Behind the Veil : Vengeful Spirit Book

novel - Horror

Behind the Veil : Vengeful Spirit


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A blessing or a curse? Izzat dislikes his gift, but no one knows about his arduous hardship except his best friend, Fakhrul. Not even his family realized he hold such a big and deep secret within his heart. He occasionally pondered in silence, why a person like him is given such a troublesome gift? Does the gift exist to help someone else? Or to help himself? Once is coincidental. What about twice? And the next time after that? Can you still call this bizarre incident a coincidence anymore? Come join him in his journey of life that is full of unexpected surprises. Scared? You shouldn't be feared by those from the dark side. The scariest thing is coming from within, and every person out there holds malice in their fragile heart. After all, we do have a story that we will never tell others. This is a work of fiction. And the book cover is not mine. Credit to the real owner.