Basketball System: Rebound of the Underdog

Author: SandKastle
Competitive Sports
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  • 212 Chs
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What is Basketball System: Rebound of the Underdog

Read Basketball System: Rebound of the Underdog novel written by the author SandKastle on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Competitive Sports stories, covering romance, reincarnation, system, comedy, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Kaiden Tian's aspirations of basketball stardom take a heartbreaking turn when a car accident not only claims his mother's life but also robs him of his ability to walk. Undiscouraged, he settles for a role as the waterboy of a top high school basketball team, determined to stay close to the game he loves. However, he meets an untimely death and finds himself inhabiting the body of Kai Guo, a notorious troublemaker blessed with an ideal physical form. [Welcome to the Rise to Legend System!] With this second chance at life, Kaiden sees an opportunity to rewrite his destiny and fulfill the dreams that were once shattered.

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Table of Contents
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Volume 1 :The Mad Underdog
Volume 2 :Winter Cup

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Here comes the mandatory author review! I’m back with a new novel, and it’s about basketball this time. This will center around high school basketball, so it will also show friendships, personal growth, teenage struggles, and maybe a little bit of romance? This will not contain any harem; however, a lot of people will like (and dislike) our main character! Don’t expect it to be fast-paced, but I’ll try my best to write it as fun as possible. Another disclaimer! Although this story contains a system, it also highly relies on the MC’s hard work. Treat this review as a q-and-a portion and drop your questions below!


Where are the actual reviews at? Why do I see spam 5 stars fakes. The book is readable though it is frustrating to read it. From chapter 1 an onwards it's a slug fest to read this. I personally don't recommend reading this.


A great novel with a lot of potential 1.Im not really a huge fan of basketball, but just like in his previous novel the author just manages to make you interested in things you dont care about. 2.The grammar and writing quality are top notch. 3.it updates daily 4.It's written by the same author as From thug to idol so I naturally have very high expectations from this novel which I'm sure will be met. overall a great story I would encourage everyone to check out.


an MC who doesn't know how to score even with a system, seriously what a useless MC and system, looks like the author doesn't know a single thing about basketball and his main focus is the useless slicecof life not the basketball plot, author should change the title to slice of life system with a little basketball


Seems pretty scuffed how he got a scholarship and still is stupid, the build-up on his background being an observer and having theoretical brains is practically unused. From the chapters I've read, I felt nothing but frustration building up. And that's already 30+ chapters. Longer than the other novel idol in a survival show, in which the frustration or face slapping already completed a cycle in 30 or so chapters.


not good... instead of enjoying your read your frustration is increasing and the author like to drag the story hayyss...not recommended


TLDR: if you played basketball or an actual fan of the sport I don't recommend this novel author lacks basic knowledge of the sport and it is noticeable as early as chapter 15 when author tried writing a 3v3 match and MC made a variant of the traveling violation called up and down but didn't get called on it they simply continued play like nothing happened. Author tried to describe the MC as a theoretical player but couldn't play cause of his disability this would have been fine if the author knows a lot about basketball sadly author is a complete noob and probably never played a single game of basketball their entire life. My proof on chapter 15 MC did a violation known as up and down basically a traveling violation MC jumped with the ball on his hand trying to dunk but due to his lack of experience misjudged his jump and fell short this would have been fine if the MC's team immediately lost possession of the ball giving it to the other team but nope author just continued the play like nothing happened. This is unbelievable since the MC himself should know the basic rules if he was such a fan of the game and had theoretic knowledge of it then his opponents also played basketball previously and should know the rules they should have called the MC out and taken possession of the ball but none of that happened instead both sides acted like the most basic and fundamental rule doesn't exist Traveling is as basic as Football's/Soccer's no hands touching the ball rule. This is not a basketball story merely a slice of life with a fantasy system and an outsider's incorrect knowledge of basketball. There are probably more mistakes after that but I didn't continue past that chapter. Author should do a much more thorough research of the sport if they lack the first hand experience of playing the actual game since their Basketball matches would never even get close to believable because of fundamental flaws to the game's rules.


Big potential but very poorly executed, I don't think the author really knows basketball.


The story is alright, it started off good and then kinda just got stale. I know the author said that it’s a slow burner of a book but with 113 chapters and the only thing to happen was them winning there second game and the ML supposedly training but still not able to make a basket without luck it’s kinda getting a little old and annoying. As well with the ML being able to get a academic scholarship and able to analyse his old teammates, he should be able to make himself a better basketball player a lot faster then what has been happening. I also think that the system is more of a hindrance that anything but who knows maybe after 8 more upgrades he’ll finally be able to shoot a basketball and have a high chance of scoring.


Fist chapter was good, I got excited for a strategist/puppet master that controls the court through intelligence rather than pure skill. Similar to the redhead from kuroko no basket. I got that impression from his observation about the need for teamwork and communication. Anyway, it all went down hill from there. The Mc is a puppet, not the puppet master. He’s a slave to the system, and the author completely discards all the build up about his theoretical aptitude. Incredibly disappointing and irriating to read. I stopped shortly after. Awesome potential, waste on the wrong author. I recommend starting this with low expectations to avoid having them shattered.


It’s mid, doesn’t really feel like a basketball novel. The 5 star reviews are liars though.


Its so frustrating !! Why are there so many 5 star review.


Your ML is perfect! Thanks for making this book, Author. Love lots.


If you are looking for a breath of fresh air from all the other stuff you find on this platform, give this a go. I promise you won't regret it.1. The grammer is well structured and the characters feel REAL. 2. There are no gaps in descriptive language, each scene blends nicly with the next.3. Most importantly you see yourself caring for the main character early on. 4. The world building is top notch.As a beginner author I can't help but read trough this and feel like I've received enlightenment!! Good job author 👌 definitely a 5★ work.


Love this authors books! I only wish I'd started reading later so I had more chapters to binge on 😭.


I don’t usually read sports but I gave it a shot since the author wrote Thug to Idol, my favorite novel rn. It’s been good so far and I’m enjoying the read. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


E um achado achar esse livro ,com uma história muito bem escrito e um fundo muito bem planejado, estou adorando ler este achado de livro muito bem escrito.[img=Feeling it]


This is great and keep those mass releases coming it’s a great start and I’m excited to continue reading!


I’m really enjoying this book and I’m looking forward to see where it goes! Maybe a mass release please? I’m caught up and I’m ready to read more!


I don’t even like basketball yet I just binged read all the available chapters. Looking forward for the next release. I just hope Kai Guo wouldn’t shout “I love balls” just like June.


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