35 Chapter 34 Your Boyfriend.

It has been evening. Ryna was sitting in her hospital bed leisurely reading a book.

Her head was also feeling less dizzy by now. The pain in her body has subsided a lot. She was recovering well and good.

As she was lost in the book she was reading, immersing in the fantasies it was telling, she heard a voice calling out to her. "Ryna", her mom has entered the room without her noticing when she was lost in the story.

Her mom sneakingly came towards her bed. Seeing her funny behavior Ryna said "Mommy! What happened?" Her voice failed to suppress her laughter.

"Shhh….." Her mom said making an expression to let her keep her voice down.

"Ok mom, what happened?" She said, keeping her voice slow.

Her mother sat down beside her and hurriedly said "Your boyfriend!."

"Huh??" Came Ryna's voice fully baffled.

"Shhh…keep silent. You boyfriend had come." Her mom said again, this time there was a shine in her eyes, like was happy to meet her future son in law.

"But what boyfriend, which boyfriend, who's boyfriend?" Ryna said her tone was a little strange.

"Oh..fool, your boyfriend, don't hide it from mom, mom liked your boyfriend, he is a good boy, you have to book him fast, sensiour boys like him are hard to come. Your choice is just like your mom, excellent." She said giving a thumbs up. Just as her mom was getting more excited and excited, she said scattering her dreams that she had weaved in this bright day light.."Mom from when did I have a boyfriend, I don't know of??"

"Huh," seeing her confused eyes and she was not acting. Her mom said "Then who is the boy outside, who is having an eye stare competition with your father?" She said her tone was confused.

"Mom! I don't have a boyfriend and I don't know whom you are talking about."

"Then if he is not your boyfriend then he must be your pursuer, I am saying I could clearly see the love and care in his eyes for you. Do you know from when you were admitted to hospital and till now, he was waiting for you outside. Your jealous father doesn't even allow him to visit you and told me to do the same and not tell you about this. But I could see what your father can't. He is really good for you. That's why I came here sneakingly from your father to tell you." Her mother said.

"Ok, mom where is he, let me see who is he that was able to win your heart." She said her tone nacirrestic. Looks like she has to meet him and see who her mother is talking about.

"He is outside, your father is watching him continuously." Her mother said her tone worried, she doesn't know if it was worried for her or that boy.

"Ok! Mom, I would go and see." She said,

She could now walk properly and the distance wasn't that big and she knew that if she didn't go then her father might let the unknown boy wait till she was discharged.

She opened the door to be greeted by a great staring contest of eyes between her father and Si Yehan. "Ok! Now that's a surprise for me." She can't say, she wasn't at all surprised to see Si Yehan here and according to her mom waiting for her for almost a day now. Suddenly her heart felt really warm and a very sweet feeling crept out from her heart.

"So, this was the thing her dad was hiding from her."

"Hello, uncle" Si Yehan said, starting the awkward conversation and breaking the silence.

Her father just nodded. "Mhhmmm."

"I am Yehan, Ryna's friend." He said trying to continue the conversation was not at all his style.

"Mhhmmm." Was her father's cold reply.

Just as the situation was getting more difficult.

Ryna called out to him "Dad" with a helpless tone.

Her father and Si Yehan both turned toward her at the same time. There was a moment of shock in their eyes but soon realizing her situation her father hurriedly came towards her "Ryna, how could you come here?" His tone worried.

SiYehan kept standing there as it was inappropriate for him to get close to her but she could still see the worry in his eyes and his agreement to her father.

"Fool, I am helping you and you here teamed up with my father" Ryna thought

"No dad, I am fine. I was bored sitting, so I thought about taking a walk." Ryna said, giving a glance towards Si Yehan.

"Dad, he is my friend, Si Yehan." She said introducing him and making things less awkward between them.

"Ohhhh…" Her dad said, his reply too short.

Just then her mother came from the room

"Hubby, let's go home. I think we should take Ryna's daily care and personal things for her stay in the hospital and I am also feeling a little dizzy." She said putting her hand on her head making a dramatic expression.

Her father was hesitant at first but seeing that his wife situation was not good, he hurriedly came toward her "Let's visit a doctor"

"No, no..I mean I think I just need a rest. Please let's go." She said making a pleading expression looking cute.

Her father's heart can't help but melt seeing her and just as that he agreed.

But still he asked "About Ryna." He said his tone was a little hesitant.

"Her friend would take care of her, '' she said hurriedly.

His father gave an eye to Si Yehan. He doesn't want to leave his daughter with a boy, but he knows in his heart that his daughter also has her own life which he can't interfere with.

He looked at him and nodded, "Take care of her."

Si Yehan also nodded his head with a smile.

When her parents were gone, there was a moment of deathly silence.

Ryna folded her hands and looked at Si Yehan. Her eyes questioning. "Come inside." She said and left from there entering the room.

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