15 Chapter 15: You Don't Accept My Challenge?

After a dozen minutes, even Raichi Jingo couldn't hold on any longer and had to get off the treadmill, gasping for breath. Sweat covered his forehead, and his legs were even a bit weak. He looked at Kira Ryosuke with a mix of anger and disbelief.

Now, Kira Ryosuke was the only one left persevering in the fitness room, while the others could only sit on the floor and watch him.

"Is this guy... a monster?"

"He can still keep going? What kind of stamina is this?"

"This is too exaggerated..."

People started discussing among themselves.

Even though Raichi Jingo felt displeased, he had to admit the terrifying level of Kira Ryosuke's physical endurance.

And a few minutes later, Kira Ryosuke finally stepped down from the treadmill. Although he was also covered in sweat, he didn't appear as exhausted as the others.

The original body's physical condition was decent, and coupled with over a week of hellish training, Kira Ryosuke's stamina had improved to some extent.

But the most crucial factor was not just physical fitness, but the way of breathing.

When exercising, the frequency and technique of breathing are vital. Improper breathing restricts the body's oxygen supply, naturally affecting physical performance. Moreover, the rhythm of breathing is also related to the rhythm of movements, and incorrect breathing frequency can even impact one's motions.

After unlocking the breathing techniques through the system, Kira Ryosuke learned more efficient ways of breathing, allowing him to achieve better results in physical exercises.


Three days had passed since the game of Tag.

Kira Ryosuke was still exercising in the gym, even though he had already earned today's "check-in" competitive points.

At that moment, the broadcast in the Blue Lock sounded.

"The results of the physical exercises are out. Everyone, please return to your rooms immediately to check the latest rankings."

Kira Ryosuke wiped off his sweat and went back to Team Z's room. He changed into the blue attire he usually wore for rest. The number on the pentagon-shaped badge on his shoulder changed from "289" to "264."

This was because in the game of Tag, each team had eliminated one member, reducing the total number of participants by 25.


Raichi Jingo glanced at Kira Ryosuke's ranking, then looked at his own. He had an obvious expression of displeasure on his face, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Just then, the screen on the wall lit up again, revealing the thin and gloomy face of Ego Jinpachi.

Kira Ryosuke lifted his head and looked at the screen. He knew that Ego Jinpachi was about to announce the rules for the next round of selection.

That would be the true first round of selection, where more than half of the participants would be eliminated.

The Blue Lock had a total of five buildings, and each building housed five teams—V, W, X, Y, and Z. The first round of selection would be a round-robin tournament among these five teams.

The winning team would earn 3 points, a draw would give each team 1 point, and the losing team would receive no points.

After the matches, the two teams with the highest points would all advance to the next round, while the remaining three eliminated teams would have only the player with the highest cumulative goals to advance.

The rules weren't overly complicated, but they made the competition more intense and even tested human nature.

In the original work, Kuon Wataru from Team Z believed that their team had a very low chance of advancing, so he intentionally colluded with the opponents. In exchange for becoming the top scorer within the team, he leaked tactics and sabotaged the matches to ensure his own advancement.

After explaining the rules, the large screen closed again.

The first match was between Team Z and Team X, scheduled to begin in two hours. With limited time, the members of Team Z had to start discussing immediately.

"We're all forwards. What should we do?"

"Can we really form a team? And isn't Team X ranked higher than us?"

"Here's an idea. How about we decide positions by playing rock-paper-scissors?"

When someone suggested rock-paper-scissors as a fair solution, many people around agreed.

But there was one person who voiced opposition--Kira Ryosuke.

"Sorry, but I don't agree with deciding through rock-paper-scissors."

Upon hearing Kira Ryosuke's words, everyone's gaze turned towards him.

"Kira, isn't this the fairest method?" Kuon Wataru furrowed his brow and looked at Kira Ryosuke.

"You're right. It is the fairest method, but what we want is victory, not fairness. Moreover, it's not so much about fairness as it is about luck. If everything is decided by rock-paper-scissors, capable forwards could very well be assigned to the position of a defender. This is a game that affects each of our careers, and I don't want my future to be determined by so-called luck."

Kira Ryosuke spoke slowly, and a few people around him nodded slightly in agreement.

Once we're eliminated, our careers essentially come to an end. No one wants to take that risk.

"And even if positions and tactics are decided by rock-paper-scissors, how many people here would actually follow through? Even if the team gets eliminated, as long as someone becomes the top scorer, they can advance. This will infinitely amplify each person's selfish desires."

While Kira Ryosuke was speaking, he turned his head to look at Raichi, who was behind him. In the original work, it was Raichi who first snatched the ball from his teammates, further causing chaos within the team.

"Hey, what do you mean by looking at me like that? Are you asking for trouble?!"

Raichi noticed Kira Ryosuke's gaze and immediately shouted angrily.

But deep down, he felt a bit guilty because he had just been thinking that if he were assigned to the defender position, he would proactively steal the ball from his teammates.

"Can this guy... read minds?"

Raichi bit his lip, feeling somewhat resentful.

"Well then, Kira, what method of allocation do you think is best?" Kunigami Rensuke from the other side asked.

"This guy definitely wants to hog the spotlight!" Raichi interjected and shouted.

"It's simple. Let's let our abilities speak for themselves. We still have two hours before the match starts, which is more than enough time."

Kira Ryosuke squinted his eyes slightly as his gaze swept across everyone.

"The strongest person will take on the role of the team leader and designate each person's position."

He took a step forward and stood in the middle of everyone.

Isagi Yoichi couldn't help but swallow a gulp of saliva. He faintly felt an indescribable sense of pressure emanating from Kira Ryosuke.

"To determine the leader's position, we'll use a one-on-one challenge. I'll temporarily take on the role of the first challenger. If anyone doubts my abilities and decisions, come and defeat me."

Kira Ryosuke spoke as if he had transformed into a different person.

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