Black Panther Cultivation System Book

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Black Panther Cultivation System


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Author's Note: It's hard to place this as male or female lead as the MC is a man in a female panther's body considering this it could be considered both female and male lead. Hi, my name is Shinji, or at least it was. I was a 34yo male gaming addict who still lived with his mother. I did nothing but gaming, until meeting a beauty, that I shamelessly failed to protect. Of course, that led to my death, and now I’ve been reincarnated into the wuxia world as a female black panther spirit beast. Yeah, whatever God or Goddess put me here has a keen sense of humor, I mean D#mn she really took my manhood. And apparently, she also blessed me with a system, which would have been completely bad as$ if wasn't so #%*ing obnoxious. Well, I invite you to follow me on this quest from man, to woman, to beast, as I find my way to godhood.