1 Selected for his company

Intro: Myself Yoona (or you can take yn as Your Name) I'm 23 years old. After my dad passed away 3years ago.. I am doing part time job to earn money. In my family there is only Me and my Mom and our pet dog juliet.

Right now I'm working in a library as my part time work but I'm still applying for a permanent job. Back to the story.

Tia (library friend): Yoona Your shift is over you can go home now.

Yoona: Thanks. See you tomorrow dear.

With that i went home. And again like other days i found my mom sleeping in the couch with juliet in her lap.

Yoona: I told her so many times not to wait for me *sigh* . Mom! MOM!

Mom: *rubbing her eyes* oh you're back from work. Let me serve you dinner.

Yoona: Mom did you not ate yet?

Mom: uhmm... uh..

Yoona: How many times i told you not to wait for me. I'm working for you- (Juliet barks) Aishh yes I'm working for you TWO I don't want to see you getting sick bcz of me mom.

Mom: Ok ok lets eat now.

Yoona: *sigh* (suddenly juliet comes to her) And you lil kid, You're too in mom's side right? aishh no one listens to me..

After eating dinner she went to her room and after freshen up she layed in her bed.

Yoona: Today was so tiring.. I should sleep early i have work tomorrow.

She was about to sleep but then she got a call. She ignored it and again tried to sleep but the phone rang again, being annoyed she answered the call.

Yoona: Hello?

???: Is this Miss Yoona's number?

Yoona: Yeah, why?

???: Congrats! you're selected for the interview of the biggest Company J.JK enterprise.

Yoona: Ok thank u.. wait- WHAAAAT?? Are you kidding me!???

???: ahemm no, you heard it right. And the interview is tomorrow so come at 10:00am and don't be late bcz our boss don't like unpunctual people. Good night.

Yoona: Oh ok ok ok Thank you sooo much.

Yoona was shocked and so happy she finally got selected for a permanent job. The job is not final yet but still she got selected for the interview. She immediately ran to her mom's room and wake her up. She excitedly told her mom about the news. Her mom was very happy to hear that. Yoona couldn't even sleep properly due to excitement.

*time skip next day*

Yoona: MOM! mooomm!!

Mom: Ah coming.

Yoona always kiss and hug her mom before going to work.

Yoona: Byeee mom love you.

Mom: All the best. Fighting!

Yoona: Fighting!

(this was my first ever fanfiction so please give your opinion about my work. And there will be lot of grammer mistakes bcz English is not my first language. So yeah do comment.)

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