1 Day One

Date - 17 Mar 2321

Time - 23:37 hrs

Location - Sky Blossom City, Wyatt Residence. 

"Rest in peace, death is another beginning. Since I am you in the world's eyes let me shoulder your hate, pain, and desire."

I woke up feeling something suffocating inside of me, no not my internals something deeper and profound, my soul seemed to be suffocating covered in a fog of malice and hate. 

I suddenly realized I was not in my lab but in someone's bedroom. By the looks of the room filled with action figures, model planes, and cars while walls and floor covered in adult posters and magazines it seemed to be a middle-aged perverts room. 

Many questions were raised in my head, 

Where am I? 

What am I doing here? 

Was I kidnapped? 

Interestingly I found answers to all my questions within my mind, finally realizing that I transmigrated into the body of a 17-year-old boy and things were complicated. 

The deceased soul's name is Dalton Venera Wyatt in short Dalton Wyatt, similar to my name, not surprising considering the reincarnation genre. 

Young Wyatt's world can be considered parallel Earth considering its earthly resemblance and it was plagued by dungeons and monsters similar to the ones popular in games, novels, and anime in my world. 

Young Wyatt's parents were Card Apprentice who passed away in their last mission nearly two months ago. 

With his gardeners gone Young Wyatt's life withered, 

First, his friends and teachers deserted him since he was no longer the only son of two silver-rank adventurers. 

Second, his school life was hell as his bullies gained in numbers and became bolder. 

Third, he lost all his savings and insurance money in a scam. 

Fourth, he got caught in a staged accident and faced a fraudulent lawsuit. 

Even though he had lost all his money in a scam Young Wyatt's parents had left him a good amount of property for example the house I am currently in and their silver rank adventure equipment. 

Young Wyatt was smart, first, the scam, and now this staged accident feeling cornered it became clear to him that he was being targeted by someone. 

No matter how smart Wyatt was being a legal adult in the government's eyes and with no friends and family in his support, the odds were not in favor of Wyatt. 

Under the constant threats of hooligans and court notice young Wyatt felt there was no way out of this. 

He could give in to the fraudulent lawsuit and settle but he felt ashamed at the thought of selling his childhood home or his parent's adventure equipment. 

In desperation, young Wyatt was not willing to let the perps win and get away with it. so he wrote his will donating his property to a children's trust upon his death. Then decided to commit suicide. 

Enter me Dr Dalton Wyatt, the world-renowned scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur.

For unknown reasons, I seemed to have been reborn in this body. But one thing is clear to me my life as Dr. Dalton Wyatt has come to an end. 

Even though the deceased soul has traveled to the afterlife, the body contains strong remnant hate, pain, and desire forming a fog suffocating my soul. 

"Rest in peace, death is another beginning. Since I am you in the world's eyes let me shoulder your hate, pain, and desire."

Other than communicating with the remanent no other good idea popped into my head. 

Coincidentally enough an eerie thought conveyed in my mind,

"Those who wronged me should be punished."

"Fulfill my parent's dream."

Hearing this thought I was frightened and overjoyed at the same time. Fear because ghosts turned out to be real and overjoyed as things could be resolved by talking. 

The two conditions put forward by the ghost seemed reasonable at first but they were vague with undefined boundaries. 

Punished, what did it mean by that did it want me to kill all those who wronged young Wyatt? Parent's Dream, which one and what are they? 

I did not want to live my second life as a murderer fulfilling someone else's dream. 

Fortunately, when I voiced my doubts the ghost conveyed the demands more precisely. 

Firstly, it only sought Justice, not vengeance, this Justice was subjective to my will. 

Secondly, Mr & Mrs. Wyatt longed for their son to be a Card Apprentice and be ranked in the Card Apprentice championship. 


Successfully negotiating with the ghost, the fog suffocating my soul vanished and I gained complete memories of Young Wyatt. 

Maybe it was the negotiation with the ghost or something else, I seemed to have adapted to my new life as a transmigrator. 


For some reason, I was feeling sleepy, 

'Oh! Whatever? I have all the time to explore later let me take a nap now.'

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