Because Your Love Heals Me Book

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Because Your Love Heals Me


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Trapped by the demons of her past, Alex Michell is a young model and businesswoman who lives her life with only one goal: to get revenge on all the people who have made her life so miserable. Eliott Jensen is one of the most famous and wealthiest bachelors in the country. Although he is known for being a cold and ruthless businessman, he is someone who can give up everything for the people he loves... Deeply hurt in the past by her loved one, Alex lives with the aftermath of what happened to her in the past. A psychological scar that makes her body reject any male touch. What will happen when she meets the one man who seems to make her breathe again? Will she be able to fight her fears and give herself a chance at love? Read on to find out if Eliott's love would be strong enough to erase Alex's scars...!!! **NO MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING** 18+ scenes The country in this story is fiction, the story will take mostly place at Florelia. Author note: This is a story I already tried to write with the title my Healing love but it was my first time so it was poorly written. So now I'm rewriting the story again after getting some writing tips here and there. English is not my native language so there will be some mishaps, please fill free to correct me. Cover by my little sister Instagram: @nkmc_zone


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