1 Prologue

[A/N: Warning. This story contains gory scenes, disturbing descriptions and might also be triggering something unpleasant inside your mind. Read at your own discretion. Thank you. The story is purely fictional and from the author's imagination. The cover photo is not mine. Credit to the real owner.]


A silhouette of a young girl is dragging her legs, climbing the staircases to the rooftop in the middle of the night, alone.

Her body is weak and swaying slightly. Her clothes are wet and she is barefooted. Mud and dirt covered her foot, leaving behind her dirty footstep's traces on the floor. Sobbing and weeping could be heard from her, echoing in the desolate hallway.

"Why...why..." She repeatedly asking this question to no one. Due to her crying, her voice became hoarse and she seemed breathless.

She opened the door leading to the upper part of the building with a force enough to break the hinges and went directly to the edge of the rooftop.

Her redden and puffy eyes surveyed her surrounding. So quiet and lonely, just like her empty and desolate heart.

The night is chilly and windy, especially on the rooftop. She could felt the wind blowing away her hair gently as if caressing her. She closed her eyes for a moment and enjoying the tranquil state she experienced. The chaos in her heart settled down for a bit. She got the peace that she had been seeking, even for a little while.

The next moment she finally opened her eyes, her eyes became firm. A final decision had been made. Then, she looked down. The height is enough to make sane people trembling in fright. To her though, this is absolutely nothing. She felt nothing at all, other than extreme hatred. And, from hatred, a vengeful feeling surging up like a tide, swallowing her own self entirely.

"I will not forget, and never will I forgive them. Even to my death, I cursed those types of people! They will pay for their sins with their own lives!" Thunder boomed loudly on the sky the moment she uttered those deadly words.

This place brings out her happiness, but at the same time, also her doom. She opened her arms as if a gesture of embracing something. Then, she leaped over her imminent death.


The loud sound shattered the tranquility and silence of the place. Soon, the lights were on and the murmurs of confused students, living in the building were heard.

"What is that sound?"

"Something fall?"

"Who threw their trashes into the ground?! It's in the middle of the night! Have some common senses, please!"

A scream immediately shut down their confused and angry chatters.

"Look...look down! Is...Is that...a human...body?!"

Everyone is quickly looked over the edge with an overwhelming curiosity.

Down, on the ground, splattered with dark and thickly red liquid, a mangled body of a young girl in a white dress, laying lifelessly with her eyes opened. One could felt the pain she had experienced from the bulging of her eyes. The limbs were broken and twisted into a scary angle. The sight is gruesome.

Some of the students, which standing closer to the ground, couldn't hold back their bile and vomited on the spot. While some even fainted because of the shocking and stimulating sight. The next moment, chaos erupted.

"Call the ambulance!"

"Informed the police, and...and someone, please called the security guards!"

That night became the nightmare of the students of Astana Bintang. From that moment also, a series of unexplained and mysterious incidents will be started and will continue until the future generation. Everything started from the death of the poor young girl. And, many deaths will be followed soon after. You can run, but you cannot hide. No one can escape the predicament and the curse she put on them.

Although, some questions remained unanswered.

Why the young girl committed suicide, and why did she chose to die in the most painful way? What is the reason for such atrocity?

No one knows the answer to these questions since the victim herself already departed into the next world.


The morgue, Hospital Astaka Impian.

A woman is crying with such grief in her husband's embrace. One of her hands is caressing the pale cheek of a corpse on a metal stretcher. Her crying is so miserable that it stretched out the heartstrings of anyone who's heard it.

The corpse is in a terrible condition, and the doctor is advising them to not open the covered veil above her face. But, the woman refused his kind intention and opened them anyway. When she saw her dead daughter's state, she couldn't hold back her tears and burst out. Not too long after that, the woman fainted and caused an uproar at the morgue. Her husband lifted his wife's limped body and rushed out of the morgue in panic. The doctor also followed the couple, while instructing the husband the direction to his office.

A small child, sitting on the bench outside of the morgue, blinked her eyes in confusion. She could only saw her parent leaving her behind in haste.

"Mommy? Daddy?" She called them, but, her parent was too far away to hear her calling. The small girl surveyed her surrounding. The opened door to the morgue caught her interest. She wanted to enter the place when they first arrived, but, her parent forbids her in their stern voices. She could only obey their words even though she felt unsatisfied regarding that matter.

Her parent said they come here to meet her older sister. Until to this moment though, she never once caught even a glimpse of her beloved sister's face. Are they lying? The little girl thought. Or, is her sister in this room, hiding from her?

She cautiously entered the morgue.

"So cold..." She mumbled. "Sister, are you here?"

Only silence is answering her question.

"Sister? I am here. Don't play hide and seek with me. I am sleepy. Let's go home."


The sound of something hit the metal stretcher caught the little girl's attention. She saw something is being covered with a white blanket on a metal stretcher. All of sudden. a pale white hand slipped out from the blanket, hanging dubiously in the air.

"Sister? Are you sleeping?" The little girl approached the body. She saw a familiar silver ring on the finger of that pale hand. "What, you are actually here? Why are you sleeping in this cold room? Let's go back. I am sleepy."

She touched the hand, but, retracted her fingers back instantly. Her forehead wrinkled in wonder.

"Your hand is so cold. I don't want to hug you. I hug you once we get home." The little girl pouted. "Why are sleeping like this, sister? Aren't you felt uncomfortable? I will remove them for you, okay?"

She reached out her tiny hand to lift the veil.

"What are you doing here?!" A police officer arrived at the morgue with a security guard. "Little girl, what are you doing here, alone, at this hour? Where is your parent?" He rushed into the room, grabbing her hand and forcing her to leave the morgue as soon as possible.

"Wait, my sister is laying over there! Uncle, you need to wake up my sister first!" She pleaded. " Please, uncle!"

The police officer's eyes flashed in realization. So, this little girl is the victim's family member. But, where is her parent?

He dropped the girl on the stone chair not too far away from the morgue. How can they separate from each other? The parent must be worried.

"Can you call the control room?" He asked the security guard for a favor. "There's a missing child here."

The security guard nodded his head in understanding. He took out his walkie-talkie and switched it on. However, before he could say anything, a high-pitched voice startling them. The three of them turned their head in the direction of the sound.

"Ah, there she is. Little girl, your father is searching for you right now. Come on. Your mother already woke up. She's crying in panic when she realized you're not with us. Let me brought you there, okay?" The doctor from earlier finally found the little girl and released a relieved breath. Thank god she was here.

"But, doctor, my sister..." The little girl intended to argue.

"We talked later, hmm? Come on. Your parent is worried about you right now."

The little girl could only let the doctor dragged her along. She looked back at the morgue with a sour expression.

Why did her sister refuse to wake up and helped her?

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