Born in apocalypse

Author: COSMIC04
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What is Born in apocalypse

Read ‘Born in apocalypse’ Online for Free, written by the author COSMIC04, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, R18 Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [Alternate Title: Born In Apocalypse With True Fusion][Alternate Title: Endless Evolution In The Apocalypse]**********Th...


[Alternate Title: Born In Apocalypse With True Fusion] [Alternate Title: Endless Evolution In The Apocalypse] ********** The life where Dhruv had it all – a caring family, loyal friends, and a fulfilling job. Suddenly his life took an unexpected turn for the worse, and he lost everything in his life. His family was raped and then murdered, his friends left him, and he found himself in prison for crimes he wouldn’t have even dreamed of committing. He was falsely accused of stealing from his company and then in the heat of the moment killed all his family members. He couldn’t even die in peace and was constantly getting bullied and tortured… But like everything else even his situation evolved as the ‘COSMIC EVOLUTION’ arrived on his solar system. With COSMIC EVOLUTION comes the power to evolve any and everything. Swords and Magic lays in everyone's hands as they try to clear the quest. But in this contest not everyone was equal... In this new era of evolution, Dhruv became the Chosen One. With his immense magical power, he began his journey to conquer everything there is to conquer… Ahhh! And Yes, how can he forget about getting revenge…. ********** The novel is filled with evolution, and fusion while its worlds are filled with monsters, quests dungeons, and whatnot. Whatever you need to satisfy your addiction is all here.. so be sure to enjoy it. If you are still reading then be sure to check out... the first few chapters might appear as rough but I guarantee you it will only get better and better.

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Alizayas · Teen
Not enough ratings
1 Chs
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A wonderfully written book. I personally am waiting for him to reach 150 chapters to be thoroughly invested in it since I can't predict what will happen. But this book is well written in addition to evoking our imagination


Shameless author here! As an author, I would obviously be biased toward my Novel, but that isn't without reason. Just read at least ten chapters before deciding whether to read or leave it, as the story is slow for a while. - As I've seen other authors do this so I thought I should do this as well. these are some pros and cons of the story questions... let's start with cons... 1. This would be cons for some but there will be no harem in the story. 2. The writing quality wouldn't be absolute top tier. 3. Start is slow-paced... I think that's it for Cons, now let's dive into the pros of the story... 1. despite being a system novel, he isn't the only one who has a system, in short, it's a litrpg story. 2. No harem, yes this is also a pro. 3. Worldbuilding would be top tier. 4. No young master, whose only purpose is to say "You are courting death." 5. There will be romance, but it will start in the later half of the story. 6. The MC of this novel isn't brain-dead. I think that's it, guys. If there is something I had forgotten ask it in the comment section. Have a nice day.


A great story in my opinion. for me, it's slow face at the moment. the characters are well thought, we didn't get to see the whole world yet, so no word building at the moment.Overall it a very good story you would definitely enjoy. Keep up author and don't you dare drop it.


I’m in love… You just won yourself a new fan Please keep this going🖤


Was really liking the novel until MC deviated toward warrior type class. A bit drained of every author afraid to go pure mage tbh, it's like they all make the MC jack of all trades type warrior. Just not my personal preference, but I still recommend others to read as this seems like a good novel otherwise. I read up to 30 btw.


This is one of the best upcoming novels.


Truly a great novel. The I love the transition from the heartless and his search for purpose in the prison arc to finding his path,balance and people to being around him. shame I can't binge it all as Ive reached the locked chap's but it's so great ,4 a day is good enough to satisfy me.


It has a nice start let's see how far this continues without the story being boring or repetitive. The only problem I see soo far is that there is a need for some editing, Author should try to find a way to edit these chapters. Anyway, you have done a great job.


The novel is written very well. The author had thought this through and not just randomly pops things here and there. Not a full 5 star as there are some mistakes as well. After that everything is good and you should give it a try.


i love this novel please dont stop and succes will come by itself


Bogs: reviews not a total 5 ⭐ cause of something is missing i don't' know what is over all its a good read u guys should try it. nindot sya gamay pero naay jod sya gamay kulang tistinge basin d.i ganahan moh.


I read all free chapters (40) and loved the novel. I suggest to you give a try. there is a good MC, a good system and a good world building.


[img=Loving it] [img=Loving it] Liked it so far, looking forward to reading more. [img=Loving it] [img=Loving it]


[img=gift][img=gift] Enjoying it so far. [img=gift][img=gift]


Reveal spoiler


and here you can advertise your novel, please tell me yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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