Important Poll(Harem Sect's Triumph)

I think I may have reached the limits of my patience. I'm really, really enjoying writing this story, but even I feel as though things are becoming increasingly convoluted now that I've deviated into a harem route. Like, I get that each girl has their charms(which I'm doing my best to convey), and I really want to make as many people as possible happy, but I feel like the story would have been a lot more enjoyable if I focused on a singular love interest(ie: Mirko, Mei, or Melissa Shield). I wanted the MC to be good friends with people like Kirishima, Ojiro, and Shoji while also helping to reform people like Todoroki and Bakugo. Now, most present and future developments revolve around his relationship with the girls, and as more appear, the plot becomes increasingly bogged down by their presence. I'm confident I can make things work, but it gets increasingly frustrating reading messages that lambast the harem. Not because they are repetitive but because I actually agree with the sentiment. Harems are fantastic, at least in the premise of fiction, but it gets really tiring writing about them all the time. Thus, before I take the story any further, I want to hear everyone's opinion on the matter one final time. If, after reading this, you believe the story would be better as a harem, vote yes. If, however, you'd like to read a story that is more plot-focused and centered around the MC's plans and growth, vote no.

Harem all day e'ry day(Yes).

We have strayed too far from the Grace of God. Turn back before it is too late(No).

P.S. I am fine with either route. I just wanted to put it up for a vote instead of simply making the decision myself.

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