3 Under The Sea

For some reason, I felt as if water was a very lonely thing. With no light and only a constant movement without any knowledge about where it could take me, I waited. Dozing off in between, I woke up to the same darkness. Somewhere along the way, the movement stopped too. I finally landed somewhere at the bottom of this vast body of water. Occasionally the current around me would push me a little further but it was nothing more than a gentle nudge.

The bottom of the sea wasn't hard like on the space rock. While the space rock felt uncomfortable to be on, the bed of the sea felt very welcoming. It didn't heat up and wasn't unstable in speed. In fact, the bed of the sea called 'sand' was actually very accommodating. Although it moves, it moves so gradually when the water pushes it. It has a very easy-going personality that I like. Compared to the fast pace of the space rock, I very much prefer the relaxing pace caused by the water.

Push and pull, push and pull. After some time in this comfortable darkness, it was only natural that I fell asleep again.


That was strange.

It was still, unbearable still. On top of that, there was something was trapping me in. Waking up to darkness again, it didn't occur to me that I wasn't at the bottom of the sea for a while until I noticed that there was no water. Where exactly has the water brought me?

I was moving again but compared to the previous two experiences, it was a strange feeling. The tiny vibrations that sometimes came from the bottom gradually became stronger. I didn't know where I was, but I knew I was traveling again. Excited, I waited.

The ride transited from smooth to bumpy very quickly. The tiny vibrations became stronger and it rattled whatever I was in. Unable to move by myself, I crashed into the constricting container. It was worse than the space rock and I decided that I didn't like small and enclosed areas.

The rattling of my prison soon turned into vicious tumbling. Back in space with the rock, I never had a problem with directions. However, with the shaking, rocking and bouncing in all directions without being able to see or escape, I begin to understand what 'feeling sick' meant. The ways of the yellow planet were very different from where I came from. This must be how everything on the yellow planet and Earth was able to move! There was a mysterious force that never stopped.

Oops! Spoke too soon. The rocking and tossing did stop after all while. I vaguely wondered what was going to happen next. Will my prison continue to trap me or was I going to get out of it somehow?

Maybe if I wait, I'll get lucky and whatever that was causing this trap to move will come again. Who knows, it might break this squeezy pace and I'll be free!

But until then, I guess another nap or two wouldn't hurt.

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