160 Asta vs Yuno : Clash of Rivals

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The time had come for the first match of the Semi-Finals, a unique showdown between the two rookies who had garnered the highest stars – Asta and Yuno. Their clash promised to be unlike any other, pitting the Anti-Magic user against the one chosen by the wind spirit.

All eyes were on them, especially the Queens, intrigued to witness the battle between the Anti-Magic boy and the wind-spirit-chosen youth.

Yuno handed off his team's crystal to Noelle and took to the air, ready for action. Asta, too, was primed for combat. With his Demon Slayer Sword in hand, he stood atop it, holding the Demon Dweller sword. As Anti-Magic surged from his arms and infused the Demon Slayer sword, it lifted into the air, carrying Asta along.

Asta soared through the sky on his sword, his base form allowing him flight. This seemingly simple act held profound significance for the Black Bulls. They understood the weight of Asta's achievement, having witnessed his desire to fly despite lacking magic. The transformation brought about by just a week of training under Julian and Secre was evident in both Asta and Yuno.

While Asta and Yuno displayed their trump cards, Noelle held back her own. Yet, her chance to shine was obstructed as Xerx aggressively pressured her team. Linguard's mushroom magic surged in numbers, met with Mimosa's plant magic that hindered their advance. Despite Noelle's mastery of new attack spells under Secre, they were futile against Xerx's magic.

However, Noelle remained undeterred. She recognized that Xerx's mana was depleting. Despite the minimal mana cost of his spells, his commoner background with a small mana pool worked against him. The situation had turned into a race against time.

As the battle raged on the ground, the skirmish in the sky escalated. Asta manipulated his sword to send wind slashes from the Demon Dweller's blade toward Yuno. He also utilized Black Anti-Magic slashes to dismantle Yuno's spells. Asta's continuous connection with Anti-Magic enabled him to sense Mana Zones, granting him the ability to evade Yuno's Mana Zone attacks.

While Asta managed to negate Yuno's spells, he struggled to land a blow on his agile opponent. Yuno, in turn, remained unscathed in the face of Asta's relentless onslaught.

Asta's determination intensified. He summoned a thick layer of Anti-Magic, shrouding his right side, with a black wing sprouting from his back. His right eye took on a red hue. Though his control was yet to encompass his entire body, his left arm bore the coating on the left side.

Yuno's response was no less impressive. His eyes glowed as the wind spirit assimilated into him, nearly doubling his mana. A vibrant green wing emerged from his back, and small wind blades encircled his left arm. A crown adorned his head, signifying the culmination of his [Spirit Assimilation].

Floating in the air, Asta and Yuno's rivalry permeated the atmosphere. Their shared journey fueled the intensity, each vowing not to hold back.

Yuno's resolve was unshaken. He declared that, despite his admiration for Asta, he wouldn't let anything obstruct his path to becoming the Wizard King. With a snap of his fingers, a tremendous amount of mana condensed into a rotating orb – his imitation of Julian's Orb of Chaos.

The orb headed toward Asta at astonishing speed. Yet, before impact, Asta swung his Demon Slayer sword, propelling it back toward Yuno. The attack struck a hill, splitting it in half.

Brimming with energy, both fighters surged forward. Asta's anti-magic swords clashed with Yuno's spiraling wind blades. Their collision reverberated through the earth beneath them, showcasing their growth and determination.

Their fighting styles diverged greatly – Asta's wild and wrathful approach mirrored Yami and Julian, while Yuno's elegance and pride drew parallels with Julian and William.

As their swords met, anti-magic disrupted Yuno's wind attacks upon contact, distorting mana flow and creating ripples in the air. Yuno's Spirit Assimilation granted him superior agility, enabling him to gracefully evade Asta's fierce assault. Their intricate dance revealed their individual strengths, a fusion of power and finesse.

Yuno's wind attacks escalated in speed, while Asta countered with equally potent strikes. This round of combat resulted in injuries for both.

Asta's sweeping sword forced Yuno into momentary retreat. However, Yuno rapidly recovered, unleashing a torrent of wind blades that encircled Asta from multiple directions.

Undaunted, Asta triggered the Black Hurricane, unleashing a vortex of anti-magic energy that tore through Yuno's wind blades. The clash ignited a storm of chaos and debris.

After the dust settled, Asta and Yuno locked eyes anew, their determination unyielding. Asta lunged at Yuno, his anti-magic sword aimed squarely at his chest. Yuno summoned a gust of wind, propelling himself upwards to evade Asta's strike by a hair's breadth.

Yuno's subsequent onslaught was like a tempest, launching rapid slashes of wind at close range. Asta's anti-magic swords moved with instinctive urgency, intercepting each strike with skill. The battle pushed Asta to his limits as the wind blades carved through the ground around them.

Feeling the battle's weight, Asta channeled even more anti-magic energy into his swords, emitting a blinding black aura. With a resounding roar, he unleashed a cataclysmic slash that cleaved the air itself.

Yuno recognized the threat and summoned his strongest wind spirits, amalgamating their power into a colossal tornado. This behemoth clashed with Asta's attack, generating shockwaves that rent the surroundings asunder.

Both Asta and Yuno found themselves enveloped in a vortex of energy. Within the tumultuous chaos, their forms were barely discernible. The clash persisted in a cataclysmic struggle that seemed to stretch on for eternity.

As the dust finally settled, both warriors stood battered and breathless. Asta's anti-magic form began to wane, and Yuno's Spirit Assimilation had faded entirely. Asta held his Demon Slayer sword, its Anti-Magic coating poised at Yuno's neck.

Inhaling deeply, Yuno acknowledged his defeat. Asta extended a helping hand, and with a nod of respect, they recognized the indomitable spirits that united them. Though the battle had paused, their rivalry and aspirations remained fierce, propelling them toward their shared goal of becoming the strongest magic knights in the Clover Kingdom.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the arena, Xerx exhausted his last spell, leaving him devoid of mana. But his scheme had already borne fruit.

"Unfortunately, Miss Royal, the match is already over," Xerx declared as glowing seeds made from Mimosa's magic surrounded the opponent's crystal.

"I wonder about that," Noelle responded with quiet determination, A small mushroom sprouted from the ground, attaching itself to the opposing team's crystal.

In an instant, both the seeds and the mushroom erupted in a simultaneous explosion, shattering the crystals of both

[Team E and Team G elimiated]

The Wizard King's proclamation echoed, announcing the elimination of both teams.

With Frustration and disappointment, Noelle and Mimosa kicked the ground.

The arena stood as a testament to the battles that had raged within. Asta and Yuno's clash, alongside the unexpected turn of events, would forever leave an indelible mark on the memories of all who bore witness.

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