Beyond the Apocalypse

Everything functions in a cycle, be it an ant, bird, lion, human, or even a celestial body. This cycle initiates with one's birth and governs one's end, yet there exists the potential to surpass it. Among the billions of planets floating in the cosmos, destined to merely occupy a void, some have the capacity to ascend, reaching new dimensions, standing shoulder to shoulder with realms like Heaven and Hell. --- Vlad, a young man, found himself ill-fitted in a world that scarcely offered him any luck, weighed down by a mysterious secret that initially seemed more of a burden than a boon. Yet, the powers he had dismissed as trivial eventually became his most formidable strength when the apocalypse broke, unleashing literal pandemonium as angels and demons walk among the human race. ---- Discord link: https://discord.gg/am5hkAdmhp Weekly updates: 14 chapters 100 Power Stones: 2 extra chapters 200 Power Stones: 4 extra chapters 300 Power Stones: 6 extra chapters.

Redsunworld · Fantasy
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153 Chs

Vengeful Soul Entrapment Formation

"Being a cryptic asshole?" Anyone else would have been in awe of Vlad's words, remaining silent as they gazed at him in devotion, but Jormungandr was not that type.

Vlad's smile froze, and his eyes twitched before he burst into laughter. He grabbed the small yellow cat's head and played with his cheeks like when they were younger. "You little bastard, I am the King!"

"Ahhh, brutality!" Jormungandr shouted but also began scratching Vlad's face with his sharp claws.

Vlad immediately let go of the small yellow cat as those claws were dangerous, even for someone as powerful as him. After that small laugh, he just smiled at the little cat. "You'll know in time. I can tell you that we will use a Runic Formation to establish communication with those beyond Terra."

Jormungandr stared at Vlad momentarily and returned to his experiments and training with his A.I. Chip.