Chapter 60: 6 Draws, Moving _3

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He didn't say much, just signaled the Intelligent Puppet Butler to go make another breakfast in the smart kitchen.

This relieved Jasmine.

Summoning this courage wasn't easy, she also feared humiliation.

"Eat slower, don't choke."

Seeing Jasmine eating in haste, Link calmly pushed the hot drink on his side towards her, kindly advising her.


Previously using her large bites to cover up the existing shyness, Jasmine, whose mouth was full of food, muttered unclearly, accepting Link's kindness.

She swallowed down the food with difficulty, patting her rising chest, taking a breath, and then gulping down the hot drink.

She finally felt much better!

She casually said:

"The breakfast here is much better than the cafeteria, if I could eat it every day, it would be great, I don't want to eat in the cafeteria anymore."

Link smiled wryly, and asked: "So, how can I make you eat this delicious breakfast every day?"