1 The Correct Strengthening Method

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"Did you see that? The strengthening equipment should be like me, by standing at this position, the success rate will be increased!"

"This is already +14 strengthening. The success rate is only 1%, but I can still succeed in one try!"

In the weapons shop in Yunduan City.

A handsome man with thick eyebrows and big eyes was standing about 3 meters away from the shop owner. He was stepping on a square brick with a sun pattern, quietly looking at the strengthening machine in front of him.

Meanwhile, the shop owner was also looking at this man as if he had lost his mother. His face was extremely ugly!

This man was called Su Fan, a game streamer.

Currently, he was live-streaming the strengthening of his equipment. He had strengthened a silver-quality dagger to +14. Moreover, from the looks of it, he seemed to be planning to continue strengthening it.

Ten days ago, the game Domain of Gods, which countless players had been waiting for over seven years, had finally officially launched.

The Domain of Gods claimed to be using a brand-new AI control. It could make the game seem as if it were real life. In addition to the latest holographic technology, the moment it was released, it had attracted countless players' attention, many game streamers began to broadcast this game.

Su fan was also such a game streamer.

However, the content of his live broadcast was somewhat different from that of an ordinary game streamer. This was because ever since he entered this game, his luck had been very good. He had even been considered a spy of the game founders.

This was also one of his specialties. Hence, not long after entering the game, Su fan became somewhat famous in the player circle.

Therefore, many people came to watch his live stream. However, even though these viewers knew that Su fan was lucky, they could not accept the scene in front of them.

"How... How is this possible! ?"

"I can't accept it! This doesn't make sense! !"

"strengthening +14, not a single failure, and there's no cushion to increase the success rate?"

"Why? Just because he's more handsome than other game streamers?"

"Didn't he say it? You have to stand at this position to increase the success rate!"

"Pay attention to watch! You bastards, he has already said that you have to stand at this position!"

"I want to record this video and study it properly!"

"Where's Ai Wei? I want to watch Miss Ai Wei, what kind of messy dance is that? It's not as good as Miss Ai Wei at all! !"

"That's right! Where's Miss Ai Wei? We want to see Miss Ai Wei!"


Seeing that the audience in the live broadcast room kept requesting to see Ai Wei, Su fan stopped his actions and turned to a cold beauty standing at the side. He smiled and said, "Ai Wei, our friends are looking for you."

This was a tall beauty who wore silver-white armor and looked like a female knight. She had long blue hair that reached her butt like a waterfall, and her eyes were like silver. Together with her cold facial features.., she looked like a pure and innocent saintess.

This beauty was Ai Wei. She was a female NPC that Su fan met after he entered the game. She took the initiative to give Su fan a quest.

In fact, Su Fan's heart was moved the moment he saw Ai Wei.

Su fan had never seen such a beautiful woman before. After a short exchange, Su Fan realized that Ai Wei had more advantages. Whether it was her personality or appearance, they all fit Su Fan's taste.

So Su fan immediately accepted the mission.

Initially, Su Fan thought that this was a normal errand or monster killing mission, but who knew that it was actually a long-term mission.

It required Su Fan and Ai Wei to form a team until they cleared the dungeon demon king's palace.

At first, Su fan did not know what kind of dungeon demon king's palace was, but it sounded a little powerful.

He went to the official website to check it out, but he found out that it was actually a level 100 legion dungeon. The minimum requirement was 100 people.

How was he going to clear this dungeon! ?

Originally, Su Fan had planned to join a player's union, and then rely on the union's strength to clear this dungeon.

But who knew that this quest could not be joined by any players or even NPC organizations.

Only Su Fan and Ai Wei could continue to level up, drop equipment, and rely on their own strength to clear this dungeon.

This instantly made Su Fan's mind explode. How was he supposed to play this? !

However, Su fan did not really give up. Instead, he insisted on forming a team with Ai Wei to clear the dungeon.

This was because this was the quest that he had accepted. Moreover, it was actually quite good to have such a beautiful woman by his side. Who would refuse to have a beautiful woman by his side to play games with?


Therefore, Su fan came over just like that. Moreover, the audience in the live broadcast room also liked the interaction between Su fan and Ai Wei.

This was also a good thing for Su Fan. The number of people watching the live broadcast increased, and his income also increased. It was a great thing.

After hearing Su Fan's voice, Ai Wei also walked over to Su Fan's side. She looked at the camera with a cold expression and nodded her head. Her mouth did not move. She only let out a low voice from her roar, "Mm."

However, this "Mm" made many viewers in the live broadcast room excited.

"As expected, Miss Ai Wei is really noble and elegant!"

"This appearance is really too beautiful. I've never seen such a beautiful girl in my entire life!"

"Her appearance is even more beautiful than a gemstone and more dazzling than the Sun!"

Just as the audience was sighing, Su fan came to the shop owner's machine and placed a set of strengthening materials into it.

Immediately after, the glass cabinet-like strengthening machine was filled with colorful energy elements. These energy elements were like water, slowly fusing into the dark red dagger within the strengthening machine.

At this moment, all the audience members in the live broadcast room held their breaths as they watched this scene attentively.

The success rate of strengthening +14 was 1%. However, the success rate of strengthening +15 was 0.8%.

Although it was only 0.2% lower, the difficulty had increased many times over. If they could succeed in one go, this would definitely be the miracle that had occurred since The Domain of Gods had launched!

All of the audience members were quietly waiting for the results. They did not dare to miss even a single second!

Normally, the shop owner would be the easiest to deal with at this moment. This was because strengthening was akin to squandering money. If a player wanted to strengthen their strength to +15, they would have to pay a large amount of gold coins to the shop owner, this was definitely a big deal.

However, the shop owner's face was only filled with pain, as if someone had cut off his flesh one by one. It even made him want to cry.


With a loud sound, the cabinet door at the top of the strengthened machine suddenly opened. Along with a ray of golden light soaring into the sky, a dagger flashing with a cold light appeared in front of everyone.

[ Dark Blood Dagger ]

[ Occupation ] : Thief

[ Rarity ] : Silver (+15)

[ Attack Power ] : 130-142

[ Durability ] : 500/500

[ Effect ] : Bleed (30% chance to make the target bleed) blood poison (10% chance to make the target poisoned)

[ Description ] : an excellent dagger that can easily cut open the throat of the enemy. It is the best tool for thieves.


The moment the shop owner saw the dagger, his eyes widened and his pupils dilated. He wanted to say something, but he did not dare to do so. His body trembled and he fell to the ground.

The shop owner actually fainted because of Su Fan's successful strengthening?

"Now that we have the +15 strengthening dagger, we can go to the Goblin Cave Dungeon next."

Su fan held the Dark Blood Dagger and said happily to Ai Wei.


Ai Wei also smiled gently at Su fan and nodded.

However, the corner of her eyes flashed past the shop owner without leaving a trace.

At this time, the audience in the live broadcast room had already begun to make a ruckus.

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