4 Experiencing the Power of the Sharingan

So fast!

Itachi's silhouette appeared behind Uehara Naraku, waving the ninja sword in his hand, he sliced mercilessly toward Uehara's neck.

He seemed to be very familiar with killing, he must have killed hundreds of people.

"Lightning-Release Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison!"

Even if Uehara Naraku had not noticed Uchiha Itachi, it did not stop him from activating the Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison first. It was a skill that could be used for defense and offense!

Fortunately, the time they spent talking before was just enough for the skill's cooldown to end.

Thunderclouds appeared in the sky above Uehara Naraku, and a bolt of thunder and lightning fell down, forcing Uchiha Itachi to use Body Substitution Jutsu in a bid to evade.

Countless bolts of lightning wandered back and forth in the thundercloud storm. It seems like they could fall again at any time!

After leaving the Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison's range, Uchiha Itachi frowned, "This guy… he made a hand seal and released such a powerful Lightning Release Ninjutsu. Are all the interns in Akatsuki such monsters?"


The masked man slapped his hands vigorously and exclaimed, "Wow wow wow wow wow… This is super exciting! Whether it's Itachi-kun's Body Substitution Jutsu or the little demon's Lightning Release Ninjutsu, it looks really super awesome!"


Uehara Naraku finally couldn't help but secretly cursed, such an exaggerated way of complimenting people, there was obviously no sincerity in it!

Looking at Itachi's position, four cards suddenly appeared in Naraku's hands and shot out in his direction!


The piercing sound of gold and iron rubbing screeched out!

The ninja sword in Itachi's hand blocked the four cards one after another. Those cards were like steel and were unexpectedly sharp.

"My card is not something an average person can block."

Naraku said with a chuckle, his eyes lowered, and he muttered slightly. An explosion suddenly ripped out!

One of the cards exploded!

Itachi flew out and fell down, half kneeling on the ground!

The Konoha Missing-nin was in a somewhat difficult situation at this moment. He had just used Body Substitution Jutsu so, even if he reacted in time, he was still unable to avoid the explosion.

"Good, good, good… good! Terrifying!"

The masked man clamped his legs together nervously, holding his head with both hands, looking frightened and unable to stand straight, "A card that is more powerful than an explosion tag… That's terrifying!"

"There should be a lot of Chakra attached to it…"

Itachi lowered his head and thought. Kneeling on the ground lifted his head and looked towards Naraku, isn't the strength of this organization way too strong?

Although he hadn't tried his best to fight, the two techniques currently mastered by this intern were so powerful, he must at least have the fighting power of a Jonin level ninja.

"Twelve-year-old Jonin?"

Itachi closed his eyes, then slowly opened them, revealing a fierce light. His eyes had become red, and three black tomoe spun around.


Naraku could almost hear the sound of the wind!

He didn't look directly at Itachi's Sharingan, instead, he watched his opponent's feet disappear, and once again used Myriad Heavenly Thunder Prison around him as a defense.

The loud explosion just now should bring out Konan and Pain…

Otherwise, he could only use his Gold Coins and buy some rare items from the system that would allow him to win the fight.

Anyway, his main purpose was to get skill rewards. By the way, he wanted to take the opportunity to show his strength. This organization had no morals and was only interested in attracting powerful members!

"Ah, this little demon also knows how to deal with a Sharingan? That's really amazing!"

The masked man was chirping next to them, explaining the battle again, which made Naraku feel a little impatient.

If it weren't for Itachi's surprise attack, Naraku would have definitely found a way to give him a ruthless kick!

"Fire-Release · Great Fireball Jutsu!"

A massive ball of flames spewed towards Naraku!

Uchiha Clan's signature Fire-Release Ninjutsu, as the Heaven's Chosen Child Itachi was naturally good at it.

Itachi formed hand seals at a breakneck speed!

Six hand seals were formed in one second, and the Great Fireball Jutsu was released a second later.

But Naraku's hand seal forming speed was faster.

He moved his hands symbolically and released his defensive skills without the slightest hesitation, "Wind Barrier!"

The blazing fireball slammed into the wind wall and dissipated, leaving only the air heated by the flame.

Whether it was the masked man or Itachi, they became a little more serious since Naraku formed another hand seal to release Ninjutsu.

But Itachi did not give up this opportunity!

Almost instantly, this Missing-nin appeared behind Naraku and slashed down his ninja sword!


Naraku's palm had a small ball of magic puppets. According to his guess, Itachi was definitely launching a feint with his giant fireball. After all, that Ninjutsu had not killed anyone in the Anime!

"Command·Shock Wave!"

The space around Naraku was instantly distorted!

A gravitational force pushed Itachi's figure to the side, and the dizziness of space distortion even made Itachi unable to fight back!

Naraku did not hesitate to grab Uchiha Itachi's neck with one hand and pressed him to the ground, "…you lost!"

If he hadn't used the palm of his hand instead had cut Itachi's neck with a card, he would have been able to kill him.

But this was not his purpose.

Uchiha Itachi, although he was a Konoha spy through and through, was actually a model worker of the Akatsuki. It would be a waste to kill him here.

Moreover, if he really used cards, Itachi might summon Susanoo to resist it!

In Naraku's mind, there was a ding sound. He subconsciously thought of the first side mission. He saw that a side mission complete symbol in the corner of his eye.

[Mission completed: Lose to Itachi once (1/1), reward Gold Coin +100.]

'What are you talking about, there are people who would wish to be abused?'

No, wait, more importantly, he obviously had the advantage. Why did the system think that he had lost?

"You lost…"

Itachi's eyes finally came into Naraku's view, and the three black tomoe Sharingan spun and Naraku was involuntarily caught by it.

Even if the Command · Shock Wave caught him off guard, Itachi still found an opportunity to counteract this situation.

Although he did not know why Naraku acted leniently, this did not affect his determination!

Only by restraining the enemy could he obtain victory!

Naraku suddenly fell into his Genjutsu world. In his mind, huge copper nails were embedded into his body that made it so he couldn't move!

Genjutsu · Golden Binding Technique!

In Naraku's, another side mission was finally completed.

[Mission completed: Experience the power of the Sharingan (1/1).]

[Reward: Life Form Disintegration Ray.]

[Life Form Disintegration Ray: A powerful ray is released by your eyes. It analyzes the enemy's life characteristics and disintegrates the enemy's body over 2.5 seconds. The duration is equivalent to the amount of Chakra used with a minimum of 100 points. Cooldown, 120 seconds.]

This skill was indeed very powerful. The problem was that Naraku wanted to remove the genjutsu immediately!

This was a truly unprecedented crisis. He made a mistake in the moment. Wasn't it said that the soul energy of a transmigrator was powerful and could resist genjutsu or something?

How will I escape the genjutsu now?

Just when Naraku was about to use the Life Form Disintegration Ray to attack indiscriminately, someone slapped him on the head and used the method of hitting a child to help him relieve the genjutsu.

"What are you doing?"

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