3 The meeting

4 Pm Florelia Airport

Outside the airport, Alex was surprised at how many fans were waiting for her and chanting her name, some even carrying signs saying "Alex the most beautiful woman" Since she was from Florelia, many young women there admired her, so she naturally had quite a lot of fans there.

She was escorted by bodyguards and a team sent by Royalstars one of the companies which had contacted her. While leaving the airport, she paused for a moment, took off her glasses, smiled and agreed to take a few photos with her fans outside the airport. It was the first time she saw so many people waiting for her, so she decided to take a few photos with them as a thank you.

After that, she got into a car that the company had prepared for her and drove straight to the hotel, which had also been prepared by Royalstars. The two friends were exhausted from the 10 hours and 43 minutes long flight, all they wanted now was to rest.

When they arrived at the Hotel, they were amazed by its beauty and elegance. It was simply gorgeous and very modern decorated in a very minimalistic way, just what it needed to look luxurious.

"We are very far from our beloved New Bell," Fidelia sighed, looking around.

"I am amazed! Look at this modernism, it's a far cry from the old charm that New Bell exudes." Alex looked around curiously. She had to admit that the architecture of this hotel was grand.

They were housed in what looked more like an apartment, with rooms for each of them. Fidelia could not help but think with an amused look, "They really went out of their way to please you, baby girl."

"I have a feeling Royalstars overestimated my worth," Alex said, watching Fidelia smiling from ear to ear with her eyes and mouth.

"In life, there is no room for coincidence baby girl, I am a very good agent who only wants the best for her artist," she said really proudly and with a serious face.

Hearing that, Alex looked at her friend in amazement and the two friends started laughing together.

After they rested, they started to prepare for their appointment with Royalstars the next day. It was scheduled for 10 am. They had to prepare all the paperwork that was Fidelia work, while Alex was busy preparing the clothes they would wear to maintain their image as a successful model and a good manager.

They decided not to go out that night so they would be in good shape the next day.

The next day, 10 of the clock, on the tenth floor of the Royalstars, a floor which was quite luxurious, with all the rooms looking like curved diamonds, all transparent and shiny. It was the floor that was expressly made to receive the artists.

A group of three people was waiting in one of the conference room. It was a room full of transparency like the other one; so the people outside could see what was going on there, as could those insides.

Alex came dressed simply in a black short skirt, a white shirt, black thigh-high boots and a mini bag. Over that, she wore a long red coat. Her long hair was tied in a high messy ponytail. She was simply made up with a gloss on her luscious lips and mascara on her long lashes.

Fidelia, for her part, was dressed in a red tailored suit and a low ponytail to affirm her role as an agent, a computer in her hands. She was simply made up, and had a simple touch of eyeliner on her eyes, complemented by red lipstick. As they came, all the people they have come across in the company could not help but stop and look at her.

As the two young women approached the conference room, the people inside could not help but keep their eyes on them. It was simply impossible not to notice them.

There were two men and one woman in the conference room. The woman could not help but think as she saw the two young women approach, "I made the right choice! This young woman is made to play Alysha character, I hope she will accept the role."

A knock snapped the woman out of her thoughts. Fidelia and Alex entered the room, greeted the three people in front of them, and then took their seats after being told to.

"Thank you for accepting our invitation and coming so quickly, Miss Michell," the woman present said, "I am Leila Jensen, the vice president of Royalstars." When Alex saw her, a song popped into her head, "Who run the world girls! " By Beyonce.

"Pleased to meet you, I am Alex Michell and this is Miss Fidelia Rodrigez, my manager, who you have probably already spoken to," Alex replied.

Leila Jensen, 32 years old, was currently the vice president of Royalstars. Suffice to say, she was a very beautiful woman when you looked at her. In fact, even though she has very short hair, she exudes such femininity that she cannot go unnoticed. Alex couldn't help admiring the woman, Leila was.

"Yes, we have had a few conversations with her about your contracts. A really good agent." Replied Leila nodding to Fidelia.

Fidelia, who had not spoken up before, said, "Thank you again for your consideration of my artist, it's a rare thing for a vice president to personally take care of signing a contract."

"I am a big fan of Miss Michell, to be honest, you can say I have my eye on her and I am the one who nominated her for the second female role in our next film," Leila said with a big smile. "Plus, I'm also an Ocean Eye" Leila added while smiling sweetly

Ocean Eyes was the name of Alex's fandom.

"Can we start reviewing contracts?" one of the gentlemen in the room says, trying to hide his shyness behind a small smile.

"Oh, I have not introduced you, this is Mr. Owen, the director and producer of the film department, and Mr. Harris, who is in charge of the fashion and modelling division of our company," Leila summarises.

"Nice to meet you," the two friends replied simultaneously.

Then Mr. Harris spoke, "As for me, the contract with Miss Michell is quite simple, I want her to represent our company in Florelia and internationally for fashion shows, commercials and all jobs related to fashion and modelling. So we would like to sign an exclusive five years contract with her to represent our company."

Leila concluded by adding, "As I told Miss Rodrigez on the phone, if Miss Michell agrees to sign this contract, she will continue to be your manager, she will just be under contract with the company as well."

Alex already knew the details of this contract, Fidelia and she had already discussed it and she agreed with the terms of the contract, which was exceptionally good for both of them, so she did not hesitate. The contract offered good terms for the two young women, including an apartment for them both, a car, and many other benefits...

A few minutes later, the first contract was signed, and Harris returned to his office satisfied, leaving the others to continue with their discussion.

After he left, Leila resumed the conversation and said, "Now that the first contract is signed, we can move on to the second.

"I am very curious about this one, I have not heard many details about it, so I could not prepare my artist for it. Why so much secrecy?" Asked Fidelia very curious.

"This is a secret project, so we did not want it leaked. The project will be publicly announced tomorrow, and after that, we can proceed with casting and other formalities. The shooting is scheduled to start in 2 months," Leila replied calmly.

"So I will explain to you what your role will be so that you have a clearer idea of what to expect if you accept this role and sign this contract," Owen spoke for the first time.

Just as he began to hand out the scripts, a man of exquisite beauty and amazing charisma, in three words a 'strikingly handsome guy', entered the room. It was Ethan, one of the most popular, if not the most famous, actors in Florelia.

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