16 I don't date trash

In the car, there was a comfortable silence, with neither person speaking. A little confused, Alex tried to make sense of what Ethan had said. The whole drive she thought about how their little game was becoming a reality. She couldn't help but remember another thing bothering her. The voice Ethan had used earlier in their conversation seemed to be different to her. Maybe she was just imagining it, but it reminded her of her mysterious neighbor's voice: a deep, sexy voice.

The first day she'd talked to Ethan, he'd had a cheerful voice, the voice he always had at TV, but today she felt like it had changed. She looked at the man driving silently and cast her thoughts away. Maybe that was his real voice, he was an actor after all, so maybe he was himself now, she thought.

Before they reached the restaurant Ethan broke the silence, he had been watching Alex the whole way, she had all sorts of expressions and even blushed. He was deeply amused because he was sure that she herself did not know what kind of expression she had. "Why are you so quiet? Did I frighten you that much? Or is it that you do not really want to be my girlfriend... for real, I mean..."

After not receiving an answer for a while, Ethan tenderly took her hand. At that touch Alex flinched and looked at him confused, she wasn't used to being touch like that. "I am not scared, but shouldn't you be dating someone you love?" She knew she could not play up her sickness with him, since he was the only one who did not make her sick. But even if he was the only man she could really date, she did not want a relationship without love. And she didn't know if she had feelings for him.

Ethan just smiled mysteriously at her. Sure, he should date someone he loved, but at his age, he did not have time for casual dating without a life plan.

Soon they reached their destination. This time it was not a small restaurant in a small street far away from everything, but on the contrary, it was a luxurious place, a five-star restaurant. Before they got outside the restaurant, they had to pass through a security checkpoint. The entrance of the restaurant was pretty with lots of lights shining like stars in the sky. On a big sign, they could read the name of the restaurant in golden letters, "Royal 5 stars".

Ethan drove up to the entrance of the restaurant, soon a valet came to take his car keys after Ethan helped Alex out of the car, taking her hand of course. Alex was caught off guard one more time, she could not refuse his hand in front of people, so she let him lead her into the restaurant, their hands intertwined. But to be true, she started to like the feeling of his large hand clasping her delicate little one.

That evening, Leila was sitting in her office, working late to finish her damn brother's job, when she received an unwanted call. Seeing the name on her phone's display, she frowned and let the phone ring for some time before answering the call.

"Hello," she took the call in a cold voice, you could tell right away that she did not really want to talk to the person on the other end of the phone.

"Hello Leila, this is Clyde Porter, CEO of Priceless," Clyde presented himself proudly with a lot of arrogance in his voice. Now, this was nothing new, the man had always spoken like this and looked at the world from above.

"Yes, I know, but I was wondering why the CEO of Priceless was calling me so late. And you may please call me Miss Jensen." Leila was already annoyed, she did not like the man at all!

Clyde was surprised by the coldness of the woman he was talking to. Usually, they always smiled at him and tried to please him. So he had begun to think that all the women in the country were at his feet. He had forgotten who Leila was and what her status was. Or to be exact he didn't take the time to really know who she was.

"It's like this, I want to discuss something with you," Clyde tried to woo Leila, lowering his voice to make it softer.

"Well, I wonder what it is. What does Mr. Porter need from me to call me at this hour, I am listening."

"It's nothing big, I just saw you had a new movie coming out and wanted to see if I could help you with the cast ..."

"What makes the CEO of Priceless think I need his help casting my movie?" 'What nerve, Leila thought.'

"I have good artists here at Priceless" Clyde was sure he could win the deal, and instead of coming up with really valuable reasons to pique Leila's interest, he just leisurely stated things, that everyone already knew.

Leila's lips twitched for a while, and she considered just cutting the conversation short. But she was a businesswoman, she decided to listen to him until the end, maybe he would suggest some valuable artists to her.

"We have some good artists here too, but I am willing to listen to what you have to tell me, so for what role does Mr. Porter want to help me cast?" She asked bluntly.

Clyde thought she would definitely take him up on his offer, and replied confidently, "I was thinking of one of the lead roles, you know, the second leading lady."

"Oh really?" The grin on Leila's face could not be uglier.

"I heard it's a role for a model, we have a famous model here at Priceless, none other than my little sister Aria, I think you have met her? She's very popular these days! She fits that role very well and her popularity can help promote the movie."

Leila was just done with the guy, his little sister was known to be a little diva and bring trouble everywhere she went.

"Mr. Porter, I think you overestimate your little sister's talent! Anyway, I do not know who gave you the description of our characters, but he did not do a very good job. He forgot to tell you that modeling is only a small part of the whole. She also needs to know martial arts and be able to play a musical instrument. Your sister does not have enough skills, and Mr. Porter knows that. Besides, we already have someone for that role, so I am sorry your little sister can not be in our new movie."

Clyde's face darkened, he was angry that his sister was named, someone with no talent, he was furious, 'who did this f*****g woman think she was, just acting for the CEO of RoyalStars. Did she think she was an heiress or what? 'I'll show her who I am,' Clyde thought, frowning deeply.

"Miss Jensen, don't be too hard on my sister, she can do all these things, I guarantee you. How about we talk over dinner? I'll take you to one of the best restaurants in town. What do you say?"

'Does this scum think I do not know what he's done to women here and there, or what?" thought Leila before turning away the man. "'Sorry Mr. Porter, I do not date scum!' Have a good evening." She cut of the call as soon as she had finish talking.

Leila was very pleased after she ended the conversation, imagining the look on that idiot's face at that moment. Clyde Porter was known in their circles for abusing women, taking them to his "best restaurant" in town, and the woman will end up in his bed afterwards without remembering a thing. How could he possibly think Leila was stupid enough to follow him there, and most importantly, why did he think so highly of himself that he believed he could charm her? These questions ran through Leila's mind as she packed her bag to go home.

Just as she was about to close her office, she received another call, this time from her mother, which she took without waiting a second.

-Leila: Hi, my queen

- Lydia Jensen: Do not flatter me so late! Where is your brother? He does not answer my calls! Tell him to come home tomorrow! And you too. Oh, and that's an order!

-Leila: Mom, you know we are very busy, your son is very busy with Royal Corp. But do not worry, I will definitely bring him home.

She interrupted the conversation sighing, thinking of what the almighty of her house might want from them this time! She could already imagine that it would once again be a conversation about their love life.

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