23 The Grind Continues & Looming Threat

Michael quickly shook off the thoughts of gambling as he remembered he was in the internet cafe for a reason. He'd think about it later.

With the first goal done, Michael moved to his second goal, and that was coming up with a thesis title that he'd make and publish online. The main theme of his thesis or research would be about renewable energy and artificial intelligence.

He logged off from his brokerage account and switched to a new tab. It's the 21st century, and the world is brimming with problems caused by non-renewable energy. Global temperature rising, pollution levels escalating, and the depletion of fossil fuels are just a few of the challenges facing humanity.

As he pondered over the potential thesis topics, Michael focused on how artificial intelligence could be integrated with renewable energy technologies to optimize their efficiency and accessibility. He realized that his solar panel technology could be a case study in this broader context.

He opened a document and started typing, "Harnessing AI for Enhanced Efficiency and Sustainability in Renewable Energy Systems."

Michael's fingers flew across the keyboard as he outlined the key points of his thesis. He planned to delve into how AI could predict and manage energy consumption patterns, optimize the performance of renewable energy systems, and even participate in energy trading on smart grids.

Moreover, he envisioned AI-powered analytics to provide insights into the maintenance and life cycle management of renewable energy installations, potentially reducing costs and increasing longevity.

As he continued to work, Michael felt a surge of excitement. Not only was this thesis topic academically stimulating, but it also aligned perfectly with his own technological developments. It could serve as a platform to showcase his solar panel technology and its potential applications in a world increasingly leaning towards renewable energy.

Finishing the initial outline, he saved the document and leaned back in his chair, satisfied with the progress. But the neuroenhancer drug is still in effect. Eager to make the most of this heightened cognitive state, he decided to list ten more thesis titles focusing on renewable energy and AI. He opened a new document and began to jot down his thoughts, each title reflecting a unique angle or aspect of the intersection between these two fields.

[AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance for Wind Turbines: Enhancing Longevity and Efficiency]

[Optimizing Solar Energy Harvesting with Machine Learning Algorithms]

[Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grids for Efficient Energy Distribution]

[AI in Renewable Energy: Forecasting and Managing Demand and Supply]

[The Role of Deep Learning in Improving Energy Storage Systems]

[Harnessing AI for Real-Time Monitoring and Control of Hydroelectric Power Plants]

[Utilizing AI to Enhance the Efficiency of Geothermal Energy Production]

[Machine Learning Applications in Biomass Energy Conversion Processes]

[Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing the Viability of Tidal and Wave Energy]

[Development of AI Algorithms for Optimal Placement and Orientation of Solar Panels]

As he was doing all that, he noticed a notification on his system. 

[You are receiving Mastery Points from the activity in Computer Science, Meteorology, Environmental Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology]

"So that's how it is huh? Even the activity of doing the thesis yields points. However, it was little, like three mastery points in fifteen minutes.

Nevertheless, he continued outlining so that tomorrow Sunday, he'll begin writing his thesis and then publishing them all in an online journal dedicated to renewable energy and technology.

After listing the thesis titles, Michael turned his attention to his final goal for the day: completing the requirements for filing a patent for his solar panel technology and the machines that manufactured them. 

He opened a new browser tab and began researching the patent application process. The first step was to prepare a detailed description of his solar panel technology, including its unique features and the innovative aspects that differentiated it from existing products in the market. He also needed to provide technical drawings and specifications for the solar panels and the manufacturing machines.

Next, he looked into the requirements for filing a patent in the Philippines. He learned about the need for a declaration of inventorship and an oath or declaration stating that he was the original inventor. Additionally, he gathered information on the fees associated with filing a patent application and the documents required for submission.

While researching, Michael also came across information about international patent protection. He read about the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and how it could simplify the process of seeking patent protection in multiple countries. He made a mental note to explore this option further, especially considering the global potential of his technology.

After a few hours of focused work, Michael had gathered all the necessary information and documents for the patent application. He saved everything on his cloud storage, planning to review everything once more before submission.

Feeling accomplished, Michael logged off the computer and stretched his arms. It had been a productive day, and he was one step closer to securing the future of his groundbreaking invention. 

He checked the time, it was eight o'clock in the evening. His eyes widened, so he had been sitting on a computer chair for almost eight hours. Even though the pill expired six hours ago, he was so engrossed in finishing his task in a day.

He tried standing up but he suddenly felt a sharp stiffness in his legs. He slowly stood up, stretching his limbs and trying to ease the discomfort. As he did so, his stomach growled loudly, reminding him that he hadn't eaten anything substantial since morning.

Rubbing his stomach, Michael glanced around the café. It was quieter now, with fewer patrons than earlier in the day. He walked towards the exit, still stretching his arms and legs to get the blood flowing.

Outside the café, the city lights had come alive, casting a vibrant glow on the streets. Michael decided to find a nearby restaurant or food stall to satiate his hunger. There he saw a siomai vendor selling freshly steamed siomai, a popular Filipino snack. The aroma was tantalizing, and Michael felt his mouth water. He approached the vendor and ordered a serving of siomai with rice. The vendor quickly prepared his order, and Michael found a spot to sit and eat. 

He sighed, realizing that he had done a lot that day. If it was his former self, he would be working from morning to evening in the restaurants he used to work. Tomorrow, it's going to be the same. 


Meanwhile, same day and time, in the headquarters of the Solar Dynamics Corporation at BGC. The CEO, Francis Peralta sat across with one of his engineers.

"So, Engineer Benico. You can't figure out how a man from college built those solar panels?" Francis asked calmly but deep inside, there was a seething anger. 

"That's correct, Mr. Peralta," Engineer Benico replied, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "We've run multiple tests and analyses, but the technology behind Michael's solar panels is unlike anything we've seen. It's advanced, and without the exact methodology or materials he used, we're at a loss."

Francis tapped his fingers on the desk. "This is a solar panel, created by a fucking college student! And you are telling me my top scientist couldn't even reverse engineer it?!" 

Benico was silent as his boss vented. 

"If this solar panel were to be introduced in the market, we would face significant losses! We have to do something about this." 

"What are you planning?" 

"That boy is planning to present it to Mrs Estolas right?" 

"That would be right. Actually, her daughter is waiting for our verdict."

"Then tell her that the verdict is that the solar panel is fake. Write a technical report proving it so it'd look legitimate. We have to stop that boy at all costs."

"But sir…the solar panel is not fake, we did the test it's all correct what if the public can—"

"Do you really think a boy with no background can invent something so revolutionary? It's preposterous," Francis interrupted sharply. "We need to protect our company and our investments. Discrediting his invention is the best course of action right now."

Benico hesitated, clearly uncomfortable with the unethical direction the conversation was taking. "But falsifying a technical report... that's not only unethical, it could backfire on us if the truth comes out."

Francis leaned forward, his gaze intense. "Listen, Benico. In this industry, it's not just about what's true; it's about what we can make people believe. If we can cast enough doubt on his invention, it won't matter if it's real or not. People will hesitate to invest, and that's all the time we need to maintain our lead. Do I make myself clear?"

Benico nodded reluctantly. "Yes, Mr. Peralta. I understand."

"Good. Get it done. And make sure it's convincing. We can't afford any slip-ups."

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