Battlefield of Ten Thousand Species, I Can Make Infinite Fusion Book

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Battlefield of Ten Thousand Species, I Can Make Infinite Fusion

Hero Sword

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In the vast universe, boundless celestial space, there was an infinite number of secrets hidden within. Life was the greatest miracle of the universe, and each planet that nurtured life was like shining pearls that decorated the universe. Every living being born would pursue a more perfect version of themselves by trying to evolve. However, the evolution that they could achieve from working hard on their own was too minute. They finally discovered that pillaging other planets that had lives dwelling on them was far faster and more convenient than working hard on their own. The tens of thousands of species started an interstellar war. Once a species is lost, the energy of the entire planet would be plundered, and that planet would turn into a dead star. In order to protect their mother planet, every species fought with their lives on the line. Some species were wiped out, while others became overlords. In the battlefield of ten thousand species, failure meant imminent death for one’s mother planet. The Blue Planet sends 100 million warriors to the battlefield every year in order to maintain their status in the universe. Li Yue was sent onto the battlefield as well after receiving bio-modification from the planet’s energy system. However, he discovered that he had an infinite fusion panel. This allowed him to fuse and upgrade weapons and equipment, or fuse corpses of the ten thousand species to upgrade them, forming followers who are loyal to him. [Legendary Equipment] + [Legendary Equipment] = [Semi Divine Equipment] [Black Dragon King] + [Black Dragon King] = [Dragon Emperor] [Elf Queen] + [Elf Queen] = [Elf Empress] [Twelve Wing Angel] + [Twelve Wing Angel] = [God King Angel] …… After many years, while other species' life forms were thrilled at finally becoming half-gods, the weakest soldier in Li Yue’s infinite army was a God-King.


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