250 Have you ever killed someone before?

Kyle raised his eyes to look at the narrow path when a flustered cry sounded behind him. A few seconds ago, he was able to hear faint sounds of metal being dragged on the ground but it all stopped the moment he trapped the bald man.

Kyle's brows knitted into a frown when he sensed a few pairs of eyes looking at his body. He squinted his eyes and saw a few individuals clad in long hoodies rushing at him from the path contact to the stage.

Regius expression turned grave. His previous excitement died down and he turned around to look at the narrow path.

"Kyle, can you sense their ranks?"

Kyle thought for a while and looked at the bald man who was sweating buckets with a painful expression.

"Not strong. Three (D-)-Ranks and one (D)-Rank. I think they are normal workers."

His voice sounded strained. He could see the tip of the spear had penetrated the bald man's skin. However, it wasn't deep enough to kill him.


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