Basketball System: Rebound of the Underdog

Kaiden Tian's aspirations of basketball stardom take a heartbreaking turn when a car accident not only claims his mother's life but also robs him of his ability to walk. Undiscouraged, he settles for a role as the waterboy of a top high school basketball team, determined to stay close to the game he loves. However, he meets an untimely death and finds himself inhabiting the body of Kai Guo, a notorious troublemaker blessed with an ideal physical form. [Welcome to the Rise to Legend System!] With this second chance at life, Kaiden sees an opportunity to rewrite his destiny and fulfill the dreams that were once shattered.

SandKastle · Sports
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293 Chs

We Are Not The Same, After All

"A hundred what?" Shang asked, standing from the bench as Kai walked over to the court with the other players. "A hundred what, Kai?" 

However, the tall player didn't respond.

Then, Shang sat back down as they started assuming their positions.

Shang sighed in disappointment, his eyes closed, and his fists clenched in front of his chest.

"I'm afraid I will never know the answer," he muttered.

Meanwhile, the Shizi Dogs and the Longyu Dragons finally engaged in the last half of the game.

The two teams didn't change the lineup as much.

In fact, the Longyu Dragons kept the same line-up with Guri.

At first, Fenhua decided to have their starting players during the first half so they could create a relatively large gap. Then, on the second half, he planned to dispatch their less-skilled players so they could have a taste of what it was like to play against an underrated team.