Basketball System: Rebound of the Underdog

Kaiden Tian's aspirations of basketball stardom take a heartbreaking turn when a car accident not only claims his mother's life but also robs him of his ability to walk. Undiscouraged, he settles for a role as the waterboy of a top high school basketball team, determined to stay close to the game he loves. However, he meets an untimely death and finds himself inhabiting the body of Kai Guo, a notorious troublemaker blessed with an ideal physical form. [Welcome to the Rise to Legend System!] With this second chance at life, Kaiden sees an opportunity to rewrite his destiny and fulfill the dreams that were once shattered.

SandKastle · Sports
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286 Chs

An Opportunity from a Mishap

"So, you mistakenly gave our slot away to them just because they're Longyu High?" Lina asked, her voice rising due to anger.

"Calm down, ma'am," the worker said. "The admin team had some lapses. We thought your team booked the court for this morning. However, you actually booked it this afternoon a few weeks ago."

"The Longyu Dragons unexpectedly came today, so we naturally gave them the slot for this court whilst knowing that it was free," he continued.

Lina bit her lip in frustration.

"You've already mentioned it, sir. We booked this place first. Can't you transfer them to another court?" she asked.

The worker shook his head. "Unfortunately, all the other courts had already been booked."

Fenhua clicked his tongue, also feeling frustrated.

"It seems like nothing's going right," he muttered under his breath before facing the worker.

"So, what are we going to do now?" he asked.