Bleach Stronger by AFK

Warriors, elementalists, enhancers, transformers, etc. In the world after the crossing, the surface appears peaceful, but underneath, there are surging undercurrents, extraordinary powers emerging endlessly, and dangers abound. As an ordinary high school student, possessing the cheat-like ability of a Bleach mini-game, Hayashi Rikawa expressed his desire to keep a low profile, diligently cultivating every day for 24 hours, waiting for the moment when he could obtain a Zanpakuto, put on a mask, and then go out and do as he pleased. Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 30 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://www.p atreon.com/kamenworld Our community on discord: discord. gg /t66agbE

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Mobile Game

"Okay, class dismissed."

Ten minutes before the bell rang, the teaching materials were finally put down by the homeroom teacher, and announced the end of the class.

As soon as the bell rang, the relieved expressions of the students were shown, and they immediately began packing their school bags, and where they were going to play later was discussed excitedly.

With basketballs in their arms, a few tall boys sitting in the back row rushed out, fearing that if they were late, the court would not be able to be occupied.

Looking around the energetic scene, a sigh couldn't help but be elicited in Hayashi Rikawa's heart.

Three days have passed since he entered this world, but it still felt like a dream.


"Why did I suddenly traverse?"

Although no one loved him in his previous world, suddenly getting traverse in a strange world left him feeling confused. He felt so much stress, but the sole relief lies in the fact that he's now living in the body of a 17-year-old high school student. Filled with vitality unlike his last life, the cause of an unhealthy habit truly made a difference in this recently acquired body that has no major problems.

 "Forget it, just think of it as experiencing high school life again." Hayashi Rikawa mumbled to himself, picked up his school bag, and headed out of the classroom.

Experiencing this one-of-a-kind thing doesn't happen twice, but feeling homesick and uncomfortable was unavoidable. The good thing was that after days of groping & fusing with his predecessor's memories, Hayashi Rikawa already gained a general understanding of this world.

It can be said with certainty that now he was no longer on earth, this world and the last world have many very different places, the level of technology was relatively backward, and there was neither a smart cellphone nor an internet here.

In addition, this world possessed a very large area, with many countries and wars. The White Crown Confederation, which can only be considered a second-rate country at best in the world, where Hayashi Rikawa was now situated.

History, culture, language, world patterns, etc, were all different from his previous life, but these were not a problem for Hayashi Rikawa. What really shocks him is that the existence of transcendent power seems to be a characteristic of this world.


The reason for this speculation was also the cause of his predecessor's death.

 Three days ago, he was playing outside too late after school. This guy wanted to take a shortcut home. He took a remote alleyway that wasn't normally passed and ended up witnessing the illegal dealings of a gang organization, even being found out.

No poison was injected into him. His predecessor was killed on the spot, and it was finally a grim fate for Hayashi Rikawa, who had traveled across the world. The last scene he remembers was a man in black who flashed, swept seven or eight meters away in the blink of an eye, and punched him directly in the heart.


How could a distance of seven or eight meters be crossed in the blink of an eye by a normal person and his heart be struck out with a single punch? This was obviously beyond the normal extent, so the suspicion arose in Hayashi Rikawa that the world may exist with extraordinary power.

This discovery both excites and worries him—excited due to the desire for extraordinary power, but worried because of the fear that it may be discovered by the gang organization that he was still alive and that they might come back to kill him.


After all, his current body was only that of a weak, ordinary high school student, let alone an enemy who has mastered transcendent power. Even a tall and strong man was not a match.

Thinking about this, Hayashi Rikawa cannot help but to feel helplessness in his heart.

"Didn't it mean that there are gold fingers after traversing? But where is my golden finger?"

 As if responding to his question, a blue semi-transparent frame suddenly appeared in front of Hayashi Rikawa in the next second.

He was startled, his body suddenly froze, not for long before coming back to him, and he immediately looked around at first, only to find that the light frame hovering in front of him was not noticed by anyone, even though people were coming and going.

Seeing this, he secretly felt relief .

"It seems that only I can see... But I didn't realize that there was really a golden finger!"

He decided to carefully examine the translucent light frame in front of him, and after a moment, a weird expression gradually appeared on his face.

"This is not the mobile game I was playing before getting Traverse."


Before getting tranverse, Hayashi Rikawa's friend just finished watching "Bleach". Out of boredom, they excitedly produced a mobile game based out of bleach, and he was asked to help test play it. The results of playing and testing were acquired before he fell asleep, and discovered the tranversing.

And the light-frame interface in front of him was part of that mobile game; there were only four options on the simple interface.


[Personal], [Training], [Shop], [Card Drawing]


This mobile game was a semi-finished product, so many areas were very simple. For example, the so-called training was in fact AFK, to obtain enhancement points and then consume enhancement points to improve the level of various abilities.

Because before traversing, Hayashi Rikawa only ever played mobile games for a short while, so he didn't know much. But he studied it carefully, when he suddenly came back to his senses, finding himself having stood there for a long time. This attracted a lot of people's curious eyes, so the eager mood had to be held down and he hurried away.


Fortunately, he lived in a small area near the school that was not far—only seven or eight hundred meters—he can be back in ten minutes.

In his early years, the parents of his predecessor passed away, leaving him only with a house, no sister, but a cousin who lived in another province with his aunt and uncle, who rarely contacted him.

In addition, he also had an aunt, who was the closest relationship he had, but unfortunately, she was always away on business. The number of times he came back in a year can be counted on one's fingers, and living expenses were only sent by her each month.

In fact, after his parents passed away, if it weren't for the help of his aunt, he might even have had a hard time going to high school.


Thinking all the way home, Hayashi Rikawa hurriedly closed the door, and he sat down on the sofa in the living room to calm his breathing, which had become a bit rapid from the hurry. Then he called out the light frame to continue studying.

When the [shop] option on the light box was attempted to be clicked by Hayashi Rikawa, only [personal] and [training] were lit; [shop] and [card draw] were grayed out and not selectable.


"VIP, there's a recharge function in this mobile game."


Hayashi Rikawa couldn't help but be stunned. This kind of situation hadn't been encountered by him when playing before, but after thinking about it, it was probably because VIP permission had been opened by his friend for him to facilitate the test.

Thinking about this, being speechless for his friend that couldn't helped him. Other functions were not perfected, but the recharge function was developed first.

Shaking his head helplessly, the [card draw] was clicked by Hayashi Rikawa. It was remembered that the only way to get a Zanpakuto in this hand game was to draw a card, but unfortunately, after clicking, the prompt 'upgrading to VIP2 to open' still popped up.


"Even drawing cards requires you to charge VIP first, if this mobile game was really developed, no one will definitely play it."

Muttering, attention was turned by Hayashi Rikawa to the two brightly lit options. When [Personal] was first clicked, the light frame screen turned, and a large text cascade like a waterfall poured down.

Name: Hayashi rikawa

Reiatsu: LV 0 (0/50)

Kendō: LV 0 (0/20)

Hakuda: LV 0 (0/20)

Kidō: Locked

Shunpo: Locked

Zanpakutō: None

Crystal Stones: 0

Enhancement Points: 71 

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