1 Bronze-rank Warriors

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The year 3500 under Universe Calendar.


The entrance to the Wan Zu battlefield would be opened once again.


In order to maintain Earth's status in the universe, a new batch of Wan Zu warriors from the Blue Planet will be sent to the Wan Zu battlefield.


Becoming a Wan Zu warrior is the glory of every blue planet person.


They entered the Wan Zu battlefield to fight for the Blue Planet, and human beings, and to plunder the resources of other planets.


Not only that, if humanity continued to live on Earth, their lives would end very quickly.


However, on the Wan Zu battlefield, the human warriors could plunder the energy of the warriors of other planets.


In this way, they could strengthen their own bodies. Not only would their strength increase, but they could also obtain long-term vitality.


It was said that the strongest warrior of the Wan Zu races had already lived for more than ten thousand years.


This was also why humans all over the world yearned for the Wan Zu battlefield. As long as they go there, not only could they become stronger, but more importantly, they could live forever.


This year was the time to select the Wan Zu warriors. There was a limit to the number of people that could be sent to the Wan Zu battlefield every year.


At most, one hundred million people in the world could be selected to enter the Wan Zu battlefield. This was naturally nothing to Blue Planet which had a population of tens of billions.


Every year, more than a billion people would register.


Li Rui was very lucky. He was also one of the 100 million people who were chosen.


Before they were sent to the Wan Zu battlefield, the military would bring these people to the base for training.


If they were to enter the Wan Zu battlefield only with the bodies of Earthlings.


They might be crushed by the pressure of the battlefield as soon as they came out of the spaceship.


The first thing they did after becoming Wan Zu soldiers was to receive the baptism of the planet's energy to further strengthen their bodies.


The baptism of the planet's energy would take almost a year.


After a year, they would wake up in the baptism of the planet's energy and be sent to the Wan Zu battlefield of after they were rated.


A year passed in the blink of an eye. Li Rui woke up like the other soldiers.


Their bodies were smoother and more transparent than before, giving people a strange feeling.


Their bodies were full of power, making them feel like they could kill a tiger.


After the people felt the change in their physical strength, they became somewhat at a loss.


They looked at each other, not knowing what to do next.


At this moment, the originally closed door opened, and military uniforms were thrown over.


A middle-aged man in military uniform said to them, "Recruits, put on your clothes and follow me. You have three minutes."


The middle-aged man turned his head away after saying that. After receiving the order, the group of people quickly put on their clothes.


In less than a minute, they got dressed.


"Report, I'm done."


"Report, I'm done."


Voices rose and fell one after another. The military officer turned around and looked at the group of recruits.


With a serious expression, he pointed at the empty seat in front of him and shouted, "Line up!"


The voice was very loud, and it hurt Li Rui's eardrums a little.


"Yes!" Everyone replied in unison.


After a while, they were well lined up in front of the military officer.


The officer turned his head and led them deeper into the base.


Li Rui and the others knew that they would be graded next.


Everyone's constitution was different. After being baptized by the planet, the strength they obtained was also different. The better talent they had, the higher strength they possessed.


Everyone hardly dared to breathe, being afraid that the officer would be angry.


Everyone followed the officer silently.


Finally, they arrived at a space gate. When they arrived, some people had already been under test.


Some people were happy that they had become gold-rank warriors.


Some other people were depressed that they were bronze-rank or black-iron warriors.


However, these were things that could not be helped. It was all decided by talent.


If they really wanted to become stronger, they still needed to enter the Wan Zu battlefield and rely on the planet's energy that they had obtained on the battlefield.


But even so, it was still better than staying on Earth.


In a short while, it was Li Rui's turn.


The officer turned his head and said, "You guys are the last to wake up. Your talent shouldn't be too poor. Go and test your strength."


Hearing the officer's words, everyone's originally nervous expressions instantly relaxed.


They were the group with the best talent. To be able to hear these words before the test was a great encouragement to them.


They all thought that this officer was giving them information, but what they didn't know was that, what the officer said was actually the truth, because the first one to enter was actually a gold-rank warrior.


This gave a lot of pressure to the people behind him, and Li Rui was the third one to enter.


Seeing that the first one was a gold-rank warrior, Li Rui's mental pressure instantly increased.


However, he thought it impossible for him to be a black iron-rank warrior.


When the second person walked through the portal, his rank suddenly appeared. He was an intermediate gold-rank warrior.


Seeing the entire test room, everyone was shocked. Even the military officer standing at the side was the same.


It was rare for him to be an intermediate gold-rank warrior.


He was also the one with the strongest talent among this batch.


The warrior who knew his rank jumped up in joy.


The warrior's name was Ba Lu, and his face beamed with smiles at the moment.


It could be seen that he was very happy. His initial rank was an intermediate gold-rank warrior.


This meant that he would be allocated with the best resources, and he would become stronger in the future.


But when he thought of the people who had not been tested yet, he was a little nervous.


What if there were more talented people behind him.


He stared at the test results on the instrument, afraid that he would be surpassed by them


The person behind him was Li Rui, because an intermediate gold-rank warrior had just appeared.


Now, almost all the recruits were looking in his direction.


This made Li Rui, who was already nervous, even more nervous.


He took a deep breath and stepped into the testing equipment.


His strength rank, bronze warrior, appeared on the corresponding screen.


Seeing this scene, the crowd, who had been looking forward to his big performance, shook their heads in disappointment.


The military officer who had led them here was a little confused. Logically speaking, it shouldn't be bronze-rank.


Their planet's energy source had been added with a new strengthening agent and a talent potion.


Under normal circumstances, it should have been at least silver-rank. Now, it seemed that such low rank was caused by some other conditions.


At this point, the officer stopped thinking any more. He would report these matters to the higher-ups. When the time came, there would naturally be someone to consider it.


The others felt that it was nothing much. It would not be easy to have an intermediate gold-rank warrior.


Moreover, Li Rui's strength was not considered weak. He was a high-level bronze-rank warrior. He was only one step away from becoming a silver-rank warrior.


Balu heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Li Rui was rated as a bronze-rank warrior.


As expected, the instructor said those words just now just for comforting them.


He and the other person had gold ranks, which should have been due to their talent and luck.


Seeing Li Rui somewhat discouraged, Balu walked over with good intentions.


"Friend, don't be sad. When we reach the Wan Zu battlefield, I'll protect you."


Ba Lu patted his chest and said proudly.


Li Rui smiled miserably. "Thank you. I will work hard. When I reach the battlefield, I will not continue to become stronger."

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