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What is Black Clover : The Last Legacy

Read ‘Black Clover : The Last Legacy’ Online for Free, written by the author Immortle_diablo123, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ADVENTURE Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: What if there was a clan that could go toe to toe with devils and elves but forgotten with the passage of time . What if...


What if there was a clan that could go toe to toe with devils and elves but forgotten with the passage of time . What if the history of the world is not what its told about. Join the adventure of a boy who is reborn in the world of magic and figure out the true history of the world. Note :Mc will join the Black Bulls Mc in the story only has knowledge till the end of elf arc. Story focuses mainly on the adventures of the protagonist so don't expect romance. (I am writing a fanfiction for the first time so there will be a lot of mistakes)

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Buku berjudul “Gelembung” ini mengisahkan tentang gadis misterius yang hadir di dalam keluarga Pak Bambang. Pak Bambang adalah seorang ayah yang hidup dengan dua anak laki-laki yang berumur 8 tahun dan 5 tahun. Anak pertama Pak Bambang adalah Damar dan anak keduanya adalah Hermawan. Istri Pak Bambang bernama Astri, namun ia telah tiada karena sakit. Istri Pak Bambang adalah adik kesayangan Tante Maria. Tante Maria menikah dengan Paman Doni dan memiliki tiga putra yaitu Bram, Bisma dan Rio. Sebelas bab diceritakan sudut pandang orang ketiga. Kisah ini memiliki alur maju mundur atau twist. Pada bab pertama mengisahkan mengenai pertemuan gadis misterius dengan keluarga Pak Bambang hingga ia diberi nama Mayang Arum Purnomo dan diterima menjadi anggota baru keluarga Bambang Purnomo. Pada bab dua Mayang diperkenalkan dengan keluarga Paman Doni. Mereka mendapat banyak sindiran dari Paman Doni dan hal tidak baik yang dilakukan Rio. Pada bab ketiga Pak Bambang mengadakan pesta kecil untuk menyambut anggota keluarga baru mereka yaitu Mayang. Bisma hadir dalam pesta tanpa diundang. Pada bab keempat Mayang menjadi mainan Bisma, meskipun demikian Mayang tidak takut dan membalas perbuatan Bisma. Bab kelima Mayang mulai bersekolah dan tertarik dengan pelajaran musik terutama pada piano. Bab keenam ada cahaya misterius yang berjanji akan memperlihatkan masalalu dan asal usul Mayang saat umurnya sudah mencapai tujuh belas tahun. Bab ketujuh cahaya misterius muncul saat Mayang usai merayakan pesta ulang tahunnya yang ketujuh belas. Ia mengetahui masalalu, asal usul, kekuatan dan sisa waktu hidupnya. Bab kedelapan menceritakan masalalu istri Pak bambang, dan asal mula perselisihan antara keluarga Pak Bambang dan Paman Doni. Bab kesembilan tentang ambisi Paman Doni untuk merebut seluruh harta dan rumah Pak Bambang. Lanjut di bab sepuluh Kemarahan Paman Doni karena penolakan Pak Bambang membuatnya tega melakukan hal buruk yaitu mencelakai Pak Bambang dan menyantet Hermawan, keponakannya sendiri. Bab terakhir yaitu bab sebelas Mayang merelakan kehidupannya demi menolong Hermawan. Keunikan cerita ini berpusat pada tokoh karakter utama yaitu Mayang namun yang menjadi konflik utama adalah perselisihan keluarga Pak Bambang dan keluarga Paman Doni. Konflik pendukung lainnya seperti pada bab satu di tengah jalan saat terjadi hujan badai ada seorang gadis kecil tanpa identitas menatap dengan tatapan kosong. Lalu keluarga Pak Bambang hadir memberikan kehangatan, identitas dan kasih sayang. Perjalanan Mayang tidak mudah pada bab dua dia harus menahan diri terhadap ucapan Paman Doni yang menyakitkan. Ia bertengkar dengan Rio karena tidak tahan melihat Damar diperlakukan dengan buruk. Paman Doni dan Tante Maria membela anaknya dan memarahi Mayang dan Damar. Pertengkarannya dengan Rio membuat Bisma penasaran dan datang menemui Mayang di rumah Pak Bambang. Konflik selanjutnya pun terjadi, Bisma mengancam Mayang dan ingin menjadikan Mayang sebagai mainannya.

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"Saya kan sudah bilang beberapa kali, saya ngga suka sama orang yang lebih muda, lagian saya kan sudah memiliki tunangan" Dita masih setia menolak Haikal, padahal Haikal tidak pernah menyerah untuk mengejarnya. "Gue ngga bakal nyerah gitu aja kak, gue janji bakal bikin lu nerima gue, walau gue lebih muda dari lu" Haikal masih bersikukuh meski sudah tau bahwa dia bukan lah type Dita bahkan Dita sudah mempunyai tunangan. Yah meski tunangannya tidak mencintainya. "Dita, ayo pulang, mama menyuruh kita untuk segera pulang" Yudha Hariyanto, tunangan Dita yang tidak mencintainya tetapi Dita mendambakan nya karena menurut Dita dia sesuai dengan typenya. "Ngga!!!! kakak bakal disini aja sama gue!!! Lu ngga bisa ngambil kakak dari gue!!!!" Ucap Haikal Posesif sambil menghalangi Yudha untuk melihat Dita, alias berdiri di depan Dita. "Haikal, udah saya bilang kan saya udah punya tunangan, dan saya mau pergi sama tunangan saya dulu, saya cuma anggap kamu adik saya, ngga lebih, Ok" Ucap Dita sembari menyingkirkan Haikal yang berdiri di depannya ke samping. "Gue ngga bakal nyerah kak, gue bakal buktiin gue juga pria dewasa, bukan anak anak, meski usia gue 2 tahun lebih muda dari lu tapi gue bisa ngelindungin lu" Gumam Haikal sepeninggal Dita dan Yuda. Yaps, memang benar jika Haikal 2 tahun lebih muda dari Dita, dan itulah kenapa Dita terus menerus menolaknya, Winnie berusia 20 tahun dan Haikal 18 tahun. Jadi Dita selalu menganggap Haikal seorang anak laki laki, bukan pria dewasa

baby_jieexx127 · Teen
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2 Chs
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C'est un bon début, j'aime bien la personnalité de MC, magie de flamme simple mais avec des possibilités infinis. J'espère juste que MC ne sera pas surpuissant dès le début de la trame principale. Je recommande cette fanfiction merci !


✨💫Review after 11 chapters 💫✨ Writing Quality (⭐3,5): The Writing Quality is good but sometimes gets bad so you should also be careful when you always make so many spaces between words like: "Hello my name is Ghost and I’m doing a review . And the Author makes too many spaces . " Y'know what I mean? Updating Stability (⭐5,0): It’s been having regular updates so far and there isn’t really anything to complain about other than wishing you to keep up the good work you’ve made contentiously!! (unless you’re sick) Story Development (⭐5,0): I have been pretty satisfied in the direction the story is currently going to and I can only advise you to make the possible love interest appear later and focus more on building the foundations for your story, instead of pushing some forced relationship. So currently, just focus on the mc and you’ll be fine as long as you don’t forget to make the side-characters enjoyable too (pls don’t add annoying ones, nobody likes them lol). Character Design (⭐5,0): I loved how you made the characters intelligent without being brainless idiots so just continue how you’ve been doing it 👍 World Background (⭐3,5): There honestly could have been more interaction with other characters so you made too many time skips for convenience to skip his training part at the start but could have shown us better how Asta, Yuno and his father interact with him so you should be careful with making too many time skips or you might end your story without even noticing that it ended too fast. (But I do understand that you want to progress in your story so this is just a reminder not to rush too much and rather go the steady path, would be cool if he somehow learned ki without Yamis help though)<—I don’t know where he will join but it’s always cool to see an mc learning something without someone else help Summary (⭐4,2): BUT this is just my opinion and part-advice so write your story how you see fit but make sure to slow down the time skips once he gets accepted in those magic knight groups. Note: Would be cool if this review of mine was pinned since I never achieved that no matter what I wrote lol😅 Btw if I said anything wrong then correct me please since I don’t want to make my review affect new readers of your story in a bad way and since I usually don’t make reviews very often I still hope it was helpful so thanks for making this story, I’m looking forward to further chapters!! 😁 (Max=⭐5,0 Min=⭐1,0) Total: ⭐4,2


Author here with a shameless review . If you like it please leave a review . ................................................................


I already said my opinion about my rating in the comments of each chapter, but I'll repeat it here. This fanfic is stupid, the MC is nerfed by 90%, he has a fast initial growth but receives a nerf and barely increases his strength in the following years. MC follows canon religiously and I don't see him changing anything. It's Black Clover with a secondary character added, I was excited to find a black clover fic but each chapter was so stupid that I couldn't help but feel angry. Disappointed is my current emotion, I don't want something perfect but this story is rubbish. I don't want to reply to my comment if you're against my opinion, I say it's rubbish because I really think so, and I don't want to argue with some random offended fan Google translate


i have alot of issues with this its fastpaced and slowpaced at the same time u skip years yet the mc Barely improves ur excuse is his age even though this is a fictional world hes of royal blood too and has hella advantages yet hes still weak and has less mana than yuno even though he trains more and uses different means honestly might drop this


Reveal spoiler


Author probably died of COVID 😭😭😭Hope you reincarnated with three wishes😭😭😭


writing quality: 3 star, there are mistakes here and there and the writing style are clearly that of a newbie at writing so it's 3 star, I've seen worse story development: 1 star I would originally put 3 star at first but when the mc joins the black bulls I already know it will be just like the other ff, you know there are a few black clover ff out there and almost everyone joins black bulls so almost every single one became the typical "woot-why did he choose black bull?! then became strong and the other team/knights be like "hes just a commoner blah blah" then the captain of the team would scold them Yeah character design: 3 star not bland enough to be 1-2 star and not unique enough to be 4-5 star(unique in a sense that he's different from the other mc in other black clover fic they are mostly the same). updating stability: 4 stars it has a daily update of 1 chap a day, (5 stars are for the novel with 2+update daily, still depends on how long a single chapter is) world background: 2 star it's okay alot of time skips here and there, it could be better if the author explain the world a bit more and how characters interact in the background not just "wow that guy stronk"etc. overall 2.6 stars, I would give it higher if the author is a bit more creative and join the other knight guard/team and make a different plot instead of following the og story.


just cause it's a black clover novel[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


I liked the story at first but it was kinda ruined for me when MC obtained the Sharingan eyes and started copying every magic out there. Even in Naruto verse Uchiha clan couldn't copy Kekke Genkai, they were only able to copy moves from one of the five base elements. And there is too much original concept. I mean it's understandable at first since you need to build your character but after the canon began it just became annoying it felt like MC has no relevance to the main story. He did change a few things but nothing major. Author has a great sense of creativity and his writing has improved a lot since the beginning.


The grammar makes me want to kill myself.


Dont drop this!! [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend] [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


pretty good just wish it get more updates. ...................................................................................................


Review chapter after 83 i am happy you write this amazing black clover fanfiction i like that mc truly depends on his power and you give him the system but that's nothing more than a reminder of what he has. he became op but not because of a system that's really good. after these i am happy you didn't make any Harem or give female character blush when talk to mc.every time i find some anime fanfiction they always make mc Harem yeah you take one female to make her love interest for mc but they want make every female to his Harem that's truly disgusting but i hope you do not mistake and make mc Harem


Top notch novel pls update regularly ......................................................................................................thx




I like fanfics they can show you many different sides they think a chracter has but no matter how interesting the idea . You need legible sentence structure ask someone to help edit instead of using google translate.I can accept some bad grammer, but not the whole thing mate still I hope you improvre and come back for a rewrite good luck on your journy.


too many side stories next time put AU in the title aswell Author


don't know about others but for me I didn't like it


You nerfed the main character too too much and taking and training the captain who were there before him seems a bit too much power and yet taking on all of them at a single time and defeating them shows a lot of plot armor and getting too strong very fast. i just request that u should keep it real and dont just write a story based on unrelatable stuff. i hope u see this msg and take action. ur writing is amazing and i am here from the first chp and the story is quite good Its just that in black clover all of them got stronger not fromthe traning but in insane battles and near to death situations. pls put thise efforts into ur writing and show some life or death situations and surpassing ur limits scenes for noelle , yuno and asta . thanks for the chp


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