7 Chapter 7: Enter the academy!

"So here I am," Grayson said with his legs crossed as he rested his chin on his fist.

"That's right, as per all of you wonderful fans, I will be attending the soul reaper academy! I do hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am."

The carriage rocked ever so slightly as it passed through the Senkaimon leading to the Seireitei.

"Anyway, I have places to be, soul reapers to meet and oh, entrance exams to take."

The carriage stopped as it arrived outside of the soul reaper academy building. The building its self was huge, with its design and architecture being identical to what he could remember in the show.

The driver opened the carriage door for Grayson and he stepped out into the large courtyard that the academy overlooked, whistling as he took a look around.

"Here we are, sir." The driver said as he shut the door behind him.

"I wish you the best of luck." He then said before giving him a slight nod and hopping back onto the driver's seat, taking his leave.

Grayson took in the sight of the massive building once more, taking a deep breath before he started walking over towards the large gates.

"Hold it." One of the guards said as he looked Grayson head to toe.

"I need to see your invitation." He then said, with a stern look on his face.

Grayson nodded and handed him the scroll that bid him welcome to attend the entrance exam.

The guard read it and although a little grumpy, seemed happy enough to let him in.

"Go on. Head through the main doors, then take a right." He said before standing back to attention.

Grayson nodded as he passed through the gate and into the main yard of the academy. He could also see a few others who were dressed like him, most likely here for the same reason as he was.

Grayson passed into the halls of the academy and proceeded to turn right, following the crowd towards a large hall that was filled with easily over 200 people.

"Quest complete, enter the soul reaper academy. You have been awarded 400 exp." The system said in his head.

"Thanks," Grayson said welcoming the exp gain.

No one really chatted among themselves and Grayson could see the difference between people depending on what district they hailed from as the ones from lower districts were clearly better dressed and cleaner, while the ones from the higher districts wore rags or tattered clothing.

Not long passed and a member of the staff who was dressed in full-length kimono with a large dark green robe over his shoulders stood up at the centre of a large stage as he gained everyone attention.

"Welcome everyone!" He shouted after he cleared his throat.

"Welcome to the Shinōreijutsuin entrance exams! You have all been invited to attend and attempt the exam today. If successful you will be invited to attend the Academy." He said as everyone paid close attention.

"Now, the exam will be split into two halves. The first will be a written exam involving some basic problem-solving questions. The second part will be a practical evaluation by either myself or the other instructors." He said as his voice echoed over the hall.

"Now that you all understand, I would ask all of you to proceed into the next hall, where you will be given an ID number and seated for the first exam." He then said as he gestured to the door he wanted all of them to go.

Everyone followed his orders and headed over to the doors where everyone was given a number to pin onto their clothing.

Grayson was given the number 112 before he headed over to his allocated seat where a piece of paper and a pencil was waiting for him.

Once everyone was seated one of the instructors headed to the front so he could explain the instructions.

"Alright listen up!" He shouted.

"This is the first exam. It will be a series of questions with a half an hour time limit! If you finish before the time, bring your paper to the front and proceed into the hall to my right where you will carry out your practical exam." The man said explaining everything.

"Alright, on my orders." He said as he raised his hand.

"Start!" He shouted, flipping a sand timer over to signal the start of the exam.

Grayson and everyone else in the hall flipped the paper over, picking their pencils up to start.

Grayson had to admit, it had been a long time since he had sat an exam and he felt a little nervous.

"Alright, I can do this." He said to himself as he proceeded to read the first question.

Thankfully all of the writing was in English allowing him to read the question with no problem. The first question was basic math hidden in a question that tried to confuse you, something Grayson was used to.

The next was a problem-solving question that involved a few different scenarios complete with a multiple choice answer.

Grayson didn't seem to find any of the questions very difficult and quickly whizzed through the rest of them one after the other until he had finished. Grayson looked up and around at everyone else who was still filling out their questions, some looking more at ease than others. However, he could not see anyone else who had finished already.

Grayson decided to check back through the paper and once he was happy with his answers he stood up, heading over to the instructor at the front, getting a surprised look from everyone else in the hall.

The instructor was also surprised and checked the sand timer seeing it had only been ten minutes.

"You're done already?" He asked.

"Yeah, I mean yes," Grayson said with an awkward smile.

"Very well, proceed to the next hall." The man said as he took his paper from him, deciding to take a quick look over it as Grayson walked off.

Grayson walked into the next hall seeing a group of instructors who were waiting as they chatted amongst themselves clearly not expecting Grayson to appear so soon.

"Hello, I'm here for the second part of the exam," Grayson said as he got their attention.

The instructors checked the time and although a little surprised, cleared their throats as they took their seats.

"Yes... Welcome." They said as they wrote down Grayson's number onto an exam sheet.

"Allow me to explain this part of the exam." One of the instructors said after a moment of silence.

"This is a practical test, developed to see if you have a strong enough spiritual pressure to become a soul reaper." He said as he pointed to a device that was on a table in front of Grayson.

It looked kind of like a grip strength tester and Grayson walked over to it taking a look before he picked it up in his hand.

"Please allow any spiritual energy you can produce to flow into this device. This way we will be able to measure whether or not you possess enough reiatsu to be accepted by our academy." The instructor explained.

Grayson nodded as he understood.

"Sounds easy enough." He thought as he concentrated for a moment trying to feel his own spiritual pressure.

Grayson opened his eyes after a moment once he noticed that nothing was happening and the instructors also noticed too, quickly growing impatient.

"If you cannot then please leave." One of the instructors said with a frown.

"Ummm system, how do I let my spiritual pressure flow into this thing?" Grayson asked, giving the instructors an awkward smile.

"Would you like to use your reiatsu to power the device? " The system asked.

"Yes!" Grayson shouted.

Grayson's spiritual pressure suddenly burst to life as it flowed into the device, lighting the small lights up on the side of it.

The first two lights were red, followed by the next three being yellow and then the next five being green.

All of the lights lit up on the device as his power flowed into it and the instructor's eyes opened wide, seeming impressed that he could fill the device up all the way.

Grayson decided that was enough and let his reiatsu settle back down before he looked back over to the instructors.

All of the instructors smiled as they nodded to each other, writing his results down into the paper.

"Thank you, please report to the main hall while you wait for your results." One of them said, bidding Grayson goodbye.

Grayson bowed his head before he left the hall, going back to the first one as he waited by himself to find out how he did. Not long passed before the others started to enter the hall one by one before it was finally filled with everyone once again.

The same instructor as last time took centre stage again getting everyone's attention.

"Alright! Listen for your number to be called. If not, better luck next time!" The instructor said before he started calling numbers.

Grayson waited patiently for his number to be called, still feeling a little nervous for some reason as the instructor started to call numbers, starting at the lowest first.

"50, 67, 68, 100, 101, 105,106,110,111,112." The instructor called as he continued to go through the numbers of those who had passed, before finally calling Grayson's number.

Grayson was revealed to hear his number be called and almost jumped into the air in excitement.

"Mission complete, pass the entrance exam to the soul reaper academy. You have been awarded 800 exp. You have levelled up!" The system said.

Grayson smiled and quickly opened his stats to take a peek while the instructor was still calling numbers out.

Name: Grayson.

Level 9. (100/2600).

Class: Human Plus.

Health: 150/150

Stamina: 150/150

Reiatsu: 150/150


Strength: 60/100 (0/10)

Speed: 40/100 (0/10)

Intelligence: 50/100 (0/10)

Enhanced skills -

Zanjutsu: 3/10 (0/10)

Hakuda: 2/10 (0/10)

Kidō: 0/10 (0/10)

Skill points available: 4.

"So now I have four skill points to play with... Not too bad." Grayson thought as he looked over his stats.

He was quickly snapped out of his daydreaming as the instructor congratulated everyone who passed and sent those who didn't away.

"Well done to every one of you who passed the entrance exam. You will now be taken through to the main hall of the academy where you will be sworn in as a student. You will also be shown to your new living quarters and given a uniform, before finally being handed your new curriculum." The instructor said.

"Now if you would follow me." He then said before he leads them to the main hall of the academy.

Grayson and the other new students followed him and all of them took a seat. He counted around fifty to sixty people who had passed the exams, wondering who would be placed where.

Everyone waited in silence to see what would happen, each of them eagerly awaiting their chance to get stuck in and learn what it took to become a soul reaper.

Suddenly the doors slammed open as a bald man with glasses and fancy robes entered the hall, standing at the front desk as he stared at everyone with an intense glare.

"My name is Gengorō Ōnabara! I am the head instructor here at the academy and will be swearing all of the maggots in!" He shouted.

"Now if you think you have what it takes then repeat after me!" He said as his aura flared to life, getting everyone's attention.

"I... Say your name. Do not seek beauty in battle. Do not seek virtue in death. Do not make the mistake of considering only your own life. If you wish to protect that which you must protect, slice the enemy you must defeat from behind!" The head instructor shouted, getting everyone in the hall to repeat the words as each of them shouted it at the top of their lungs.

"Congratulations! You are all now students of the academy!" He shouted with a smile coming to his face.

"I will now hand you over to your instructors. Good luck!" He said before he took his leave, letting two other instructors take over the proceedings.

Another man with neet black hair also dressed in the same robes as the other instructors stepped forwards.

"Alright, If I call your number, please follow me." He said as he read a list of numbers, Grayson's included.

"Now follow me." The instructor said as he leads them out of the hall.

The instructor took them to get their new academy uniform, issuing all of them with the standard clothing.

The uniform of the Academy was similar to the standard Shinigami shihakushō uniform, but with a different colour scheme. The women's style consists of a red shitagi (under shirt), a white kosode (shirt) with red stripes, red hakama (trousers), white socks and sandals. For the male version of the uniform, the red is replaced with blue. There is a circular symbol on both breasts of the outer shirt. This appears to be the emblem of the academy.

Once everyone had been given a set of clothing, the instructor lead them to a building that was not connected to the main school.

"This is the living quarters, where you will all be staying while you attend the academy." He explained to them once they arrived.

"The arrangements have been made for your rooms, issued to the number you were assigned at the start of the day. Please find your room and take some time to settle in for the night. Food will be served in the mess at 6 am for breakfast. 12 pm for lunch and 6 pm for dinner. You will report to your allocated classroom that will be in the information pack up in your room for 7.30 am. Dismissed." The instructor said not wasting any time staying to answer questions.

All of the students looked at the building with a few of them walking into it without saying anything. Some had started to socialize and talked amongst themselves before they entered the living quarters. However, Grayson decided not to hang about and headed into the building, seeing the index that was pinned on the wall, showing each of the students where their room was depending on the number they had been given.

Grayson followed the map and soon found the door to his room, labelled with the number 112 on the door.

"This is the one." He thought as he opened the door and walked inside.

The room looked like a simple Japanese room, complete with a table, a window and a futon that was placed on the floor. It also had a small set of draws and a mirror that was on the wall. All in all, it was much nicer than the hut he had been staying in so far and he guessed this would be home for however long he would be staying here.

Grayson placed his clothing on the chair by the desk and looked at the information packet that was waiting for him on the table quickly.

"Ah, that can wait." He thought as he jumped onto the bed, testing how comfy it was.

The futon was much softer than the straw bed he had been sleeping on and he let his body sink into the comfort of it.

"So soft!" He shouted before stair at the ceiling.

"Still it's hard to believe this is really happening." Grayson thought before he sat up.

"Still, I can't wait to get started!"

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