57 Destiny

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Uehara gestured at Kisame and Kimimaro to leave but then suddenly said, "Wait, leave me some money."

"Uehara-sama was not an adult yet, right?"

Kisame had a subtle expression on his face. Just as he started to say something, he noticed Uehara's urging look, so he could only sigh and throw a scroll towards him.

What the hell was up with this boss?

He's asking his employees for money!

Uehara grabbed the scroll and glanced at the blonde female ninja sitting at the gambling table.

As a minor in the Ninja World, Uehara wasn't allowed to gamble, but he wanted to complete two relatively simple side missions.

[Side mission: Gamble with Tsunade and win (0/1)]

[Reward: Unknown]

[Side mission: Gamble with Tsunade and lose (0/1)]

[Reward: Unknown]

Two simple missions, it should be easy to complete, right?

Since the mission was relatively simple, the reward would probably be poor as well.

Just as Uehara was about to enter the gambling house, the two big guards pushed him out, "Little devil, you're not grown up yet, yet you've come here to learn to be a prodigal son? Get out! "

The customs and order of the Ninja World are a bit strange.

The people here would ignore underage ninjas going to battlefields to kill and commit arson with explosive tags. Still, they prohibited underage ninjas from entering gambling houses, taverns, and other adult places.

Even bookstore owners would actively refuse to sell immoral books to underage ninjas.

This might be the last bit of morality the Ninja World had.

Of course, that was just the attitude of the ordinary people within the Ninja world. There are always some exceptions, especially since there were so many people in the Ninja world, such as the blonde female ninja Tsunade sitting at the gambling table.

Tsunade had learned to gamble since she was a child under the teachings of the ninja God Senju Hashirama and eventually fell into debt.

Tsunade had lost all the money she had and led his disciple to leave the gambling house in silence, planning to find a place to have a drink.

Shizune hugged a pink pig, frowning while complaining, "Tsunade-sama, you've lost too much today…"

"Shizune, I know you're still hiding living expenses…"

Tsunade waved her hand and was about to continue talking when she noticed a flying card in the corner of her eye. Her upper body suddenly leans back to evade it!

Tsunade stood up straight and looked at a card that suddenly appeared.

This card had inexplicably flew over and cut a strand of hair before embedding deeply into the wall beside her!

Tsunade turns her head abruptly and looks in the direction where the cards came from, only to see a boy playing cards in the corner.

The cards in Uehara's hand were swimming around dexterously. He slowly raised his head and looked at Tsunade, showing a pure smile, "Hey, why don't we play? Legendary… sucker."

Tsunade's face suddenly became furious, her forehead's veins bulged as she squeezed her fist hard, shouting: "Why you… Kid, how dare you speak like that in front of me! Shizune, give me some money!"

It was fine that she had lost earlier, but now even a teenage kid dared to taunt her. This kid had to die!

Konoha Sannin have never had morals. Bullying children and other actions like those were commonplace. Jiraiya would secretly spend all Naruto's money, while Orochimaru was honestly trying to seize Sasuke's body.

Some gambling between Tsunade and Uehara was not even worth mentioning.


Tsunade wiped the corners of her mouth with a refreshing expression and looked at Uehara with a meaningful expression on her face, "You have good skills, kid, but you still have a lot of room for improvement…"

Uehara looked at Tsunade smiling smugly, with a bewildered look, then looked at the Shizune, who had a smile. Something is definitely wrong in this world.

Tsunade proudly grabs the dice cup and glances provocatively at the boy across the gaming table, "Boy, do you want to continue playing?"

After she finished speaking, Tsunade smiled heartily and continued, "I can allow you to be in debt! Shizune, help him prepare some IOUs!"

Shizune did not refute, she just smiled and put away the last stack of money Uehara had and turned around to look for paper and pen.

Uehara came to his senses, shook his head quickly, and waved at Tsunade: "No… no need… that's enough for today…"

After he finished speaking, Uehara put on his shoes and prepared to leave.

In the previous few games, Uehara had lost to Tsunade continuously for an hour and had lost all the money Kisame gave him.

Uehara lost so much that he began to doubt life.

Was Tsunade's luck actually not as bad as rumored or Uehara's luck was actually worse?

Just as Uehara was about to leave, Tsunade pinched a banknote between her fingers and threw it in front of Uehara. The banknote stuck in the wooden door in front of Uehara!

Uehara looks at Tsunade, confused.

Tsunade picked up the teacup on the table, took a sip of the tea, and slowly said. "Kid, you're a foreign ninja, right? You've already lost all your money, so you don't have anywhere to sleep, right?

Take it. It's for you. With that much, you should have enough money to stay in the worst hotel in Yugakure. "

Was this woman pitying him or humiliating him?

Wasn't Tsunade a little too arrogant? Just winning a little money from him made her forgot her identity as the number one Sucker?

"Hey, I won more than three million Ryo today!"

Tsunade kissed the money on the table happily and couldn't stop her joyous laughter, "I won back all the money I lost the last few days in a single hour!"

A mere three million Ryo, one-tenth of the reward offers for Kisame's head, just winning that tiny amount of money was enough to make her proud!

Didn't she realize that this tiny amount of money wasn't enough to pay her debts?

Regardless, Uehara was a little depressed. After all, losing to Tsunade at gambling was really shameful.

"Boy, your welcome to come and play with me again in the future!"

Tsunade winked at Uehara and sent him a kiss, "Remember to prepare enough money! Hahahaha… I lost so much in the afternoon. I didn't expect to win it back at night. Was today my lucky day?"

Uehara covered his forehead, took the note, and opened the door. The gloom on his face gradually faded, "Today was clearly my lucky day."

Although he lost a lot of money, he got something far more precious.

[Side mission: Gamble with Tsunade and lose (1/1)]

[Reward: Skill Destiny]

[Destiny: Reveal the location of all living creatures within 100km for 6 seconds, includes ninjas using stealth, transformation, and clone ninjutsu. After 1.5 seconds, you may teleport beside any person with a 50 km radius. The range is equivalent to the amount of Chakra consumed with a minimum of 100 points. Cooldown, 150 seconds.]

Think about it this way, as long as Uehara had enough Chakra, the Destiny skill could allow him to spy on the entire Ninja continent!

This skill could be considered the strongest escape skill Uehara had to date, but it can also be used to hunt down enemies.

No matter who it was, they wouldn't be able to escape the palm of his hand!

Uehara had a slight smile in the corner of his mouth, and the dissatisfaction of losing to Tsunade dissipated a lot. He turned his head and glanced at the hotel he had just left.

Tsunade's laughter and joy continued to echo into the night sky from the window. Uehara thought of Tsunade's bright smiling face. This woman had never been as happy today, right?

"Tsk, if it weren't for the mission, who would want to gamble with that woman…."

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