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What is Cancelled...

Read Cancelled... novel written by the author Non_Lyke_Jos_Hua on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering system, action, romance, adventure. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Death! As a concept, it has undergone so many profound definitions based on different cultures and religions. Some have described it to be the path to the final destination, others believe it to be nothing but another pathway to a new beginning. However, for me… Death! It wasn't until it looked me in the eyes, I understood its true meaning. It was that one thing that changed my life, but then again, nothing really changed. Damn! It seems I'm still bounded by the shackles of its own making. A puppet in the hands of a puppeteer, dancing to its every will. No! No more! I can't die. Even if it's just a thread of hope left, I'll hang on to life with all I have.

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Wow! author this is gem of book. I read the first chapter and it just blew me away. I totally got immersed in the storyline which is really one of a kind. It just got me hooked, I 'm looking forward to read more chapters. Great job author.


I read the first chapter and got hooked. I advise anyone who is looking for a good fantasy novel to read this


This book is so nice,the first few chapters captured my attention. Please keep updating more chapter.


M not a fan of this genre, but i love the book soooooooooooooooooooo much Please update more. The mode of writing got me hooked Keep it up nice author I think you should change the book cover to attract more readers


Nice,bravo this one got me straight up,the synopsis is quite attractive.very intriguing,it's good 👍 keep going and update early okay,am automatically a fan now so don't disappoint me.😘


It is a nice read, the writing itself is good but the arrangement is a bit off. Seems to be a mixture of science and magic. Can't wait to see where it leads.


so far I enjoyed the book and I'm waiting for more updates


Reveal spoiler


I can see that this is a new book. I'll point out your pros and cons author. First of all you need a synopsis, a little description of your book to connect more with your readers and then there's the book cover. But other than that I think the first two chapters were quite interesting so I'm hoping for more updates from you.


Even after a couple of chapters, I could see an interesting world building behind it! Please do check your format, as there are some paragraphs that are cu tin half and quite a lot of spacing is off; making it hard to read. Also, adding a summary will help the readers know a little about the reading before stepping into the chapters (and it's a great start to hook them on your story!).


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