68 Chapter 67

While reliving the days between May 28th and June 16th, Izuku did his best to uncover what changes Krua had unceremoniously introduced into his life. This included searching the alleyway where his original encounter with Toga took place and, after failing to so much as a single trace, every alleyway within a five-block radius.

With his in-person search yielding no results, Izuku returned home and did an online search for any news articles related to Himiko Toga. In the past, this would have brought up dozens of articles related to the incident that had occurred at Toga's middle school, one where she stabbed one of her classmates with a box cutter before sticking a straw in his wound and sucking his blood. Now, there was absolutely nothing. It was almost like she had been erased from existence. At least, that's what Izuku supposed might have happened until a few days into his loop...

One of the first, most notable changes Izuku noticed after his encounter with Krua was that his appearance had improved qualitatively. His height had increased to 175cm, finally making him taller than Momo, and his face had become more attractive. It was no longer round and innocent looking. Instead, he now had a narrowed, angular jaw, sharp eyes that gave him a natural, smoldering look, and much lighter freckles. In essence, his facial features had gone from a 5 to a 9 in terms of appeal, an improvement that had unexpected ramifications.

Owing to his physical appearance and the fact he had secured First Place in the UA Sports Festival, Izuku had garnered quite a few fans among the first, second, and even third-year girls. The vast majority were Business and Support Departments students, so several had come together to form Izuku's first fan club, even going so far as to officiate things by assigning numbered badges and getting Nemuri to sign on as their Advisor/Sponsor.

Among the girls forming Izuku's fan club, one, holding the position of Vice President, stood out among the rest. When Nemuri convinced him to meet the club as practice for future public events, Izuku immediately noticed her as she was the same girl that had been living in his house before the loop, Himiko Toga. At the very least, her appearance and infatuation for him were incredibly similar. The real change had occurred with her Quirk, as, rather than making her bloodthirsty and requiring her to drink blood, it now functioned similarly to Mr. 2's Devil Fruit from One Piece...




[June 17th, 2149]

After reliving his date with Toru, this time without fucking it up at the very end, Izuku was officially freed from his loop. Not much had changed, but the things that had were fairly positive. Chief among them was that Mirko texted him 'a lot' more than she had before the loop.


Less than five minutes after his alarm had gone off, Izuku heard his phone buzzing from his bed. Mirko had been texting him every morning since the start of his loop, and, as far as he could tell, this had been the case since the end of his internships. Izuku wasn't sure what had changed, but they seemed much closer.

Reading the text, basically informing him not to slack off or do anything stupid during his training, a smile adorned Izuku's face as he replied, 'Be safe on your patrols.'

As usual, Mirko's response was immediate, telling him that he should be more concerned about himself and the people she was going to beat the shit out of. Before the loop, she would have told him to fuck off, so it was quite the improvement.

Deciding to take a risk, as he had been playing it fairly safe during the loop, Izuku replied, 'Love you too, Rumi.' before tensing as he awaited Mirko's response. It usually came instantly, but this time it took several seconds before Mirko responded with a fairly tame 'Choke on a carrot.' before signing out of the chat.

"I guess we're not 'that' close..." mused Izuku, still smiling as he set the phone aside to finish getting dressed. Once he was done, he made his way downstairs, eating breakfast with his mom before kissing her on the cheek and departing for class...




"Good morning, Izuku-kun. How did things go with Hagakure-san?" asked Momo, greeting Izuku with a bright smile the moment he stepped into the classroom.

"Splendidly," replied Izuku. "We went to dinner, enjoyed some quality time together, and then watched the sunset on the boardwalk. All in all, it was a wonderful time."

Narrowing her eyes in delight, Momo brought her fingers together as she said, "I'm glad to hear that. I was worried my recommendation might not have suited your tastes. I'm pleased everything worked out."

Resisting the urge to point out there weren't a lot of people who would complain about eating at a restaurant with three Michelin Stars, Izuku teased, "I can't wait until we get to go out and celebrate your birthday. When was it again, September 23rd?"

As Izuku had 'guessed' correctly, Momo's smile became especially radiant as she replied, "That's right. Though, before that, the rest of us must prepare for 'your' birthday celebration. Speaking of which..."

Leaning forward slightly, even though it was just the two of them present, Momo whispered, "My parents and grandfather will be staying in the villa during Finals Week. I...may have told them you were the reason for the sudden change in my Quirk, so they have been pressing me to introduce you..."

Though he and Momo had yet to have sex, Izuku had already invited her to his Party, boosting her stats and granting her Perks. In Momo's case, she could now store excess calories as energy, effectively allowing her to eat as much as she wanted without overburdening her cells. As a result, she could use her Quirk much longer than before, supplanting one of her only weaknesses.


Name: [Momo Yaoyorozu]

Title: Sexy Secretary(Luck +1 Each Time You Cum Inside Her)

Quirk: Creation

Bond Level: 94

Current Level: 23

Effective Level: 53


Strength: 50

Agility: 50

Vitality: 203

Intelligence: 100

Dexterity: 50

Luck: 83

Free Attributes: 0


[Healthy Body], [Big Eater], [Encyclopedic Knowledge]


Though he couldn't help smiling wryly whenever he saw Momo's Title, Izuku wasn't surprised. It didn't happen every time, but he had noticed Mirko's Luck increasing during his Internship. The same happened when he claimed the virginities of Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Toru, so there seemed to be a literal correlation between sex and the phrase 'getting lucky.'

Nodding his head, Izuku replied, "Sure. I've been prepared to meet them since the moment we started dating. If you want, I can even greet them with you when they arrive."

"Then it's settled!" exclaimed Momo, bringing her hands together with a 'very' happy smile on her face. Her grandfather had been pretty insistent that she bring Izuku over, so she was relieved to hear he was willing. If he had gotten nervous and asked to delay the encounter, she wouldn't know how to explain things. In the worst-case scenario, her grandfather might think Izuku was a coward, prohibiting their relationship from then on...




[June 23rd, 2149]

After another fairly boring week of classes, Izuku found himself at the Support Department's Development Studio for the first time in what felt like a while. Mei was fairly active in the chat, but Izuku hadn't seen her in nearly eight weeks(including loop) since she never went to the cafeteria for lunch, and he was often busy on Sundays.

Entering the familiar workshop, Izuku couldn't help smiling as the aroma of grease and slag filled his lungs. Most people would find such stenches unpleasant, but as an engineer at heart, they got Izuku in the mood to get his hands dirty.

With every other Support student enjoying their only day off, Izuku was unsurprised to find that the person welding was Mei, her face covered in a self-made welding mask, but her cleavage, shoulders, and arms exposed since she had a habit of wearing a thick, flame-retardant tanktop in place of proper PPE(Personal Protective Equipment).

After donning a welding mask of his own, Izuku approached Mei from behind, remarking, "You're going to give yourself one hell of a sunburn if you keep this up. Also, haven't you heard that the UV light of welding can cause melanoma? It would be a shame if you got some sun spots on your breasts or shoulders..."

Having forgotten the sound of Izuku's voice, Mei replied, "Can't you see I'm busy right now? If you want to make a request for a Support item, fill out the proper forms or bother Power Loader-sensei when he returns with breakfast."

"Is that any way to speak to your Sponsor?" asked Izuku, who, over the past two months, had contributed nearly ¥30,000,000, the equivalent of more than $200,000, to Mei's projects.

Realizing who Izuku was, Mei turned off her torch, setting it off to the side before bouncing to her feet, removing her mask, and shouting, "Oh, wow, if it isn't the father of my children! Don't tell me...did you come here to make babies with me!?" with a beaming smile on her face.

Adopting a smile of his own, Izuku replied, "Something like that. First and foremost, I came to pick up my costume. After that, I wanted to take you somewhere."

Though she was excited by the prospect of seeing Izuku in his costume and watching him try out their babies, Mei frowned when he mentioned taking her somewhere. She wouldn't mind going on a date with him, but she needed at least two, maybe three weeks advance notice. She hated quitting her work halfway. Unless, of course, it was to work on something else.

Seeing through Mei's thoughts, Izuku shook his head and said, "Relax. I didn't come here to pull you away from your work. Well, I did, but only to show you my personal workshop. Haven't you wanted to see it for a while now?"

"Oh! You mean our private love nest~?" asked Mei, regaining her smile as she encroached upon Izuku's personal space. She knew about her status as an 'exception' with the girls in Izuku's harem, so she had been looking forward to currying some favor with her favorite, admittedly only Sponsor. She didn't have much interest in things like romance, but as long as Izuku kept footing the bill for her tools and materials, she wouldn't mind making actual babies with him. Anyone that could keep six girls in line had to be stacked...in more ways than one.

Instead of refuting Mei's assertion, Izuku replied, "Probably," before asking, "So, where's my costume? Don't tell me you added it to the ever-growing pile of your babies..."

"Our babies," corrected Mei, emphasizing the 'our' before revealing, "And no, I have it stowed away safely in my locker. Someone drew a penis and some other colorful images on it using a paint marker, so I had to strip the surface layer and replace it. It's amazing how petty people can be."

Furrowing his brows, Izuku assured, "Well, you won't have to worry about that when using my workshop."

Narrowing her eyes slightly, Mei appended, "I believe you meant to say 'our' workshop," once against stressing 'our.' Afterward, she made her way over to her locker, retrieving a rather large black briefcase before lugging it onto her work table and saying, "Go ahead. Check it out." with glistening eyes and an excited smile on her face.

"First things first," said Izuku, asking, "Mei Hatsume...would you like to join my Party?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Mei replied, "It's about damn time you asked," while inwardly thinking, ("I really hit the jackpot with this one. Now, let's see what all the fuss is about...")




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