Because I’m Too Handsome, An NPC Wants To Make Me Marry Her Book

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Because I’m Too Handsome, An NPC Wants To Make Me Marry Her

Red Shadow

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A mysterious force came upon the world, sending everyone into the game, Deity Domain. At the starting area of the game, Su Fan came across a fairly pretty NPC girl. After he invited her to become part of his team, he began on his journey to lead a team to fight monsters and level up. “The NPCs of this game are programmed so well! Not only is she pretty, but she’s also fun to talk to!” Whenever Su Fan was bored, he would talk to her about game strategies, recent happenings and he even knew what underwear color the princess liked. Su Fan said to her, “I heard the prince of Wind Empire is coming to ask for our princess’ hand in marriage. She replied, “She’s not going to marry that prince.” Su Fan was surprised. She explained, “Because there’s someone else she wants to marry.” One day, when Su Fan and the NPC girl walked into the palace and everyone immediately bowed before them, Su Fan suddenly realized that he was about to be forced to marry her!


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