6 Chapter 5

Errol stood up after feeling his spiritual energy has recovered and took some breaths before he spoke.


[Secretly absorb spiritual energy from the surroundings]


The surrounding energy began to move and was being absorbed by his body, but he didn't know where it go as it just disappear after he absorb it, but he didn't panic as it was not like he was finished.

[Refine the spiritual power that the first Order absorbed and permanently strengthen me physically and spiritually]

The moment his last words left his mouth, he could feel something spreading around his body strengthening it at an alarming rate.


There is also another feeling, he couldn't pinpoint where it was, but he knows it was his spirit power being improved.


After a few hours, he was already at least 20% stronger physically and spiritually and it was still continuously improving.


Errol noticed that the improvement that he gets was also getting stronger although he barely managed to notice it.

This made him aware that the two orders he made are getting stronger with the improvement of his spirit. He can't help but grinned as the result was better than he expected.


"With this, I can finally relax, as even if don't do anything I would still get stronger hahaha suck you all Hollow, Shinigami, and Quincy training and devouring hard for small improvement hahahahah.. cough! Cough!"


After laughing so hard his throat couldn't help but get hurt and cough.


"Maybe I shouldn't laugh... nope! hahahahahahahaha Cough!"


Meanwhile, while he is laughing on the other side of his room was another room was his grandpa showing a scared face.


"Is this house haunted? I did hear about rumors before I buy a few years ago but I didn't expect them to be tru-"


A creepy laugh that sounded like it came from a child echoed around his room making him incredibly scared that he passed out.




[Time Skip 6 years]

Time moves forward again and Errol is now 8 years old, after celebrating his birthday a few weeks ago.


"Erl come on, your gonna like it, just give it a try ok?"


Grandpa Orlando is now looking exhausted while looking at his grandson who was lying on the sofa while playing video games with a very reluctant look on his face.


"Don't wanna... I'm fine inside here in the house" Errol replied to his grandpa while still playing his game.


"But you also need contact with your peers, it's not healthy being always inside the house alone" Orlando sternly said but what he got was the same reply.


"Still don't wanna, kids my age are dumb and hard to talk that I feel like losing my brain cells and I am not alone there are some maids who sometimes play with me." Errol replied without looking at his grandpa. ' Although what I said is true, but the biggest reason is actually I am not good at communication with others, especially with kids'

Orlando who heard his favorite (only) grandson can't find fault in his words, as he knows how mature he is compared to the others.


"Fine, I won't let you go to school" Orlando raised his hands in surrender


"Really!?"Errol turn with an excited look on his face.


Orlando smiled also but with a bit of scheme on it.

" Yes, but under a condition"


"What condition? "Errol asks.


"The condition is, you won't enter school until you are at the age to enter the high school only if you passed the test I will give you later, if you passed the test later that I will give you then I won't force you to enter school until high school" Grandpa Orlando said with a cunning smile on his face.

"Why not include high school and college?" Errol asks with a pleading in his voice.

"You want it or not?" Orlando said simply as he already gave his bottom line.

 Errol thought of the conditions and agreed with a big toothy smile on his face.


Sometime later Grandpa Orlando can't help but think that he made a big mistake making that condition earlier looking at the result. Except for the college-level test, Errol passed everything with flying colors.


"HAHAHAHAHA Yahoo I don't need to go to school!"


Errol was jumping around like a monkey that was freed from its cage. Orlando looks at this with a blank look before sighing and standing up.


"...fine you won't go to school, but I still don't recommend just staying here in the house"


Errol who was still happy from escaping the hell called a school, jump to his grandpa as he was carried and said. "Don't worry as long I escaped the hell that tormented the minds of billions of kids to young adults, I am fine on whatever you want or wherever you want me to go"


Hearing his grandson's words he couldn't help but feel at least relieved that he was not a total shut-in or is it?


"Hahahaha, I think I might need to reprimand you about your views about school but I guess that can wait as I have to announce something," Orlando said while putting Errol down


Errol looks at him with curiosity. " What is it, grandpa?"

"Well...the thing....is we're going to move to japan" Orlando drop a bomb.


Errol looks shocked and immediately grabs a hold of Grandpa Orlando's shirt and asks with a pleading look in his eyes. " Please tell me your joking?"


" I don't know what scares you but no, I'm not kidding, I actually planned to let you enter school there" Orlando said.

Errol can't help look as if someone just prank him, of giving him a false peace before being thrown in to hell





Two weeks later, inside an airplane was a kid around 6 years old looking at the window with despair in his eyes.


"Oh come on don't be like that Erl, it's not like we are going to die when moving there hahaha" Grandpa Orlando said, trying to cheer Errol up but it did the opposite and only made it worse.


' Grandpa please don't raise flags I still want to live' Errol thought while crying in tears in his mind.


After the announcement that they will move towards japan specifically, in Karakura town. Errol didn't know if it was a coincidence or something, but he tried to change his grandpa's mind only be to fail.


Apparently, he has some business there and made some promises before to his son-in-law, which is his father to let Errol live in japan until he was 18.


The thing is, Errol's father was a half-Japanese, and also made another promise to his parents that he will make his son live as a Japanese after marrying his mother to honor his origin.


Unfortunately, his parents died when he was in his 20s after a plane crash and he also died in a car accident, talk about being unlucky. By the way, Errol's mother died from giving birth to him which only left him with his grandpa.


Errol still didn't give up and tried to convince his Grandpa in all sorts of ways, he even had the idea to just use hypnotism to change his grandpa's mind until he scratch that idea immediately.


As much as he wants to not get involved with the plot of this world, he doesn't want to play the mind of his grandpa, as once he did it once, he will likely do it again and again.


It will be like, him making his grandpa his toy to control and move around, which he found disturbing. He didn't have anyone in this world except for his grandpa who he learn to love.


He rather be involved with the plot, rather than manipulate his grandpa's mind.


[Ding! Here's your captain, were about to....]


Errol listens to the speaker, the plane that he is currently riding right now is about to land.


[Time skip for a few hours]

"So what do you think?"


"It's alright I guess"


" Is that so should I buy a bigger one then?"


"No please, I feel being lazy already just from this and I would likely lose my way here already, buying a bigger house will just make me feel trouble!" Errol shouted while shooking his head in refusal.



His grandpa smiled at his action, as he knows how lazy he can be.

" Anyway let's get inside and explore this city later, so you can get used here faster"


Errol wanted to refuse but in the end, he just accepted it. He has already entered the warzone it wouldn't matter if he explores it.

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