can go back to where she came from. After all, We did so much to save her."


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