BNHA: Singularity

MC throws himself on a grenade and gets transmigrated to the world of Boku no Hero Academia with a barebones but exceptionally powerful System.

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Chapter 37

While Cementoss repaired the arena, Izuku returned to his waiting room rather than accompanying Ochaco to the Class 1-A viewing stands. He wanted to cool his head before his inevitable match with Todoroki, but it seemed fate had something different in mind as he sensed something 'off' the moment he entered the seemingly empty room.

After a moment of silence, disturbed only by the faint vibrations echoing through the entire stadium, Izuku called out, "Is that you, Toru-san...?" in a hushed tone.

Following a nearly inaudible sigh, the familiar voice of Toru answered, "If you're able to perceive me this easily, I'm going to lose confidence in my ability to remain hidden..."

Though he adopted a faint smile, Izuku questioned, "Shouldn't you be preparing for your match with Mina-san? With Cementoss-sensei on the job, repairing the arena shouldn't take long."


Instead of responding to Izuku's words, the faint sound of Toru's bare feet against the tiled floor tickled the former's ears as she moved closer to him. When she eventually reached his front, close enough that Izuku could vaguely feel the warmth radiating from her body, she surprised him quite a bit by saying, "I like you, Izuku-kun. Like, really 'really' like you..."

Opening his mouth, Izuku was going to respond when something soft, presumably Toru's fingers, touched his lips, silencing him as she added, "I know I really messed things up between us, but I can't help wanting what my heart wants..."

Retracting her fingers from Izuku's lips, a timid but longing look adorned Toru's invisible face as she looked up at him and softly asserted, "Even if we can't be boyfriend and girlfriend...I can't stand just being friends. Can we...can we go back to how things were before our date?"

Understanding that Toru was referring to how they used to tease one another and exchange texts, some racier than others openly, Izuku's expression softened as he replied, "We can't go back in time, but we can sure as hell move toward a similar future..."

Though Izuku couldn't see it, he could picture a broad smile blossoming across Toru's face. In reality, she had a somewhat coy look on her face as she moved closer to him, eyes turned up, whispering, "I don't think I have the right to be your girlfriend anymore...but until you find one...I would like us to be something more than friends..."

Feeling Toru's breasts press against him, followed by the feeling of her tentatively touching his crotch, Izuku's expression became serious as he whispered, "You deserved better than that..." in a slightly disproving tone. Yet, even when Toru began caressing his bulge, he made no overt attempt to stop her.

Responding to Izuku's assertion, Toru shook her head, stating, "You're wrong...I've been a bad girl my entire life. The only reason I decided to become a Hero was to place my parents' worries at rest. But, even more than that...what I most enjoy is sneaking around, spying on people, and doing things no girl should do in public. That's the actual reason I broke things off between us...you're such a considerate person, Izuku-kun...you deserve a normal, devoted girlfriend like Ochaco-san. Not some pervert who gets excited that a packed stadium and three hundred million people at home are seeing me completely naked..."

Though he had long suspected everything Toru was revealing, especially with how quickly her pictures became risque, Izuku was surprised to hear her admit it so soon. He expected that, if or when they started dating, she would slowly test the waters before gradually dragging him into the deep end of exhibitionism. Disclosing her secret so early was incredibly risky on her part, but it also showed how 'serious' she was...

Feeling Izuku's surprisingly large bulge hardening against her palm, Toru felt nervous yet emboldened as she stood on the tips of her toes and whispered, "I'm a bad girl, Izuku-kun...but if you help me keep it a secret, I could be 'your' bad girl..."

Regaining a faint smile, Izuku gave his best smoldering look as he replied, "You're wrong, Toru-san...you might be a pervert, but you aren't a bad girl. From the moment I met you, you've been nothing short of amazing..."

Before Toru could refute him, Izuku surprised her by wrapping his arms around her waist, cupping her large and pliant ass cheeks as he added, "If you believe your actions make you a bad girl, I'm a straight-up villain. As for becoming mine...it's not too late for us to start dating. Ochaco and the other girls might feel betrayed, but that was always bound to happen once I started dating someone. I simply can't make everyone happy, even if I wish I could..."

Contrasting Izuku's assertion, Toru believed that if it was him, he might actually be able to pull it off. All the girls in Class liked him to varying degrees, so if he had gone with Mina's suggestion, he could have dated all of them. They might call it 'practice' at first, but that distinction would invariably blur as time passed. Then Izuku could have gone a similar route as the Playboy Hero from America, Captain Celebrity...

Instead of trying to convince Izuku he was far more charismatic than he seemed to think, Toru stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him. Unlike the past, however, the kiss was longer and far more intense, partly due to her being naked but primarily the result of Izuku's hands on her ass. That, and the fact Izuku was surprisingly good at kissing...

Separating after nearly a full minute, Toru's breathing was heavy as she stared into Izuku's paradoxically calm yet intense eyes. He didn't appear to be even remotely flustered. Instead, his deep green eyes reflected the expectation in his voice as he asked, "Is this really what you want, Toru?" without honorifics.

Shaking her head, though Izuku could only feel, not see it, Toru's gaze became similarly intense as she said, "If I told you what it was my heart truly desired, you might hate me..."

"That could never happen," lied Izuku. "At the very least, you would have to do something pure and intentionally malicious for me to even consider hating you..."

"Is that the real, honest truth...?" asked Toru, linking her arms around Izuku's shoulders in the process. Then, when he nodded in affirmation, she whispered something into his ear that caused his eyes to become as round as saucers, specifically, "I want to see you do it with other girls..." in a tone comparable to a Succubus.

Blinking in surprise, Izuku asked, "Seriously...?" with a look of disbelief on his face. Toru had made it clear she was a voyeur, but he never expected her to have such 'extreme' tastes...

Nodding her head, Toru clarified, "Only if they're okay with it. I may be a bit naughty, but I don't want either of us to become actual criminals..."

Adopting a wry smile, Izuku found himself at a loss for words. He had been fairly 'active' in his previous life, but he had never had a threesome or allowed someone to sit in as he fucked. If he was being honest, it was 'really' weird. However, instead of voicing that thought aloud, he gave a noncommital, "I doubt it'll be the case, but if I get a girlfriend and she's open to the idea...we'll discuss it at that time..."

Though Izuku couldn't see it, a broad smile plastered itself across Toru's face. Except for Jiro and Tsuyu, she was reasonably confident she could convince the other girls to let her watch, if not join in. Ochaco gave the impression of a girl open to experimentation, and Mina was nearly as free-spirited as her. That only left Yaoyorozu, but if she and Izuku managed to overcome the obstacle of her family and enter into a relationship, Toru got the impression she would be willing to try just about anything once. After all, Yaoyorozu was a very 'prudent' girl...

Dismissing her wayward thoughts, at least for the time being, Toru drew her lips closer to Izuku's, asking, "So, what now? I still feel it's too soon for us to cross the line, but there are other things we can try...and I mean 'a lot' of other things..."

With nearly two and a half years of pent-up frustration, including the time he spent in-country during his previous life, Izuku found it extraordinarily difficult to resist Toru's temptation. He didn't think it was healthy for them to have such an 'advanced' relationship at their age. However, as he didn't want to hurt Toru's feelings or make her feel there was something wrong with her, he eventually answered, "You've clearly put a lot of thought into this...how about surprising me?"

Smiling to the point her eyes narrowed in glee, Toru's voice was especially chipper as she replied, "Then you better prepare yourself, Izuku, because it's going to be shocking...!"

Though she didn't explain what she had in mind, Toru's intentions became very transparent when she released Izuku from her grasp, followed by his gym trousers being pulled down rather abruptly.

Losing a bit of her enthusiasm, Toru asked, "Uh...is it supposed to be this big...?" while experimentally poking Izuku's rather sizeable tent.

Shaking his head, Izuku replied, "Nineteen centimeters is hardly what I'd call 'big,' but I appreciate the compliment. I'm hoping to hit at least 25cm before I finish my growth spurt."

"Maybe it's because it's right in front of my face?" asked Toru. "Well, not that it matters. I'm going to give it my all, either way!"

Following Toru's exclamation, Izuku felt somewhat warm wrap around his shaft, presuming it to be the invisible girl's hand since, less than a second later, he felt something moist and hot flicking the tip of his dick.

"It's not as salty as I was expecting..." remarked Toru, punctuating her statement by wrapping her lips around Izuku's glans. It was a pleasant, almost nostalgic feeling, but what caused Izuku's eyes to widen was his penis disappearing as Toru experimentally began to suck it.

Though he had witnessed food disappearing whenever Toru ate, Izuku felt an indescribable feeling of incongruency when seeing the tip of his dick vanish and reappear. He also had no point of reference for what Toru was doing, as he couldn't see her face, so each of her actions came as a surprise, drastically amplifying the feeling of pleasure.

("Holy fucking shit-!")

Catching Izuku off guard, Toru abruptly tried taking the entirety of his dick into her mouth, failing halfway but holding her position to lubricate and suckle his shaft. Izuku then felt her hands on his ass, allowing her to remain stable as she began to bob her head back and forth, periodically scraping the top of his dick with her teeth but quickly getting better.

Grabbing Toru's head, more out of necessity than anything else, Izuku said, "Slow down...I get that we don't have much time, but are you trying to get me to blow my load in thirty seconds?"

Releasing Izuku's cock with a 'pa,' Toru licked her lips before adopting a mischievous grin and asking, "Does that mean it feels good? I was a bit worried since I've only ever practiced with a banana."

("This girl...")

Shaking his head, Izuku answered, "It feels amazing, way better than I expected, but there is such a thing as too much stimulation. You have to build up to the climax, or else you'll become numb to ordinary pleasure..."

Raising her brows, Toru asked, "Since when did you become an expert?"


With Izuku remaining silent for several seconds, Toru decided to shelve the matter for the time being, nodding her head before saying, "Okay. I'll slow down a bit–or, better yet, why don't you try guiding me? That could be fun."

Returning a nod, Izuku replied, "Sounds good." Then, when Toru's mouth invariably wrapped around his dick, he used his hand on the back of her head to guide her movements, starting slow and gradually ramping up the pace as Toru got accustomed to taking his dick into her throat. Seeing his dick disappear gave Izuku the same sense of incongruency as before, but it was far outweighed by the pleasure and peculiar sense of 'relief' he felt having his dick sucked after such a long time...




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