1 Dead or Alive, That is the Question

In the Bible, God created the world in a mere six days.

On the first day, he said "Let there be light!" and light appeared. Have you ever woken up to the brightness of day and realised you could see for the first time? Probably not. Lucky you. For me, I can assure you that it wasn't pleasant.

Before God came into the picture, I was there. Just lazing around in the middle of space and minding my own business. All of a sudden, this newbie, who discovered the power of creation, decided to run an experiment to test his abilities after intruding into my territory and created a whole universe. Then, before I could collect myself, he was gone. Instead of my humble abode of emptiness, a whole solar system and galaxy now stood in its stead. What a mess!

However, there was a silver lining. I soon discovered that my existence was a complete mystery. While Adam and Eve could sing praises to their Lord and call each other by 'names', I'm left to wonder about what I am.

Better still, am I dead or alive? What's the meaning of my existence? How was I created?

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1. The main character will not have any romantic relationships because they are supposedly gender-neutral although will be referred to as a male for my writing convenience. No harems either because I don't like it. However, there will be side romances for other characters. You are also encouraged to write fan fictions about my story. I would love to read them so please DM me the links on discord (do not comment it on my story or in a review because that's just rude).

2. Yes, religions are a thing, sexuality is a thing. If you're not willing to read this with an open mind, I suggest you drop the book. You have been warned. I write with the aim of offending in a funny way. (It's called parody.) If you are a serious person who needs everything to make sense, walk away as well. Ball of Nothing is not for you.

3. Many people will discover that Season 1 is slow-paced and shallow compared to season 2 and 3. It can also feel somewhat disconnected from the very different styles. You can choose to skip it or skim through it if you want to stay for the plot but not the style. That's because this book was a mental block project that blew up big. I was working on my self published novels to send for the publishing house when I wrote this. I also was fighting depression while holding a stressful full-time job.

4. Ball of Nothing will cover plenty of taboo topics (hence my fans of this book are called the Rebel Army) and if you cannot accept some of the views, remember you have the option to always drop it or express them in the comment section like an educated and civilised person.

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