1 Shinji’s Background

I am Shinji Peshu, a short-statured 34-year-old man who still lived with his mother. I had caramel-colored skin, and black curly, nearly kinky hair. Being that my mother is black and my father was Japanese, I had been ridiculed, during my childhood, at my nearly all-white school. I was shunned and looked down upon for being black, treated as if I was less than human. I was bullied for being Japanese post the Covid-19 epidemic. It didn't matter to the other kids that I was American and that I wasn't even Chinese, I was looked upon with the same disdain. I couldn't understand why an entire continent of people was treated as if they themselves were the cause. It didn't matter if it was government-made or a freak mutation of an already existing disease. why would the people, the citizens, be treated as if they themselves were responsible for governmental actions, or nature itself?

Because of my current situation, I was going to show everyone that I was more than their perceptions displayed; that I was just as competent, and worthy of life as the next person, regardless of their background. So I decided to aspire to reach the heights of my father. My father was once a well-respected Japanese-American judge. But that all changed after the pandemic. One day when he was presiding over a case that involved a corrupt organization, that was selling supplements as a definitive cure to COVID, my father was shot by one of the public attendees to the trial. The shooter was ex-military and an anti-Asian fanatic. He believed he was taking out another corrupt government official responsible for all that went wrong during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, my father didn't survive the encounter.

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