29 Chapter-29<New Power-4>

Fabian was confused. He didn't know how he was able to sense all of these things. But then he tried something by concentrating on the weird feeling once again. And as he did, he started sensing those things again. Then Fabian started concentrating on the money. He was in dire need of the money at the moment. And if he was able to get his hands on the big pouch of money that he could sense that it would be worthwhile.

So Fabian started concentrating on that money pouch. But as he concentrated on that pouch, that pouch vanished from its place. And then something big and heavy manifested in Fabian's hands. As he felt something was in his hands, he suddenly got up and sit up straight.

Fabian then saw that the money pouch that he was sensing a moment ago have suddenly manifested itself in his hands. As Fabian saw his mind short-circuited for a moment. He was shocked by seeing the size of that pouch. That pouch was at least heavy as a sack of 5kg rice. And that pouch was filled with gold coins.

Fabian looked at that pouch and didn't know what to do? He had never in his life thought that he would be able to see this much money. But the question remained where did this pouch come from?

It was after a few minutes of testing, Fabian discerned that the pouch came from the golden ring somehow. And not only money but everything that he could sense earlier could be conjured out of the ring. This was a very big discovery. Fabian started counting his lucky star that he did not sell this ring. Or otherwise, he would have let go of wonderful treasure.

Then Fabian started other things that he could find in the ring. The clothes that were in the ring were very high-quality clothes. They were a little bit too big for Fabian. But he knew that once he get his bulked-up physique back then he would be able to fit in these clothes with ease. But the problem was that these clothes looked very expensive. So Fabian decided that he would only use these clothes when he would enough strength.

Then Fabian took out the armor that he found. That armor was black color armor. That armor had various components like a breastplate, shoulder pads, knee pads, hand cuffs, a skull-shaped mask that covered only the mouth, and it also had two knives with it as well. Fabian had never seen those types of knives before in his life.

Instead of the traditional shape of the knife, these knives were pointy at the end and were shaped like a diamond. At the other end of the diamond-shaped knife, there was a handle. And at the end of the handle, there was a small hoop. And from that hoop, a small piece of chain was lodged.

Seeing this weird weapon, Fabian didn't understand how was one supposed to use this weapon. Fabian then gripped both the knives in his hand. He had no idea how one could use this kind of weapon. But what Fabian didn't expect was when he gripped the knives, the knife came to life. And the small piece of the chain came alive and started digging its way inside Fabian's palms.

As the chain started digging inside Fabian's palm it went inside as well. And soon the knife vanished from Fabian's hands…

This whole process only took about 10 secs. And before even Fabian could realize what was happening it was already done. This whole process even hurt that much, so Fabian didn't know how he should react to this.

He then touches his palms to see whether something was hurting or not. But to his surprise, it didn't hurt at all. And then Fabin when checked his body he felt that now he could feel a weird type of feeling from his hands. It was the same feeling that he could from the back of his head. And when Fabian tapped into the feeling of his arms he saw that his palms split opened and the knives came out of his palms.

Fabian tested and retested the knives and soon found out that he could bring them out of his palm on his whim. He was very happy with this weapon as he understood that this weapon would be useful for him in certain situations. Fabian then turned towards the other things in the ring…

He didn't know the functions of the herbs so he didn't touch them. He had learned one thing while living in the jungle that the random herbs could be more dangerous than any animal of the forest.

After Fabian had looked through everything he looked at the things that were in his room. Before he only had a few torn clothes that he was originally wearing with two sabers that he stole from a dead body. Now he had all of this stuff. He was happy that things were finally going his way. But it was then Fabian realized something.

He had taken out all this stuff. But he didn't know how to put all of these things back…

Fabian grabbed random things and started experimenting with them. It was only after a few minutes of trial and error he was finally able to send some things back in the ring. Fabian put both of his sabers too inside the ring and he fell asleep. He needed plenty of sleep tonight after all tomorrow is going to be a very long day.

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