19 The Match Is This Weekend

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Shen Fei's sharp gaze caused the lackeys present to inexplicably feel a chill in their hearts. Their heated arrogance was instantly extinguished by half.

The entire classroom fell silent.

"Cowards! Shen Fei is just an F-class trash, what are you guys afraid of?"

The jacket guy glanced at the surrounding lackeys in disdain and walked straight toward Shen Fei.

"Can you hear yourself? I'm dying of laughter... You're a piece of trash, and you want to challenge us?" The jacket guy gave him the middle finger. "Before you say such words, at least consider your own capabilities. You want to challenge us? Dream on, trash!"

Shen Fei coldly glanced at the jacket guy and directly turned his head away, no longer paying attention to him.

It would be a waste of time to spend even a second on such a person.

Seeing that their boss had taken the initiative to provoke him, the lackeys who had been hiding their tails between their legs were also inspired.

"Boss is right. Shen Fei is just trash, a dog that doesn't bite. He can only put on an act!"

"At best, he's just an F-class good-for-nothing. We're all C-class, what's there to be afraid of?"

The lackeys got more and more excited as they surrounded Shen Fei.

"Guys, let's open this trash's eyes today!"

Under everyone's gaze, the jacket guy swaggered in front of Shen Fei. He stretched out his hand and a blue spirit beast appeared in his palm.

This was the jacket guy's spirit beast, the Water Ball Beast.

"Woof! Woof! Woof!"

The moment the Water Ball Beast saw Shen Fei, it revealed its sharp fangs and barked at him!

The jacket guy proudly raised the Water Ball Beast as though he was showing off a piece of jewelry.

"Do you see this? This is a genuine Baron-rank spirit beast! It's much stronger than your trashy Page-rank Flame Owl!"

After saying this, he raised his eyebrows in disdain and put away the spirit beast.

"Where did you get the confidence to think that you can compete with us, with your trashy talent and your Page-rank spirit beast? Even if you combine these two things, you still have no chance of winning!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd burst into laughter.

"Well said, boss!"

"What a joke. If my talent and spirit beast were that low, I'd be too embarrassed to even challenge anyone!"

"You call that a challenge? It's straight-up suicide!"

The people in front of him were having a lot of fun mocking him

Shen Fei chuckled emotionlessly. They did not even realize that they were close to entering the gates of Hell!

Just the appearance of the Flame Owl would be enough to beat up the lackeys before him!

"If you have the guts, you're welcome to find out for yourself." Shen Fei crossed his arms and coldly looked at everyone. "We won't know how strong I am unless we have a match, right?"

The lackeys were stunned for a moment, but they quickly regained their senses. The crowd burst into laughter.

"No way, is there a need to battle? Your talent is almost level with the ground, what's there to compete for?

"Hahahaha, you're quite good at making people happy! Don't be a Beast Tamer anymore, change your profession and become a clown!"

"Everyone, everyone, stop laughing. Even though he's trash, we're civilized people. We still have to give him a chance." The jacket guy held back his laughter and reached out to calm his underlings. "Even though you're just trash, I quite admire your courage to throw away your life! Since you want a chance, we'll give you one!"

He changed the topic and his tone was filled with killing intent! "This weekend, I'll be waiting for you that morning at the training ground next to the lab building! Come if you dare! Don't chicken out, because if you do, don't even dare come to school!"

"You got it!" Shen Fei calmly nodded his head and returned to his seat.

'Such good timing. After I'm done with this bunch of bootlickers in the morning, then I'll go to Aloy's place to break off the engagement in the afternoon! Two birds with one stone!'


Time passed very quickly, and soon the school day ended.

As for the matter of Shen Fei and his match with the bootlickers, it had already spread throughout the entire campus.

"I say, have you guys heard about it?"

"What is it? Could it be related to Shen Fei?"

'They're talking about Shen Fei?'

Lilian carefully moved behind them and listened quietly.

"Just today, I heard that he and the one in our class who's always wearing a jacket have arranged a battle of spirit beasts. It's going to be on the school's training ground this weekend!"

"Wow, Shen Fei doesn't want to live anymore!"

"I used to think that he was just a little lacking in talent. I didn't expect him to be stupid as well!"

"Lower your voice!"

One of them quickly pointed at Lilian who was eavesdropping behind them and started discussing in hushed whispers.

"I really don't know where he got his courage from. With a trashy talent and a Page-rank spirit beast, can he beat them?"

"Are you stupid? Jacket guy's talent is several classes higher, and Shen Fei's spirit beast is one rank lower than his. How can he beat him? "

"I'm afraid that he's just walking to his death."

"Who knows? Anyway, I spent 100 yuan on Shen Fei's loss. How about it? Do you want to come, too?"

"Yes, of course I'll be there!"

Compared to the noisy crowd that only knew how to find entertainment, Lilian's heart was suddenly filled with worry.

'Shen Fei and the jacket guy should only be having a friendly match, right? There shouldn't be any problems, right?'


"Aloy, quickly look at this!"

Inside Montos Academy, as if she had just discovered some big news, Aloy's best friend quickly placed her phone in front of her.

"That fiancé of yours is going to be in big trouble! What's up with him?"

"Huh?" Aloy frowned in confusion. 'What did Shen Fei do this time?'

"You still don't know?" Her best friend looked at Aloy in surprise. Usually, whenever something happened, she would be the first to know.

"What's the matter?"

"I can't explain it clearly in a few words, you'll have to see for yourself." After saying this, her best friend simply handed her phone over.

Aloy quickly looked through the chat history on her phone, and her brows furrowed even more.

"Are you sure this information is true?" Aloy's face was filled with worry.

Although Shen Fei's future is boundless, right now is the most dangerous transition period. If he was not careful, his future would completely flip over!

"It's true, Aloy!"

"How about it? Do you want to go to the training ground this weekend? But I think your fiancé would be in danger... Who knows, he might get beaten up badly."

Aloy looked at her best friend with a strange expression. If she knew Shen Fei's true life path, she definitely would not be so sure.

"...Don't be so sure. Let's go together this weekend."

However, just in case, it would be better to bring along all her bodyguards.

If the situation goes wrong, she would immediately have the guards stop the competition and save Shen Fei!

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