Black Clover : The Last Legacy

What if there was a clan that could go toe to toe with devils and elves but forgotten with the passage of time . What if the history of the world is not what its told about. Join the adventure of a boy who is reborn in the world of magic and figure out the true history of the world. Note :Mc will join the Black Bulls Mc in the story only has knowledge till the end of elf arc. Story focuses mainly on the adventures of the protagonist so don't expect romance. (I am writing a fanfiction for the first time so there will be a lot of mistakes)

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Path to a new future

A Week Later:

The entire nation was immersed in construction, striving to create a new and improved kingdom.

However, this endeavor came at a cost - many lives were lost in the battle, a tragedy for which the Elves could never be absolved.

Despite the enormity of the losses, societal progress hinged on the power of forgiveness.

A solemn funeral was held to honor the unfortunate souls, including the fallen Magic Knights. In an unexpected twist, even while driven by vengeance, the Elves took it upon themselves to rebuild what they had destroyed.

Notably, Prince Lucis, who had unveiled his true identity as the Magic Knight Yagami, alongside the two Queens and Lumiere, participated publicly in the reconstruction efforts.

As the nation slowly reconstructed itself, the time arrived for the Trials of the Criminals. The heads of the three Royal houses - Kira, Silva, and Vermillion - convened in the Royal court, with the King seated at the pinnacle and the Queens on either side.

Attendees filled the remaining seats, including representatives from branch houses of the Royal Families, Noble family leaders, the Magic Knight captains, and the Wizard King.

Supreme authority rested within the royal family in matters of governance.

The one presiding over justice was the head of the court, Damnatio Kira. His Scale Magic endowed him with the ability to weigh various factors, such as an individual's crimes and their corresponding punishments.

The first criminals were William Vengeance and Patry.

The debate among the attendees led to divergent opinions regarding the fate of William Vengeance and Patry.

Ultimately, it was decided that their utility outweighed their demise, and they would be given a chance to atone for their transgressions.

William Vengeance was stripped of his Captaincy and nobility status and demoted to a junior Magic Knight of the fifth class.

His path to redemption required him to rebuild his position from scratch, retracing the progress of the past eight years.

In a contrasting fate, Patry accepted a lifelong service to the Kingdom without resistance.

It's said that human's boundless pride, endless greed, and jealousy can't ever be matched.

The newfound fame of Julian, Asta, and Secre stirred unrest among the nobility.

Their perceived offenses - the elves' aversion, Asta's connection to demonic power, Secre's usage of forbidden magic, and Julian's enigmatic abilities and fame - stirred hostility.

Skepticism even arose about Lumiere's authenticity.

Now that Julius had lost his power, he was as good as dead.

It was time to seize power.

Julius also knew that so he gritted his teeth in frustration as the heroes of the Kingdom were being trialed in the Criminal court.


Julian walked deliberately to the main stage, his wrists encased in handcuffs, an ironic smile playing on his lips. Upon reaching the stage, he effortlessly shattered the restraints.

In an unexpected twist, before Damnatio could invoke his balancing Magic on Julian's powers, time itself congealed around Damnatio, freezing him in suspended animation.

"Now, I shall take the lead," Julian proclaimed, nonchalantly cracking his knuckles.

"WHAT IS THIS IMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR!!!" one royal stood up and screamed but his voice got stuck in his throat halfway through.

The eruption of Julian's overwhelming mana pressure stifled any protest.

Some witnesses even experienced the illusion of being consumed by flames.

"I didn't allow you to speak. Your status means nothing to me " Julian said coldly.

"Your accusations were right…..

I and Secre used forbidden magic….

Asta used the power of the Devil…..

So what?

What are you going to do about it?

Punish me for trying to unite the elves and humans ?

Punish me for killing the Devil with the power to wipe out cities?

Punish me for saving the kingdom? Punish me for making sure the Kingdom has a future?

Do you think you all have the power to do that?

I have the power to erase you all out of existence don't forget that.

Me and Secre's forbidden magic doesn't require any sacrifice and comes to us naturally.

Asta didn't make any contract with the Devil, the connection was made naturally through his Grimoire. And as far as I know, he is in full control of his powers.

If my words can't be trusted, you all can have the testimony of the Wizard King, Captain Yami Sukehiro, and Captain Fuegoleon who has known Asta for a long time.

Even with the power of the devil, he has done more good than you all did in your entire worthless lives.

Let's see hypothetically if send me and the others to prison….then what?

The magic knights are in shambles, and the kingdom's defense system is a mess.

Every day people of Spade and Diamond Kingdom are getting caught trying to get information.

Do you realize what will happen if the other nation gets to know about the current situation in our Kingdom?

It will lead to an all-out war!

Even the neutral Heart Kingdom will not remain neutral if given such a golden opportunity.

What will you do? fight with your fat bodies and weak magic that can't do shit.

But yeah right….you all are nobles and royals who don't need to fight and just sacrifice others to do the fighting for them.

What a joke!

As long as I Julian Ragnvindr exists, I will not let the Kingdom fall such low.

I wouldn't let a county dare think about invasion. " Julian's voice reverberated through the chamber.

Julian ignored the rest of the nobles and looked at the King.

"What do you say, your Majesty? Still want to have a trial"

The King was shaking with fear while the two Queens still maintained some composure.

""W-We end this trail here.

All the charges on Julian, Secre, and Asta have been cleared "" both the queens announced at the same time fearing the severe consequences of offending Julian ever further.

Although they didn't frame Julian of anything, they still participated in the trial so they feared that they might meet their end like the Devil.

Julian smiled and retracted his mana pressure.

"I forgot about you Mr. Damnatio….

Just for formality…why don't you try balancing my crimes and my good deeds ?" Julian said taking control over his body with Sharingan.

The scale of his crimes was so light that it stuck the handle while the good deeds heavy that the machine reached its limit.

Declining further explanations, Julian cast his final message to the nobles: "We, the Magic Knights, strive for the kingdom's protection and well-being, unlike you who seek only power to feed your egos.

Do not interfere with our work!" With those words, Julian departed the court, hands clasped behind his back.


A month later:

"This place brings back so many memories, " Licht said standing inside a forest in Grand Magic zone.

"Gives me a nostalgic feeling, "Lumiere said.

This forest was once covered with large hurricanes but after the arrival of Julian and Licht, everything became stable.

There were numerous small houses built amongst the trees with ample space to live comfortably.

The elves wandered in joyful clusters, witnessing their homes unscathed by the tides of time. Monuments and structures depicting the Ragnvindr legacy adorned the scene, untouched and revered.

Elysia had undergone a cycle of inhabitation, first by the Ragnvindrs, then by the elves before the calamity, and now, once again, by the elves.

Lumiere's voice held a touch of sorrow as he spoke, sharing knowledge passed on by Secre. "From what Secre told me, Tetia and her descendants resided here before they left to live among humans."

Tetia's memory gripped Licht's heart, a bittersweet sensation. Yet, he found solace in the knowledge that his wife and one descendant lived on, while the other was reborn as Yuno.

At the heart of the forest, a colossal tree stood, crowned by a castle where none dwelled anymore. Once the abode of the ancient Ragnvindr clan's head, this tree also concealed a cavern.

Licht and Lumiere ventured into the depths, where a Dryad awaited. With long, flowy hair adorned with flowers and elegant, pointed ears, the Dryad bore an aura of nature itself. Her gown was woven from plants, adorned with stems and blossoms.

Dryads were nature's embodiment, bearers of glimpses into the future, once venerated as deities by the elves. Five centuries ago, the Grand Magic Zone was not as tumultuous as today; it was their passing that triggered the current chaotic state.

The Dryad embraced them warmly, a motherly hug. "Licht-chan, Lumiere-chan! I awaited your return. I knew the day would come, so I protected your home."

Licht's gratitude was heartfelt. "Thank you for everything."

The Dryad posed a significant question, one filled with both sorrow and reverence. "Tetia's grave rests within me. Would you like to visit her?"

Licht's voice held a tender longing. "Yes, please."

Deeper into the cave they ventured, where a well-tended cemetery awaited, Tetia Silvamillion Clover's final resting place. A sister, a wife, a mother. As they approached, a spectral image of Tetia, woven from mana, materialized before them, aged more than the Tetia they once knew.

"This is a message for the future," the apparition began, her words a poignant embrace.

"My Beloved Licht and Lumiere,

As I set down these words, my heart is a symphony of bittersweet emotions. The years that have stretched between us have been a tapestry woven with love, laughter, and the echoes of our shared dreams.

Licht, your presence in my life has been a guiding light, illuminating my path even in the darkest of times. Your unwavering love has been a shield against despair, and your memories have been my solace.

Our son, a testament to our boundless affection, carries your essence within him. With every milestone he crosses, I glimpse your kindness, your strength, and your undying devotion.

Lumiere, my dear brother, our journey has been one of shared struggles and triumphs. Through your support and unwavering camaraderie, you've shown me the true meaning of family. Our son's very being reflects your spirit, your resilience, and your endless determination.

Together, you both have etched indelible imprints on my heart.

The story we've crafted, through challenges and separation, remains unbreakable. Our love, as partners and siblings, defies the passage of time, anchoring us in a realm where connection knows no boundaries.

As I sit under the open sky, feeling the gentle caress of the wind, I close my eyes and imagine the two of you beside me. In that sacred moment, our bond transcends time and distance, and I am reassured that you are with me still.

Your love courses through my veins, and while I cannot grasp you with my hands, I hold you close in my heart.

Licht and Lumiere, please carry with you the certainty that our shared journey endures in the annals of time.

The stars above, I believe, are the vessels of our shared memories, casting their luminous glow upon us, celebrating the unbreakable bond we have forged.

Until we meet again, know that you both are loved beyond words, treasured beyond measure. I await the day when we shall be reunited, free from the constraints of time, our spirits entwined once more.

With all the love that my heart holds,


Tears flowed from the eyes of Licht and Lumiere, an outpouring of feelings held within for centuries.

As Tetia's image dissipated, leaving an echo of her love in the air, the two brothers wept.

In time, they rose, their emotions controlled, their tears wiped away.

"Today is a day of happiness, Licht," Lumiere declared, stepping away from the grave, and placing a magic-crafted flower as a tribute.

Licht concurred, creating his own ephemeral bloom. "You're right."

With the whispered echoes of Tetia's message in their hearts, they turned to the future, moving forward with the knowledge that their love story spanned the boundaries of time itself.


Secre slowly combed Julian's hair and adjusted his coat.

"Here you go…..

You look perfect," Secre said, a tender kiss gracing Julian's cheek.

Julian, adorned in an intricate coat of black and white, held an air of royalty. Beside him, Secre wore a gown that radiated a princess-like grace.

The gate of the room opened as Julian and Secre walked hand in hand with Lumiere and Licht wearing the new uniforms.

Julian walked up to the balcony of the castle as thousands of citizens waited for his appearance.

Today marked another grand occasion in the calendar of the Clover Kingdom.

Succeeding Julius Novacrono, Julian Ragnvindr took the crown of the 29th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom.

Lumiere and Licht smiled as they slammed their weapons on the ground creating a resonating sound.

"Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed Magic Knights, and citizens of the Clover Kingdom,

Today marks a pivotal moment in our history, a moment where the future intertwines with the past, and the legacy of one Wizard King gives way to the rise of another. It is with great honor and humility that I stand before you as the 29th Wizard King, succeeding the extraordinary Julius Novachrono.

Julius, a man of wisdom and unwavering dedication, has guided our realm through trials that tested both our resolve and our unity. He has shown us that true leadership is not solely about power but about empathy, understanding, and a relentless commitment to the betterment of our kingdom. His actions have always spoken louder than his words, and his legacy will forever be etched in the annals of our history.

As I take up the mantle of Wizard King, I am acutely aware of the responsibilities that accompany this role. The Clover Kingdom is not just a collection of territories; it is a tapestry woven from the dreams, hopes, and aspirations of every citizen. It is our duty to safeguard these dreams and to ensure that every individual, regardless of their background, finds the opportunity to shine and contribute to our collective prosperity.

I believe in a kingdom where magic is a force for good, where the Magic Knights protect not just the physical borders but the hearts of our people. A kingdom where the divisions of the past are mended, where elves and humans stand side by side, and where the lessons of history guide us toward a future of unity and understanding.

But let us not be naive. Challenges will emerge, trials will test our resolve, and darkness will seek to overshadow our light. However, we are not defined by the adversity we face; we are defined by how we rise above it. The spirit of the Clover Kingdom is unbreakable, and with unity, determination, and the guidance of our shared values, we can overcome anything that comes our way.

I extend my gratitude to my predecessors, the Magic Knight captains, the noble houses, the citizens of the Clover Kingdom, and my allies who have stood by my side. Your faith in me strengthens my resolve, and I promise to serve with integrity, fairness, and an unwavering commitment to justice.

Together, we shall continue to write the saga of the Clover Kingdom, a story of resilience, triumph, and a legacy that echoes through the ages. Let us work hand in hand to ensure that the future we build is one that Julius Novachrono would be proud of.

Thank you, and may the spirit of the Clover Kingdom guide us in all our endeavors." Julian completed his speech as a wave of excitement filled the entire country.

This was the beginning of a country and a new future.

-----To be continued


End of Volume 3

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