Black Knight: Awakened Book

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Black Knight: Awakened


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"I have seen men do the impossible and those men still return to dust."- Gaia One night after a large asteroid hit, the impossible became possible. Children that were born the next morning grew up to do all sorts of things thought scientifically impossible. Animals mutated into Monsters with strange traits and powers. Time passed, and the world soon entered a new era. . . . A hundred years later, Hugh Smithson was born with an extraordinary power that seemed to be both a curse and a blessing. Sheltered by his family for years and has no clue about the world, Hugo didn't know what injustice meant. Years later, Hugo has to adapt to his new unknown and unjust world, as his entire family is mysteriously eliminated. Driven by his desire to achieve justice, Hugo seeks to eliminate all evils in the world by becoming the world's greatest Skydancer; heroes that protected the world. And to achieve that goal, he would eliminate anyone who stood in his way. **** Note: The cover art is not mine and all credits go to the artist. Author's Note: Join my discord server for more interactive conversations, questions and so on. https://discord.gg/PmMWxbsSGx

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