2 Florelia here we go

Sunday, New Bell City Airport...

After the formalities, the two exhausted girlfriends waited for boarding in a private lounge at the airport.

Fidelia had been glued to her phone since they arrived at the airport. Alex could not help but wonder what her friend could be doing on the phone when she looked so serious. Alex knew that part of Fidelia job required her to be on social media constantly to take care of Alex's image. Good thing she had not really had many scandals since she started her modelling career, thus Fidelia was mostly dealing with publicity on social media.

In fact, Fidelia was busy creating a PR job for Alex on her WhatLife account. Alex was not very good at managing her image on social media, that's always been Fidelia's job. In fact, she has a degree in community management, plus in design like Alex. More importantly, she knew what was best for Alex since they had grown up together. And her work had always paid off. If she could go back now, that was also to her credit.

"Fifi, what are you busy with on your phone? " Alex could not help but be curious, her friend was too engrossed, not even looking up for a second.

"I am updating your news on your Florelia's local account and social media for your fan base, some fans will be there when you arrive at the Florelia airport to greet you!" Fidelia replied without even taking the time to look at her friend.

Alex was stunned, she stopped drinking her water and looked at Fifi "Do I have a fan base in Florelia? I did not know that ... That's ... Great!!!" She was overjoyed smiling brightly at her friend.

This time Fidelia took the time to look at her beautiful friend, at moments like this she thought Alex was lucky to have her. 'How did she not know that? Fifi thought.

"'Yeah, since last year you have been one of the most talked-about models in Florelia, even though your work is based in New Bell. You did not get those contracts for nothing, my girl!" Fifi said, shaking her head.

Alex was quite surprised, she had not expected to be so popular in Florelia, she then wondered what was waiting for her there. Since she had already fans there she really had to do a good job. It had been so long since she had been there that she started to wonder how her new life will be there.

By accepting these contracts she was afraid she would have to build a reputation in Florelia again so her career could be as high as it had been in New Bell. The news that she already had fans there pleased her greatly. She was even more proud to have Fifi as her agent and manager.

She took off her headphones and started listening to music. Alex was a music fan and the interesting thing about her was the fact that she always listened to songs that matched how she was feeling at the moment. From her headphones you could hear "I can reach the sky, I feel that I am alive", that was from "I am alive", a song by Céline Dion.

The two girls were engrossed in their own things when a handsome gentleman came and sat in front of them. Alex could not help but admire the handsome specimen in front of them behind her black sunglasses. He was dressed casually in a blue tracksuit, a white t-shirt as well as a pair of blue trainers, beautiful black hair swaying in his forehead with a communicative smile. From the way he sat, the elegance in his movements and the brand of his clothes, one could guess that he was someone important or a wealthy person.

Alex noticed that the man's charming gaze had not left Fifi's side since he sat there. Knowing her friends' type of man, she discreetly patted her on the back, "Hey, look, I think this handsome gentleman is interested in you, he is looking at you since he sat there" Alex whispered excitedly in her friend's ear.

Just as Fifi heard the word handsome, she automatically raised her head and fell directly on the handsome stranger's gaze. As if mesmerized, she smiled at the handsome stranger, after giving her friend a nod and a big smile, she got up and sat right next to the guy.

"Hello, my name is Fidelia, nice to meet you," Fifi said, extending her right hand in front of the guy, her eyes shining and smiling at the man in front of her seductively.

"Hi, I am Christ, enchanted," the man replied with a smile that was as beautiful as it was disturbing as he took Fidelia's hand in his.

Fidelia could not help but blush at the sight of his smile. They looked into each other's eyes for 5 seconds and released their hands respectively. The warmth of their touch still lingering on their hands.

"I thought in New Bell we kissed as a greeting." Christ began the conversation.

"Yeah, that can work too." Fidelia replied as a matter of course, leaning down to kiss him on the cheek as she thought, "What a flirt! I love that."

Christ could not help but admire the beauty that stood before him, in his eyes, she simply represented his definition of beauty, she was white as a piece of porcelain, eyes, jet black and sparkling, 1m70 tall with pink lips that were just begging to be devoured. "You are very beautiful," he said straightforwardly, looking into her eyes.

Fidelia blushed even more and replied, "You are not bad yourself. Let us not be so formal? I do not like being too formal, it tends to create distance between people," she replied, putting a strand of her hair behind her ear;

"Of course! I would hate to distance myself from such a beautiful woman." Christ loved this bold side of the beautiful woman he had just met.

Fifi could not help but think 'what a charmer', they continued their conversation with a small drink.

On the other hand Alex, the viewer of the scene surrounded by pink bubbles could not help but think 'I wish I had her courage.

Fifi was a brave girl who does not run away from anything and knows what she wants in life. She had always been the brave and impulsive one while Alex was the reserved and logical one, luckily she was more relaxed and free in front of the cameras. Another characteristic trait of Fifi was that she falls in love quite easily and forgets her exes with the same speed she fell in love with him.

"That's the 5th one," Alex could not help but think with a smile on her face.

Thirty minutes later, they boarded the plane. They sat next to each other at Fifi was still busy talking to Christ, so Alex decided to take a long nap since she was really tired, letting her friend flirt at a stretch.

Ten hours later, the flight attendant was heard speaking, "Dear passengers, we are approaching Florelia airport, landing is expected in an hour. Thank you very much."

Alex woke up from that beautiful voice, next to her Fifi was already awake and still busy on the phone.

"So did you get what you wanted?" asked Alex to Fifi, it was her time for gossip.

Fidelia innocently pulled out a business card with a big smile "You mean this, of course, I got what I wanted! I have a feeling Florelia is going to be very interesting."

"Now I get it, you are here to flirt, right?" asked Alex to her friend with a smirk.

"You know me best baby girl, the good looking guys need to watch out because I am coming!" she told her friend with a crazy smile, glancing at Christ's sleeping face.

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