16 Dwarf Invasion

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"Not good, sir. It's rainwater. This rainwater is poisonous!"

"Everyone, quickly find a place to hide…"

However, before the Knight could finish shouting, he suddenly collapsed.

A pool of blood mixed with countless bits of hair and clothes flowed out of his armor.

Endless fear spread in the crowd.

The Knights immediately panicked and hurriedly crawled into any place that could shelter them from the rain.

But it was too late!

Before the Knights could take a few steps forward, their bodies lost their support and they collapsed unconsciously.

Under the rain, their bodies quickly melted into a pool of dirty blood that flowed out from the gaps in their armor.


Ron looked at the Knights around him in despair, but his body was also melting rapidly.


Ron's knees buckled and he suddenly fell to the ground, blood flowing out of the gaps in his armor.

"No, I don't want to die here!"

Ron raised his head in despair and dragged his half-melting body as he struggled to crawl towards the forest.

As long as he could get to the forest that protected him from the rain, he would survive!

However, just as Ron was trying to approach the forest…

A beautiful figure with pigtails walked out of the darkness with a piece of paper.

Ron's pupils contracted. His instinctive fear of danger drove him to crawl backward.

However, it was already too late.

"Could it be that the sentence I used was too complicated? It actually took me more than ten seconds. Why is this new spell still not as effective as Sister's…"

"Perhaps it would be better to remove that word?"

"… Eh, there's still a fly alive?"

Ai Qing stepped on Ron's neck cleanly.

There was a click.

Ron's vision darkened and he completely lost consciousness.

Ai Qing frowned and looked at the bloody mark on her foot with disgust.

These flies were really disgusting.

Her sister said that if these flies were instructed by someone, they should have documents on them.

But there was nothing in their tent but a pile of stinking wolf's heads.

She looked thoughtfully at another camp at the foot of the mountain.

Could it be that these flies had left those documents where they were?

Before long, Ai Qing arrived at the camp set up by the Knights.

After a while, she found what she needed.

It was indeed here!

Ai Qing looked at the document in her hand happily and quickly put it into her bag.

She had to go back quickly and let her sister take a good look!

She transformed into a tiny long-eared bat. Clutching the heavy bundle, she flapped her wings and flew into the castle.

Moon Bell looked at the crystal ball solemnly.

In the crystal ball, a group of bearded Dwarfs were holding weapons and sneaking around the Dark Elven Kingdom's borders.

The swords and attire on their bodies showed that these Dwarfs were mercenaries of the royal family.

Moon Bell frowned. The magic in her body surged with her emotions, and the small ornaments on the table buzzed and vibrated.

She had thought that the matter with the Human kingdom was already troublesome enough.

Unexpectedly, the Dwarfs also wanted to sneak in and interfere.

Did they really think that she was easy to bully!

"Sister, I got what you wanted!"

A small long-eared bat carried the bulging package with difficulty and flew straight to Moon Bell from the window.

"Thank you. Sister, go to the chair over there and change back."

Moon Bell took the package from Ai Qing and examined it carefully.

As expected, the people who had escaped earlier had attracted the attention of the upper echelons of the Siladen Empire.

Although there was no seal on the letter, the paper itself was a scented paper that only members of the royal family could use.

The ink used on it was also a special ink that had not faded for a thousand years.

"Smells good. Smells like grapes."

Ai Qing, who had returned to her Human form, leaned over curiously and sniffed the paper carefully.

"That's why it's called scented paper."

Moon Bell smiled at her sister.

"Humans have many interesting things."

"Hehe, you're right. Sis…?"

Ai Qing suddenly stopped talking.

She blinked and looked at the crystal ball beside her, her brows tightly knitted together.

"Why are the Dwarfs in our territory?"

"And they're all wearing equipment. They look so fierce."

"I think they have the same plan as the Human kingdoms. They want to invade our territory. From the looks of it, they won't stop until they get what they want."

"But… how did we provoke them?"

Ai Qing's face was full of questions.

"We should have had a good relationship with the Dwarfs."

"In the past 100 years, although we haven't had any transactions, there hasn't been any major friction."

"Sister, think about it carefully and you'll know why."

Moon Bell smiled bitterly.

Everyone in the world lived for benefits.

Although the Dwarf Kingdom didn't seem to have any conflicts with the Dark Elves on the surface, if they sent troops to invade the Dark Elves' territory, it would definitely be a good deal for the Dwarfs.

"…I don't understand."

Ai Qing lowered her ears helplessly.

She really did not understand why the Dwarfs would do such a thing when they had nothing against them.

"Silly sister."

Moon Bell smiled helplessly.

"The territorial plains of the Kingdom of Dwarfs are scarce, and there are many mountains. They can only grow some sour grapes, and some have to be cut out to grow food."

"On the other hand, our territory is wide and spacious. Although there are many mountain terrains, compared to the Kingdom of Dwarfs, there is still an entire vast plain to live on."

"But… all their Dwarfs add up to only two hundred thousand. That bit of space should be enough."

Ai Qing scratched his head, still not quite understanding.

"Besides, there's not enough food. Can't they just cut out less grapes and add more food?"

"You don't understand, Sister."

"Dwarfs are addicted to alcohol. You can make them skip a meal, but not a drink."

"The wine brewed from grapes is sour and astringent. Only the wine brewed from grain is mellow."

Ai Qing instantly understood what Moon Bell meant.

"They want to obtain more land to plant and brew wine to attack our territory?"

Ai Qing lowered her eyes and pursed her lips speechlessly.

"This is ridiculous…"

"In the future, there will be more and more ridiculous things like this."

Moon Bell sat opposite Ai Qing and smiled gently at her.

Her sister was indeed still a child.

She could not see these things clearly by herself for a while.

As her sister, she should often remind her.

"But it doesn't matter. No matter how ridiculous these things are, I will explain them to you."

"Then what do you plan to do with these guys?"

Ai Qing looked worriedly at the Dwarfs in the crystal ball.

Although she did not have to worry about the safety of the people in the territory,

But in the end, the Dwarfs were also a disaster.

"Let's use a borrowed knife!"

"A borrowed knife?"

Ai Qing repeated the word over and over.

It sounded very unfamiliar.

It felt like he had never seen it in a Dark Elf book.

"Teacher taught me this move one day. He said that it's one of the 36 tactics in Art of War passed down in his hometown."

Moon Bell smiled. Victory was in her grasp.

"Sister, go and set up the scene. It's best if you get some weapons unique to Dwarfs and throw them at the place where the flies died."

"It's a good opportunity to make the West Laden Empire an enemy of the Dwarfs!"

"When the time comes, we just have to watch from the side."

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