Black Clover : The Last Legacy

What if there was a clan that could go toe to toe with devils and elves but forgotten with the passage of time . What if the history of the world is not what its told about. Join the adventure of a boy who is reborn in the world of magic and figure out the true history of the world. Note :Mc will join the Black Bulls Mc in the story only has knowledge till the end of elf arc. Story focuses mainly on the adventures of the protagonist so don't expect romance. (I am writing a fanfiction for the first time so there will be a lot of mistakes)

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Strange rock

Reina invited Julian to her house but the scene inside her house made Julian open his eyes wide.

There was every type of sex toy on display including handcuffs, now if Julian looks carefully the black strap on her neck is not part of her dress but a chocker.

Now Julian understood why the people were acting weird when Julian took this mission …. this woman is a massive pervert. It was questionable if she was a genuine researcher.

Although Julian was not someone who got flustered easily but seeing so many things together felt weird.

Secre although didn't recognize what most of the things are but she recognized some of them and it didn't take time for her to understand what the other things were.

[Aye Julian, what are those things I have never seen before] Kirin asked.

'These are tools for pleasuring oneself '

[What pleasure ?]

Julian remembered that Kirin is outdated.

'I'll tell you later on'

Julian moved ahead and saw more wonderous things. 'Don't tell me she invented these! 'thought Julian as he saw her name written in each of them.

There were posters of naked women in different poses.

There was one complete bookshelf of smuts some of which Julian had seen in the market before. Things got weirder when Julian saw life-sized dolls of handsome males with erect dicks.

Around those figures were large posters of Yami, Fuegoleon, and Nozel.

'Oi where did she even get those'


That is what Julain was feeling. Reina seemed proud of her collection.

'Oi seriously, how desperate is she '

[No need to explain I get it]

"Do you like my collection? I have some books to seduce women and take them to bed and with your looks, it wouldn't take time for those techniques to show results. Say shall we try some of them?" Reina said making a seductive posture.

'Sigh I must stay strong'

"Offer is tempting but no thanks, please tell me about the experiment and what I have to do, "said Julian. Secre seemed to be relieved after hearing that.

[You have nice self-control buddy, I have seen males jump at women if they were given a similar offer]

'What can I say, I am different after all

[You sure you're not into guys]

'Are you kidding me? Didn't you see my heartbeat get faster every moment I spend in here. '

[haha joking -joking, don't take it seriously]

"Sigh fine, you are no fun "she grabbed a pair of black gloves from the table and asked Julian to follow her to another room.

Finally some relief. Julian could never imagine that his emotions would be in turmoil.

This room looked like a genuine research lab with different types of chemicals and instruments on display. Entering this room her attitude took a complete turn as she turned serious.

She pointed her finger towards a piece of green rock that was floating above her main table.

"See that rock over there, it was found recently inside a collapsed mine. That rock can float in the air and carry a weight up to 50 times, depending upon the purity and quantity of mana.

This gave me an idea of creating a floating house that may give rise to a floating city that is free from the dangers of magical beasts or other things. "

Julian looked at the rock and injected some of his mana into the rock, the rock glowed more and started flying higher till it touched the roof. Julian focused on the rock and burned some of the mana in the rock without damaging the rock which brought the rock to a lower height.

"As expected from the wielder of the four-leaf grimoire, the level of your mana control is astounding. "she said.

As a curious person, she naturally knew about some things like the two wielders of four-leaf grimoires. Julian was not aware but there were magic cameras all over the house recording all the body features of Julian.

'Hehe, another model for my doll collection' Reina wiped her droll.

"Is there any other way to bring the rock down? "asked Julian ignoring whatever the hell Reina was doing.

"Yes, these rocks only keep flying for a day before falling. They have to be fed with constant mana to be flying for a longer time. The advantage is that the mana required is very less "

"If a floating city is built, can't this rock be misused to increase or lower the height "Julian asked

"Yes, this brings me to why my house was falling. I used some of the large pieces of this stone to make my house fly in the air but accidentally used more mana than needed which increased the altitude too much. But I didn't waste time and decided to continue my research. My magic allows me to impose certain rules on non-living things like taking the rock, for example, I am imposing a rule on it that only it will receive mana from a specific person and a specific amount. The disadvantage is that every non-living thing has a limit of rules that can be used and imposing more rules would break the thing. This process is very slow and needs a lot of focus.

When I was experimenting on the rock, I imposed too many rules and all the rocks broke apart, making my house fall. If it wasn't for you my entire house and lab would have been broken so you have my thanks for that "

Normally that would be insanely strong magic but her powers are limited by her mana which is around commoners.

"And thanks for saving my precious collection too. I would mind giving you a reward" Reina touched her lips.

"Ahem, So what do you want me to do...I mean my mission "Julian said

[Muhaha Good save there kiddo]

"As good as this rock sounds, it's incredibly hard to get this rock. The collapsed mine which has reserves of this rock in the forsaken realm is housed by a species high tear mana beast called Rift hounds making the mines inaccessible. Only some rocks were being able to be mined before everyone in the mine died in the hands of rift hounds. " Reina said handing Julian a report file.

Rift hounds are species that belong to the top echelons of the mana beasts. They look like wolves that can float and teleport short distances. These beasts generally live underground and feed only on mana. These are called high tear beasts because they have a very high amount of attack and defensive power and are incredibly hard to hit because of their teleportation ability. If they managed to draw blood from the target, the blood will continue flowing till the beast dies. Rift hounds kill everything that moves and absorb their mana too.

"You want me to get rid of the Rift hounds? " he asked

"Yes. I would have called for more magic knights if I didn't hear that you were coming. " she said.

"Will you be coming with me in the clearing of the rift hounds? "

"I will only show you the way, I cannot survive even a few seconds under the siege of Rift hounds, I am a delicate woman you know, "she said.

Julian rolled her eyes hearing that comment. Around the room were various armors that could tank some hits from high-tier beasts.

"There are a lot of energy weapons here, why don't you use them, " Julian asked.

"Those are for my self-protection and most of them can be only handled by me. Moreover, I don't think you need any of those anyways"

"Sure Sure, I will get your stones"

Julian waited in the living room while she marked the exact location of the mine. She gave Julian her communication number and asked him to contact her after he cleared out the Rift hounds.

"Here are some space rings that will help you "

"Now get going and let me relieve my stress, "she said grabbing a dildo from the table.

"Or you could stay and help me "

"No thanks, I would be leaving immediately "

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