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Gu Fei traveled through the Douqi Continent. He became an eight-star Dousheng of the ancient clan, the grandson of the Black Annihilation King Gu Lie! At the age of sixteen, Gu Fei had become the most outstanding genius of the ancient clan! After that, the clan leader Gu Yuan recalled Xun'er and betrothed her to Gu Fei! However, after the marriage, Xun'er refused to consummate the marriage with Gu Fei for half a year! Although Gu Fei was obsessed with Xun'er before, when he found out that Xun'er's indifference to him was because she was concerned about other men. His heart was completely dead! It turned out that Xun'er said she was not ready, and she planned to leave her chastity to another man! How could Gu Fei bear this? He decisively chose to divorce Xun'er! "No, Gu Fei, you have to believe me, I have never betrayed you!" Xun'er panicked when she learned that Gu Fei was going to divorce her. Novel keywords: Fighting Break Sphere: Marrying Xun'er, but she refused to consummate the marriage! No pop-up window, Fighting Break Sphere: Marrying Xun'er, but she refused to consummate the marriage! txt full set download, Fighting Break Sphere: Marrying Xun'er, but she refused to consummate the marriage! Latest chapter reading

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Is it exposed?

  The Purple Crystal Winged Lion King stopped briefly at the edge of the desert. The surrounding climate was too hot.

  "It's so hot!"

  Without the protection of the shield, Xiao Yixian's forehead was constantly sweating, and her long purple hair was wet and sticky.

  She loved cleanliness the most, but when she saw Gu Fei was thinking about something, she didn't disturb him.

  She just shook her wrist silently to fan herself.

  Although she had made some preparations before coming, there were always omissions. Xiao Yixian was wearing a slightly thicker dress now.

  Qingshan Town is like spring all year round, so the clothes are a little thicker.

  It's so hot here.

  Gu Fei turned his head to look at her and waved his right hand.

  A layer of Dou Qi barrier enveloped the two of them, and Xiao Yixian soon felt that the climate became much more comfortable.

  [Xiao Yixian has a happy mood, and the mood value increases by 100]

  After some adjustments, the Purple Crystal Winged Lion King flew back into the sky and flew towards Gu Fei's destination.

  Gu Fei's first destination was Hai Bodong, who was sealed by Queen Medusa and hid in the desert city.

  Looking at the yellow city gradually appearing in his vision, Gu Fei did not slow down, and directly ordered the Purple Crystal Winged Lion King to fly over.

  Xiao Yixian sat on the lion king's back and looked out at the city not far away.

  Her pupils dilated with excitement, and her whole body was about to stick out.

  [Xiao Yixian is excited, and the emotion value is increased by 100]

  "Brother Gu Fei, the desert scenery is so beautiful. This is the first time I have seen a city in the desert!"

  Gu Fei pulled her back helplessly.

  "Be careful, I won't catch you if you fall."

  Xiao Yixian pouted and sat back obediently, but her expression was still reluctant to look down.

  Her eyebrows were raised high, and her face suddenly turned a beautiful pink, and her eyes were wide open.

  [Xiao Yixian is shy, and the emotion value is increased by 100]

  "Brother Gu Fei, those people are dressed... Why are they dressed so cool!"

  Gu Fei looked in the direction of the voice, and there was also a trace of curiosity in his eyes.

  Although he knew the description in the original book, it was the first time he saw it with his own eyes, and he couldn't help but feel a little novel like Xiao Yixian.

  As they gradually approached the city, more and more people were passing by.

  Most of the men were shirtless.

  Their skin was dark and lean, and they looked quite bold at first glance.

  The women who occasionally passed by, although their skin was also slightly dark, had a sexy bronze color.

  The women here were not as reserved and shy as the women in the empire. A set of tight leather clothes just covered their chests and a little bit of the ground.

  But those slender waists were boldly exposed.

  The slender and tight thighs were also just wrapped in some short skirts or shorts. When walking, the waists twisted like water snakes, which had a charming charm and style.

  This style was very similar to modern.

  Gu Fei was used to the reserved and restrained dress. When he saw these hot-dressed women by chance, his eyes were stunned.

  [Xiao Yixian became jealous, and the emotion value increased by 100]

  Xiao Yixian certainly noticed his reaction, bit her lower lip, and turned her head away angrily.

  The next moment, Gu Fei withdrew his gaze, sighed helplessly, and looked at Xiao Yixian with some amusement.

  He muttered to himself: "It's just so-so, not as good-looking as our Xiao Yixian."

  [Xiao Yixian feels proud, emotion value increases by 100]

  Xiao Yixian snorted and turned her head.

  They were laughing and joking, and Xiao Yixian lowered her head and looked up at the yellow city, whose specific scale could be seen.   

  Inside the city, a complex of buildings with unique desert characteristics appeared in the field of vision. The strange-looking houses and buildings were eye-opening.

  Above the city gate, two huge light red fonts were carved on the city wall. From a distance, it actually had a faint bloody feeling.


  Gu Fei said softly and smiled.

  As the Purple Crystal Winged Lion King flew over and gradually lowered its flight altitude, the originally slack city guards and pedestrians outside were all terrified.

  [Gu Rao has fear, and the emotion value increases by 0.1]

  [Mo Sha has fear, and the emotion value increases by 0.1]

  Most people have never seen such a huge monster like the Purple Crystal Winged Lion King.

  Gu Fei's eyes swept over them calmly, and soon after, the lion king stopped directly above the city.

  Next, Gu Fei put his arm around Xiao Yixian's waist, stepped on the void and landed in the city.

  The city guards who originally bullied the weak and feared the strong just looked at him with fear, shrank and dared not speak.

  His appearance immediately caused a huge sensation in the city.

  [Yuan Jing is shocked, and his emotion value increases by 0.1]

  [Huang Lian is worshipful, and his emotion value increases by 0.1]

  The desert environment is closed, and outsiders generally do not come in, and people inside do not go out.

  People in this kind of place have never seen such a big battle.

  A boy who looks only sixteen or seventeen years old not only has such a terrifying flying magic beast, but can even fly in the air.

  It's incredible!

  Xiao Yixian chuckled.

  The reactions of these people are exactly the same as when she first saw Gu Fei's strength, which is of course normal.

  After all, anyone who sees a monster like Gu Fei will be shocked.

  Then, Gu Fei paused and called a passerby.

  "Excuse me, where is the shop selling maps?"

  The passerby just saw the calm-looking boy jump down from the huge magic beast and land easily from mid-air to the ground.

  He dared not not answer such a strong man, and directly told Gu Fei the locations of the best map shops in the city.

  "Let's go, let's go eat something first!"

  After asking for the way, Gu Fei did not rush to take Xiao Yixian to find a restaurant in the city.

  After all, they had been traveling for a long time. He was fine, but Xiao Yixian's cultivation was not as good as his. He was probably a little hungry.

  At this time, because the lion king was still staying over the city, the whole city was very afraid.

  From time to time, there were fearful eyes cast at the huge flying monster in the sky. The monster was calm, but the pedestrians below were probably scared to death.

  Even if it had no desire to attack, it was like a knife hanging over their heads. How could they not be afraid?

  Xiao Yixian hesitated for a moment and said to Gu Fei: "Why don't you let the lion king go outside first? This will scare the people in the city."


  Hearing this, Gu Fei nodded.

  Since Xiao Yixian proposed it, although he didn't care about it, he agreed directly.

  He sent a message to the lion king and asked the lion king to hover outside the city.

  When Gu Fei and Xiao Yixian were having dinner in the restaurant, an old man with white hair walked out of an ancient shop in the city.

  He also saw the sixth-level flying monster, and a deep thought flashed in his eyes.

  "Could it be that someone discovered me?"

  (End of this chapter)