Beyond the Apocalypse

Everything functions in a cycle, be it an ant, bird, lion, human, or even a celestial body. This cycle initiates with one's birth and governs one's end, yet there exists the potential to surpass it. Among the billions of planets floating in the cosmos, destined to merely occupy a void, some have the capacity to ascend, reaching new dimensions, standing shoulder to shoulder with realms like Heaven and Hell. --- Vlad, a young man, found himself ill-fitted in a world that scarcely offered him any luck, weighed down by a mysterious secret that initially seemed more of a burden than a boon. Yet, the powers he had dismissed as trivial eventually became his most formidable strength when the apocalypse broke, unleashing literal pandemonium as angels and demons walk among the human race. ---- Discord link: https://discord.gg/am5hkAdmhp Weekly updates: 14 chapters 100 Power Stones: 2 extra chapters 200 Power Stones: 4 extra chapters 300 Power Stones: 6 extra chapters.

Redsunworld · Fantasy
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219 Chs

Despair and hope (I)

Vlad made sure the defensive formation and troops in the Silent Wind Military Base were in top condition before leaving with Jormungandr, informing only his inner circle and General Anglius of this fact.

The rest of the Silent Wind Military Base believed that he and Jormungandr had entered deep seclusion to perform essential experiments. Part of that was correct, as a deep investigation was taking place by the A.I. Chip over the Vengeful Formation.

Vlad only allocated 50% of the A.I. Chip's full capacities to that task, so it would take over a month to thoroughly analyze and engrave the knowledge and muscle memory into his mind and body. However, that was fine since obtaining the Lightning Core and returning to the base would take much longer.